The spirituality of the color RED

What is the spiritual meaning of the color red?


Colors can help evoke certain moods and change the tone of a room or an outfit.

When you are in need of strength, passion, or energy—you’ll want to incorporate some red into your life.

Red has the ability to change, push, and accelerate a situation.

Berries and fruit are often red, and they contain enormous amounts of flavor and nutrients.

Of all the colors of the rainbow, red may have some of the most polarizing spiritual properties.

The spirituality of the color RED:


There are times when the universe will send us messages through different colors.

Maybe you’ll see a red bird on your windowsill, or a red car honking at you on your evening walk.

Red can be a sign of caution.

The brightness of this color is trying to get your attention.

There may be a challenge or difficulty that is coming your way, but if you prepare yourself, you can lessen the effect it may have upon you.

Take a look at any risks you’ve taken lately or any behaviors that could lead to potential failures, and make the best decisions to protect yourself.

Angercolor red spiritual meaning

The color red entices intense emotions within the body.

Red is warm, fiery, and can sometimes cause feelings of anger.

Pay attention to how red makes you feel, is it passionate and motivated?

Or do you associate red with irritation or anger?

When you feel negatively towards this color, this is a sign that you have unresolved anger within your subconscious.

There’s a fiery energy—slow-burning—that exists deep inside of you.

If these fires are left unattended, they can become wild, and you may experience emotional outbursts.

It’s important to put these fires out before they turn into something larger.

When you feel angry, try imagining this energy as being red.

Once you have this image in your mind, begin to change this color to something calmer, like blue or green.

Your mind will associate this new color with the most positive emotions and help transmute this energy, so you are able to release and let go of the anger.

Actionthe color red spiritual meaning

When you first perceive red—it quickly hits you with its warmth and brightness.

Red penetrates quickly and seems to move at light speed.

This vivacious color may represent an action that needs to be taken.

When you have an idea for a new project or desire, sometimes putting things into action can be difficult.

Our minds can create scenarios, and we can become stuck on all of the possible outcomes of each action.

This can halt our progress and cause us to become stagnant.

Red helps you feel inspired and hone in on a single action—and find the strength to take it.

This color allows you to push forward with your plans and ideas and helps you become closer to your desires.

Passioncolor red meaning spiritual

The root chakra is associated with the color red.

This chakra is located near our sexual organs, making it a powerful area of creation and passion.

Our sexual energy is the root of all of our creations.

When we tap into this energy, we are able to manifest all of our lives desires.

When this chakra is unbalanced, we can become unmotivated, deprived, and stuck in survival mode.

Your passion is linked to your root chakra, and when this energy is out of balance, your desire and fulfillment may be subdued.

Practicing chakra balancing meditations and techniques can help enhance the flow of energy in your root chakra and allow you to easily access your sexual energies.

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Couragered meaning spiritual

Sometimes we lack the courage to overcome the challenges or take on opportunities life presents us with.

In times of need, you can use red to your advantage and help you find the strength to conquer any challenge.

Sometimes due to low self-esteem or low self-worth, we lose the fire that burns within our souls.

We need to tap into our passion in order to defeat our challenges.

Burning red candles around your home can help bring in energy for you.

Courage is vital for your well-being as it allows you to take care of yourself and go after what your heart desires.

Life is about taking risks,  because when you allow yourself to move beyond the realms of comfort—you step into new territories that bring you new empowerment and experience.

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Time to Stop

Red can be a powerful indicator that you need to take a step back and stop any forward movement or action.

You may have missed the signs of caution, or chose to ignore them, and now you’re experiencing a challenge or setback.

Red expresses a situation that is high energy, emotionally fueled, volatile, and hostile.

These situations can sometimes be avoided if we stay in tune with our intuition and listen to the signs we receive.

If you find yourself in the midst of chaos, try and neutralize it by incorporating more calming and peaceful energies.

Depending on the situation, you may wish to choose a specific color and avoid having red in your surroundings.

If you’re dealing with anger, try wearing green or going out in nature, as this creates feelings of love and connection.

If you are feeling anxious and find yourself in fight or flight mode, try incorporating blue into your life as it promotes peace, serenity, hope, and ease.

Red may show you when you need to slow down or propel you forward into a new project or desire.

This versatile color can be your motivator, or your demise, depending on the state of your mind and emotions.

When you are feeling unmotivated, and life seems to have lost its spark—bring red into your life and allow it to ignite passion and push you towards taking action towards creating your wildest dreams.

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