Potato Bug (Rollie Pollie) Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of potato bug? Also, what is the spiritual meaning of rollie pollie (pill bug)?


When we speak of bugs and insects, we often see some rather strange names appear on the list.

For many, the’ potato bug’ is one of the most bizarre names.

Potato bugs are a team that can be used to describe more than one kind of insect, though.

For example, a ‘potato bug’ could be the non-insect crustacean, the pill bug. However, the potato bug name is also given to the large insect, the Jerusalem cricket.

Everyone will have their interpretation of what they mean when they say potato bug.

For many today, though, the potato bug refers to the Jerusalem cricket.

Each animal has an important spiritual meaning regardless of which potato bug is being spoken about.

Today, though, the potato bug’s spiritual meaning can be hard to define.

With so many stories, which is the most prominent spiritual meaning? Let us investigate.

In this article, we will break down some of the various spiritual meanings of the potato bug. These spiritual meanings will hopefully help you to better define the purpose behind each form of the potato bug.

What is a potato bug?

The Jerusalem Cricket

So, the potato bug is a creature that various species can define.

The most common form of potato bug, though, is known as the Jerusalem cricket.

Today, these bugs are quite an interesting diversion from typical bugs.

For one, they are technically not a ‘bug’ or a ‘cricket.’ This can make the name of the potato bug quite a confusing one to understand. Interestingly, they are not native to Jerusalem, either!

So, how did the name Jerusalem cricket – and indeed potato bug – appear?

The potato bug in the Jerusalem cricket sense is quite an interesting creature.

They are nocturnal creatures that spend most of their time feeding on dead insects and other forms of organic matter.

They are also extremely potent burrowers, capable of getting underneath damp and moist soil to help feed on the dying roots of plants.

If you see a potato bug, you will be shocked at how large they are.

They are much larger than a typical cricket and can be painful if you interact with them.

The potato bug can use its powerful mandibles to give you a more than painful bite.

Humans typically try to avoid interacting with this form of potato bug because they can be quite keen to bite should you annoy them too much. Thankfully, though, they are not poisonous.

Rollie Pollies

Another form of insect that carries the name potato bug – though far less frequently than the Jerusalem cricket – is the ‘rollie pollie.’

This is known as a pill bug, and they are small creatures that utilize a hard shell to keep them from danger.

The name ‘rollie pollie’ stems from the fact that they have a habit of turning into a small, ball-like shape to avoid risk and threats.

Unlike the Jerusalem cricket, a pill bug is not aggressive and is not likely to bite you.

They are generally much smaller, though, and tend to use a method of protection that involves letting off a vile odor. This odor is used to try and ward off potential danger.

These creatures are found in various parts of the world and tend to have a long history of spiritual meaning within Native American cultures.

The Potato Bug Spiritual Meaning: what does this bug stand for?

The Jerusalem cricket is going to be our primary focus here, as they are seen by many as the ‘true’ potato bug. However, we will also touch on some specific spiritual meanings of the ‘rollie pollie’ towards the end.

The Need For Honesty

One of the most common spiritual meanings associated with a potato bug – especially if it appears in your dreams – has to do with your outlook on the world.

If you are someone who feels like they often pull back from giving their heartfelt opinion on something, then the potato bug can appear to you as a message. This is a message that you must stop being so conciliatory and be more honest with the people you care about.

Honesty is a crucial part of building a happy existence. If we feel like we constantly have to avoid saying what we think, it can make us feel meek and miserable.

If you begin to see the potato bug of the Jerusalem cricket appear in your dreams, then you are probably facing a crisis whereby you need to be more honest. Honesty is important for giving you your identity and place in the world.

It helps us to appreciate who we are as people and that the people in our lives love us for who we are as opposed to who we portray ourselves as.

The Need For A Project Or Goal

Another spiritual meaning often attached to the potato bug is that it represents the need for a personal goal.

If your life lacks structure and something to aim for, progress can be increasingly hard.

With the potato bug appearing to you, either in person or in a dream, it can be a sign that you need to find focus in your life.

Many cultures associate the potato bug with being representative of a personal focus or a goal.

If they appear to you regularly, it can be a sign that you might lack that defining aim in your life.

As such, many associate the presence of the potato bug as a sign that they need to hone in on something to focus on in life. Having a goal can give your life extra meaning and purpose and make overcoming life’s challenges easier.

