The spiritual meaning of the color BLACK

What is the spiritual meaning of the color black?

Short answerthe color black spiritually represents protection, power, strength, and authority. Black also symbolizes death, darkness, and mystery. It can be seen as a warning sign to those who are unaware or unsuspecting of potential danger. 


Black is the absence of light, which can sometimes give it a negative connotation.

Because black holds no light, there is uncertainty surrounding what exists within this mysterious color.

In nature, we see it overhead painted across the sky at night.

We also see it in hair, fur, and rocks.

In certain societies, black may represent high status and prosperity, and in others, it may represent rebellion and immaturity.

There are many wonderful meanings behind this ominous color, which you will find outlined below.

The spiritual meaning of the color BLACK:


Black is associated with fear, but black itself isn’t something to be fearful of.

At night, in an alley, or somewhere in the shadows—many of us feel fear due to the uncertainty of what exists within the darkness.

Darkness itself is just darkness, but our minds create these stories and scenarios of monsters and catastrophes existing within the realms of this color.

Too much sunlight can blind you, burn your skin, and dehydrate your body—darkness can’t do any of this.

If you have a negative reaction to the color black, it’s calling your fears to the surface in order for you to deal with meaning color

What are you afraid of? When you look into a black screen or wall—what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Your subconscious is using this abysmal canvas to paint you a picture of what’s hiding within the corners of your mind.

Something within you is living in a state of fear of the unknown and holding you back in some way.

When you feel negatively towards the color black—try to get to the root of the issue.

Colors are just colors, what your mind associates with them is just your own perception.

Use your reaction to shed light on what’s going on inside of you.

Protectionblack meaning spiritual

Black has been a symbol of protection and warding off negativity in many cultures and practices.

This comes from its ability to absorb color and light as if it never existed.

Imagine you are on the ocean in the middle of the night and shine a flashlight out onto the horizon.

The darkness would swallow the light whole, and there would be no sign of it for anyone to see.meaning of the color black

People who are drawn to wearing black may be unconsciously attracted to this color because they have a desire to be protected.

They may be hurt or damaged inside and use black as a way to deflect anymore pain, while also shielding anyone from knowing what’s truly going on inside of them.

Wearing black can be beneficial for protection, but when too much of it can absorb positive energy just as much as negative energy.

Powerspiritual meaning of black

Power, strength, and force are all characteristics of the color black.

When there is an absence of light, there lies the potential for anything to be created.

Our minds hold the key to our manifestations and creative abilities, otherwise known as our imaginations.

In mediation or rest, at first, we only see a black darkness.

During states of mediation, you will experience the darkness shifting and transforming into images, colors, faces—very vivid experiences.the color black

This is you tapping into your imaginative energy that lies in a darkened dormancy until you tap into it.

Tapping into your imagination and visualization allows you to create experiences and draw them into your life.

People that are attracted to wearing black, who are in a state of empowerment, may be choosing to wear it due to its powerful feeling.

Their clothing choice may be reflecting the strength and stability they have within themselves.

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Introspectionspiritual meaning of color black

Black is a powerful color that may represent introspection and reflection.

The vastness of this color creates a void within ourselves that must be explored.

Black removes everything, all senses—so that you can see what’s truly before you.

This color is very beneficial when doing shadow work, as it allows you to access parts of your subconscious color symbolism

The world is full of an unlimited amount of stimulants, and once you disconnect from everything, you’re left with the inner workings of yourself—which is the most important aspect of you.

Black helps bring your awareness inward, allowing you to feel, think, and observe in peace.

This depth allows you to be vulnerable and authentic while feeling protected.

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Dominanceblack color meaning

Being in control and having authority are sometimes associated with this color.

Black consumes and overtakes an environment that can seem domineering in nature.

At night, after the sun fades below the horizon, darkness seeps through everything—taking control of the night.

Using this color while working with energy can help you gain control over your intentions and desires.

In your everyday life, black can help you establish authority.

Wearing black at work or in a project setting will subconsciously show your authoritative qualities and may help you gain the upper hand.

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