Kalachakra Mantra: Lyrics, Meaning & Benefits

What is the meaning of the Kalachakra mantra?


The Kalachakra tantra (Kalachakra literally translates as ”Time Circle” or ”Time wheel”) has been held sacred and preserved in both Tibet and India for over 2,500 years.

Kalachakra Tantra comprises the innermost essence of the 84,000 categories of the teachings of Gautama Buddha and helps purify the mind, speech, and body.

There is usually a misunderstood difference between a mantra and a tantra.

A tantra is a larger sacred text that gives detailed and exact guidelines for spiritual practice, whereas a mantra is a combination of syllables that, when recited, provide a line between the practitioner and the divine to whom they are chanting.

There are currently two main traditions of Kalacakra: the Ra lineage and the Dro lineage.

Although there were many translations of the Kalachakra texts from Sanskrit into Tibetan, the Dro and Ra translations are considered to be the most reliable. Additionally, the two lineages offer slightly differing accounts of how these teachings returned to India from Shambhala.

Kalachakra is also utilized in the sand mandalas of Tibetan Buddhists. Monks will spend many weeks painstakingly constructing huge mandalas, made only of colored sand.

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Kalachakra, wheel of time mandala, spiritual and ritual symbol of Buddhism – a colorful ceiling painting in Zumrang gompa – Buddhist temple, Sikkim, India

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The Kalachakra sand mandalas contain all 722 deities within the structure of the mandala. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has explained that the Kalachakra deities depicted in the sand mandala create a favorable atmosphere that reduces violence and tension in the world.

Moreover, the 14th Dalai Lama has given 33 Kalachakra initiations all over the world and is the most prominent Kalachakra lineage holder alive today. Known as the “Kalachakra for World Peace,” it attracts tens of thousands of people.

Commonly, it is unusual for tantric initiations to be given to large public assemblages, but this initiation has always been an exception.

Kalu Rinpoche, Dalai Lama, and others have stated that the public exposition of this tantra is essential in this current degenerate age. The 34th Kalachakra initiation will be held in January 2017.

In present days, the Kalachakra symbol is usually seen in Tibet, for example, on doors, and in temples. It is an esoteric symbol representing the Kalachakra Tantra initiation.

Mantra lyrics:

„Om Ah Hum Hoh Ham Kshah Ma La Va Ra Ya Hum Phat.”

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Kalachakra mantra meaning:

The first four syllables OM AH HUM HOH of this mantra are the four vajra syllables of the body (OM), speech (AH), mind (HUM), and wisdom (HOH).

The next two syllables, HAM and KSHAH are the bija syllables for the father Kalachakra (HAM) and, correspondingly, his consort Vishvamata (KSHAH).

The syllable MA is the basis for the inestimable mansion of Kalachakra. The four syllables LA VA RA YA stands for the 4 elements of earth, fire, water, and wind. HUM PHAT represents an offering of blessings, with the wish that hearing this powerful mantra and chanting it brings supreme benefit to all sentient beings.

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