These creatures, then, can be an excellent way to help remind yourself that you need to focus on one goal in particular.

Lacking that specific focus on one goal can lead to losing a lot of opportunities to grow and improve as a person. As such, you should see the presence of the potato bug as a sign that you need to re-focus your energy on one particular goal.

A Change In Perspective

The presence of the potato bug in your life can indicate that you need to change your focus and perspective.

There can be many things in life that you are looking at with an unhelpful attitude.

The potato bug can signify that you might need to take your focus from a new angle and look at life differently.

We often find that spiritual meanings of bugs and animals can be a sign that we must adjust our train of thought.

You might find that you are taking a negative perspective on a positive aspect of your life. You might be looking at something holding you back and making your life more difficult in a favorable light.

The potato bug can be a sign that something is telling you to change how you view things in your life as they are today.

It might be a sign that you need to let go of a certain grudge you are holding or viewing a self-destructive aspect of your personality in the wrong light.

Rejuvenation And Change

Many cultures, too, also view the potato bug as a creature that is critical to change.

You might find that you are struggling to adapt to your life and continuing to follow the same path as you have for too long.

The presence of the potato bug can be a spiritual sign that you need to change your life in one way or another. It could be repairing a broken relationship you care about or finding a new way to motivate yourself.

Everyone is different, but the potato bug can be a sign that you need to start reviewing your position in life.

Some believe, too, that they are a symbol of rebirth and rejuvenation. If you feel like your life lacks a certain depth or meaning, then it might be important to look at ways to change this.

The potato bug is often seen as a symbol of transformation in our lives. It could be that you need to look at your physical health, your relationship with other people, or even the work you do for a living.

Everyone will find their spiritual meaning within the potato bug, but they are often built around change, self-improvement, and personal progress.

Do not ignore these signs – the potato bug is one of the creatures most associated with the need for change and progress. If you are seeing the potato bug a lot in your life, even through your dreams, it is a sign that you yearn for – even need – change.

The Pill Bug – Spiritual Meaning – Rollie Pollie

While many spiritual meanings exist for this particular bug – technically not a bug, but a crustacean – it revolves around new opportunities.

Most assume that seeing a pull bug is a sign that their lives are about to change and that they should ready themselves for that change. What this change will be depends on the person. However, it is a part of Native American culture to see the pill bug as a symbol of change and transformation.

The pill bug contains various spiritual meanings, but most are positive.

One example of the pill bug being used spiritually is that in Native American culture, it is common for a pill bug to be used in warding and protection ceremonies. If someone has to be given protection from danger and evil, then it is common for pill bugs to be used as part of that ceremony.

Another common spiritual association with the pill bug is embracing opportunity.

When we see a pill bug, it is often a sign that we should be willing to embrace something that might change our lives.

For example, many see this creature as a potent symbol of accepting that things are about to transform.

Associated with the water element, the pill bug is also commonly seen as a symbol that we should embrace cleansing and purification.

The pill bug is also seen as a sign of incoming rain.

Since they feed on moist soil and populate it with nutrition, their presence is often seen as a sign that the weather is about to turn. For those who start to spot many pill bugs in their nearby vicinity, prepare for rain!

Final Thoughts

With various insects and creatures taking the mantle of the ‘potato bug,’ it can be hard to determine a clear potato bug’s spiritual meaning.

As we have shown above, though, there are numerous different solutions that you should think about.

If you wish to feel like you have a genuine connection to the spiritual world, animals and insects can play a major role in making that possible.

The potato bug, then, is not just one kind of creature. More than one creature in this world takes this name, whether through their look, shape, or actions. With the help of the above, though, you can hopefully determine the spiritual meaning of potato bugs in various guises and forms.

Use the above to your advantage when you want to know what nature is trying to tell you.

As noted, the potato bug is a varied and diverse name for more than one creature. What spiritual meaning you take from the above is up to you. Just know, though, that the potato bug is a creature with a very strong spiritual connection.

Whether it is the pill bug and its connection to rejuvenation and change or the Jerusalem cricket and its various spiritual meanings explained above, there is much to think about and consider.

If nothing else, you hopefully now have a clearer appreciation for the importance of the creatures of this world within spirituality.

According to Native American tribes, everything in this world has a spirit.

Yes, even the humble potato bug. So, take the time to closely consider these meanings and what they stand for moving forward in your life.


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