Spiritual meaning of the color PURPLE

What is the spiritual meaning of the color purple?

Short answer purple, as a color of spiritual enlightenment, can stimulate the crown chakra, opening us up to higher levels of spiritual knowledge. Purple is also linked with creativity, imagination, and artistic expression.


Purple was once known as a royal color due to its magnificent richness and hue.

Purple is a color that’s not found as often in nature, but when it is—it’s eye-catching.

This color is sometimes associated with femininity, like pink or white—but colors are neither masculine nor feminine.

We are all made up of many hues throughout the entire color spectrum.

The color purple holds many spiritually uplifting, healing, and expansive qualities that may push you to incorporate it more into your life.

Spiritual meaning of the color PURPLE:


Purple is associated with spirituality and is the color of the crown chakra.

The crown chakra is the connection to the spiritual realm, the divine, and higher states of consciousness.

Purple represents the divine energy that flows throughout life, unseen, but very potent and invigorating.

This beautiful color holds with its knowledge and understanding of the universe.

The crown chakra is the chakra not associated with the elements, and this is why purple is also very rarely found in nature.

Meditating on this color can help connect you to your crown chakra and allow it to receive a more abundant amount of energy.

Our auras are a colored reflection of our energetic state.purple sky spiritual meaning

Those who have a purple aura are extremely connected to their spiritual path and are following their soul’s purpose.

They are in alignment with their source selves and live very spiritual and intentional lives.

Being around someone with a purple aura or someone wearing purple feels uplifting and energizing because of the high frequency the color holds.

If you are in need of raising your frequency and strengthening your spiritual practice, keeping purple around will benefit you.

Burning purple candles is a wonderful way to bring high-frequency energy into your space.


seeing purple spiritual meaning

Purple also represents knowledge, wisdom, and maturity.

There is a reason people of an older age are drawn to this color because it’s in alignment with the experience they’ve accumulated throughout their lives.

This beautiful color combines the coldness of truth and the warmness of acceptance, which then produces wisdom.

Wisdom is important for you to make sound decisions.seeing purple light spiritual

It’s also important for you to react to situations accordingly and not let your emotions overtake your reasoning and judgment.

Purple strengthens the mind and allows you to perceive things more clearly and truthfully.

This color is about experience and understanding, which both bring maturity that allows you to appreciate life for what it is, without all of the distractions that come along the way.


what does the color purple mean spiritually

Our intuitive abilities are associated with the color purple.

This does stem from purple’s association with the crown chakra.

Our intuition is our compass that guides us through life in ways our five senses can’t understand or comprehend.seeing purple meaning

When we are in tune with our inner guidance, we are able to pick up on the subtle energies of our surroundings that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Purple reminds us of our extrasensory abilities and the tools we have within ourselves to tap into these energies.

We always have the answers we seek, deep inside us, and purple helps draw this answer out and into our awareness.

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purple spiritual

Peace can be associated with a few different colors, purple being one of them.

Purple promotes feelings of certainty and wholeness, which allows us to feel a sense of peace.

Feeling connected to a higher power, and feeling complete within ourselves, helps us release our fears and worries.

When we have purpose and meaning and have an understanding of what life truly means, we are unable to feel anything but peace and contentment.

If you are struggling with finding stability or wholeness, incorporating purple into your life can help integrate this energy into your own.

If you are experiencing conflict within one of your relationships, giving a gift of purple flowers can help dissolve some of that fiery energy.

Bringing purple into the equation can help alleviate some of the negativity and give you both a change of heart as you see things from a higher, more beneficial perspective.

Purple is also a very lucky color, so if you are in need of luck one day or need a result to sway in your favor, try wearing a purple outfit to assist you.

Healing PropertiesSpiritual meaning of the color PURPLE

Purple is also seen as having healing properties due to its calming effects when used properly.

Studies have found this color helps reduce stress levels when used correctly in the interior decoration of living spaces or places meant for relaxation, such as spas, clinics, hospitals, etc…

Colors are known to have immense healing powers capable of aiding recovery from various illnesses.

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Royalty and high status have been associated with this penetrating color.

There’s no denying that purple makes you feel elevated and more empowered than before.

Using this color can help raise your frequency and manifestation abilities.

Purple truly is empowering and allows you to tap into the unbound energies that exist all around you that most are completely unaware of.

Since ancient times people have been well aware of the effects purple has over the mind and consciousness, which is why royalty and people of status have chosen to use this color.

Purple in Dreams: The Language of The SubconsciousSpiritual meaning of the color PURPLE

Dreams have been a topic of fascination and study for centuries.

They are seen as gateways to our subconscious mind, revealing hidden thoughts, fears, desires, and aspirations that may not be apparent in our waking lives.

The language of dreams is symbolic, often using images and colors to communicate deeper meanings. One such potent symbol in the dreamscape is the color purple.

When we dream in purple or see purple objects in our dreams, it may be our subconscious signaling us to introspection and spiritual exploration.

Purple suggests depth and mystery, qualities that are usually linked with the spiritual realm. Seeing this color in dreams can indicate a period of transformation, where old habits and thought patterns are being shed to make way for new perspectives.

Purple in dreams can also imply a quest for a spiritual purpose. In an increasingly materialistic world, many of us yearn for meaning beyond the physical, beyond the here and now.

Our dreams, recognizing this yearning, might use the color purple to remind us of this quest. It may be a call to deepen our spiritual practices, seek answers in the metaphysical realm, and strive for a connection with God.

The appearance of purple in dreams may denote self-awareness. It’s a call to understand ourselves better – our motivations, our fears, our desires.

Self-awareness is the first step to self-improvement, and by showcasing purple, our dreams may be helping us to this path of understanding and personal development.

Purple Crystals: Amethyst and SpiritualitySpiritual meaning of the color PURPLE

Amethyst has been revered by spiritual seekers for centuries.

It is a crystal of the quartz family, and its lovely shade of violet or purple can range from deep and rich to light and luminous. This color has made amethyst a highly valued stone for both its beauty and its spiritual significance.

The color purple in spirituality is connected with the mystical and God. It’s the color of the Crown chakra, the energy center located at the top of the head that connects us with the universe and the divine source of creation. 

Amethyst, with its purple color, is thought to resonate with the energy of the Crown chakra, stimulating it and helping to clear any blockages.Spiritual meaning of the color PURPLE

This makes amethyst an excellent tool for meditation and any practices aimed at expanding one’s consciousness, enhancing intuition, or connecting with higher spiritual realms.

Amethyst is also known for its protective properties. It’s believed to create a field of spiritual light around the body that wards off negative energies and influences. This makes it an ally for spiritual protection, helping to keep one’s energy field clear and free from unwanted attachments or psychic intrusions.

Amethyst is also thought to have purifying effects. It’s frequently used in healing work to cleanse one’s energy field, removing any negative patterns or vibrations.

This purification process not only helps to restore balance and harmony but also prepares the individual for higher spiritual experiences. It’s like clearing away the debris to reveal the pure, shining essence beneath.

Image source – https://pixabay.com/illustrations/sky-space-galaxy-cosmos-1697359/

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