Spiritual Meaning Of The Color GREEN

What is the spiritual meaning of the color green?


Green is the most abundant color found in nature.

Nature is a wonderful reflection of what energy and power the color green holds.

Trees and plants seem to have a mind of their own—and if left unattended to or unaffected by humans, they would flourish and grow in wildly.

Green and nature go hand in hand, and once you observe the earth’s natural flow—you’ll understand the true magic of this color.

Spiritual meaning of the color GREEN:Spiritual meaning of the color GREEN


Green is associated with abundance, due to its association with nature.

Nature is one of the most abundant forces in life.

It seems to always have a source of power that allows it to grow, spread, create and produce.

Green brings in energy and opportunity for more abundance and growth.

This color is often associated with money as it greatly produces a flow of currency.

People who practice spell-work know that green holds the same energy as money and finances, and may be used in candle spells.

Wearing green or keeping it in your environment can help bring abundance into your life and align you with the flow of receiving.

Jealousygreen spiritual meaning

Green is also associated with jealousy or envy.

This is because of green’s association with abundance, love, and relationships.

When someone is envious of another person, they are feeling the lack of not having what that person has.

They are still focused on the abundance that they desire—but it’s coming from a negative place.

This is when the color green may be associated with negativity.

If you are struggling with feelings of jealousy—incorporating physical forms of green can help you feel a sense of abundance and balance, allowing you to alleviate some of those feelings.

Going outside and spending time in nature will also help you feel more abundant as it connects you to the earth—which is a powerful source of energy.

Lovespiritual meaning of green

Most people seem to associate the color Red with love when in reality, green most closely reflects feelings of love and compassion.

Green is the color associated with the heart chakra.

This color represents our emotions toward other people and the depths of which we receive them or are closed off to them.

Green promotes unconditional love and allows you to become centered in your heart center.

When you are operating from your heart center, you see the world with unconditional love and neutrality.

This color also helps you feel a sense of connection as your heart is open and able to receive the love of other people.

When we feel a sense of connection with other people and the world, we are unable to act in harmful or hurtful ways.

Greedcolor green spiritual meaning

Since green is associated with abundance and money—sometimes too much of this energy can cause one to become greedy or hold their material possessions too lightly.

There should always be a flow within your currency to ensure that you are able to continue receiving abundance.

If you hold onto your energy or finances without spending and investing them into experiences—you prevent yourself from being able to experience life.

When you hold your possessions or wealth with more importance than life experience, you are out of alignment with green’s true energy.

Nature flows freely and abundantly and allows parts of itself to come and go.

It’s home to people and animals and provides us all with food.

Green is generous and giving because it knows giving and receiving both need to be in harmony in order to have abundance.

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Energizingwhat does the color green mean spiritually

Once again, green’s association with nature gives it a powerful energy-boosting ability.

Nature is connected to the earth and the sun.

Both of these entities are energetic vortexes of unlimited power.

Green taps into these energies and allows you to access energetic assistance from the elements.

When you are feeling lethargic and unmotivated, go for a walk in the park or a hike in a forest.

Being out in nature helps you revitalize your energy as it grounds you to the earth.

Spending time outside will help give you inspiration and motivation for your desires.

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Incorporating green into your life can help you when you are feeling stagnant or stuck in a certain experience.

Green encourages growth and expansion and assists in releasing any resistance to change.

This color may help you expand into directions you would have never been aware of because it helps you flow with the natural rhythm of your soul.

This color is great to use when you go through challenges, such as heartache or experiencing a loss of a loved one.

It’s important to focus on moving forward through pain and grief, otherwise, you will become stuck and stagnant.

These feelings are natural and shouldn’t be avoided, but they’re supposed to come and flow through you and bring you into a new state of being.

Green helps you find your way through these painful feelings and shows you the light at the end of the tunnel.

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