Heart-shaped birthmark: spiritual meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of a heart-shaped birthmark?


Did you know that just over 80% of babies are born with some type of birthmark?

Not all of these birthmarks remain, with most of them fading away from the baby’s skin by the time they are a few years old.

But for the birthmarks that remain, there is a sense of mystery and intrigue surrounding them, especially if the birthmark is in a strange shape…like say a heart-shaped birthmark.

We were so curious about how and why a birthmark could show up on a person’s skin, specifically in the shape of a heart, that we decided to make this article all about heart-shaped birthmarks.

Is it just a random birthmark that just crazily happens to be in the shape of a heart on a random person’s skin, or is there something deeper and spiritually meaningful about this individual with this birthmark that is particularly shaped like a heart?

Let’s find out…


As we said at the beginning of this article, over 80% of babies are born with some type of birthmark on their skin, whether it’s a mole-like birthmark or a patch of colored or discolored skin in a particular shape or blotch.

The majority of these birthmarks will disappear before the baby is enrolled in kindergarten. So, that means that there is something special about the ones that remain on a person’s skin as they grow to be adults.

Some cultures believe that these birthmarks that remain hold special blessings or curses from the universe, angels, and higher powers of the spiritual realm.

A birthmark that is in the shape of a heart is an interesting one to consider simply because of the crazy implications it could have if you really think about it.

The shape that society has decided to be the symbol of the heart looks absolutely nothing like a real heart, and considering that most birthmarks look like strange skin blotches, it would make more sense logically for there to be a blotched birthmark that resembles the actual shape of an anatomical heart instead of this nearly perfect birthmark in the shape of what society has agreed to be the heart shape.

So, because of that interesting tidbit alone, we believe that there has to be something deeper and spiritually meaningful about these heart-shaped birthmarks.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Heart-Shaped Birthmarks

  • Identifying twin souls or soul-mates

Some cultures believed that birthmarks were meant to be used as a sort of identification method.

To be more specific, these older cultures believed that people with heart-shaped birthmarks could be identified as either having similar souls like they were twin parts of the same soul, or they were romantic soul mates destined to complete each other and be together forever if they could find each other.

  • It’s a generational birthmark

This is one of those possible meanings and explanations that is interesting. Family members, past and present, can have the same birthmarks.

In the case of having the same heart-shaped birthmark with a family member that has either already passed away or is still alive, it means that you could have a strong bond and connection with this family member.

If there was a family member from a previous generation that had the same heart-shaped birthmark as you, you may have inherited some of the characteristics, personalities, and passions that they passed on to you.

  • You are generally a loving person.

Overall, the heart-shaped birthmark is a physical statement that says you are generally a loving, caring, thoughtful, and brave soul that sees the best in every part of life.

When it comes to birthmarks, it’s always important to also note the location of the birthmark on the body as the location can say a lot about you as a person.

  • Heart-shaped birthmark on your hip

You hate it when you see or hear about the injustices of the world. You believe yourself to be a fair, honest, and trustworthy person, so when you or someone else gets wronged and dealt with unjustly and unfairly you absolutely hate it.

  • Heart-shaped birthmark on your thigh

You are one of the most confident people you know, but not in that annoying cocky way. This self-confidence makes other people want to be around you because you always seem to know how to get things done even when everything has gone completely wrong.

Your extreme confidence is a source of happiness that you can’t help but rub off on to everyone around you.

  • Heart-shaped birthmark on your shoulder

The shoulders tend to burden a lot of pressure and weight, this couldn’t be any different for the person with a heart-shaped birthmark on their shoulder.

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You have goals and ambitions that you carry on your shoulders constantly. These goals and ambitions will only be accomplished in your life through dedication and hard work, but the results are well worth the effort and strife you’ve endured.

Your friends would probably say that you are one of the most reliable friends that they have.

  • Heart-shaped birthmark on your ankle or foot

You are the first person to jump to tasks with an energetic initiative that puts others to shame (not in a bad way necessarily).

Traveling the world, meeting new people, and enjoying the life of social events and parties are things that are always at the front of your mind. You don’t want to be limited by pessimism or self-made boundaries for life.

Optimism is your middle name.

Birthmarks hold a lot of information about who you were born to become.

Scientists have spent decades trying to research and understand birthmarks scientifically, but we believe that birthmarks are something a bit more supernatural than just an interesting blotched patch of skin that could be explained away by skin pigmentation defects.

If someone you know has a heart-shaped birthmark, maybe it’s time to pay a bit more attention to them, and how they live their life, you could learn a great deal from them.

Image source – https://pixabay.com/illustrations/heart-moon-night-sky-love-thoughts-1164739/

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