13 Amazing Facts About Human Health

13 Amazing Facts About Human Health

Health – is the main value of any person, so even from a small age, we learn how to protect it. But in modern society, all the changes have become too dynamic, so people don’t always know and understand the potential health threats that can hide in ordinary things.

The human body is full of mysteries, every day we learn something new about ourselves. Some facts about our body are extremely difficult to believe, nevertheless – it will be necessary because they are confirmed by scientific researchers and recorded officially.

We present to your attention 13 interesting and amazing facts about human health. These facts will help you to take thought about the benefits of certain activities, understand the work of the individual systems of your body, and learn how to take care of them properly.

#1 Brainpower

Scientists have proven that brain aging begins at the age of 27, with the peak of its power in 22 years. And all the knowledge acquired throughout life, remain up to 60 years.

#2 Chocolate slows down aging

Every day eating of black chocolate can slow down the skin aging. Several bars of dark chocolate a day retards the process of destroying the collagen fibers and improve metabolism in our skin. This is due to the high content of strong antioxidants – flavonoids. In addition, black chocolate reduces the risk of developing one of the most dangerous types of cancer – melanoma, which most often affects the skin. Previously it was proven that black chocolate helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia, improves memory and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

#3 Love is poisonlove

It isn’t easy to cope with breakdown because at this time your body and brain experience a kind of “withdrawals”. It’s like a drug addiction. We become dependent on love.

#4 Cuddling before bedtime is useful

This helps your body to relax, and also inhibits the thought process, making it easier to fall asleep. A morning kiss can help to avoid diseases caused by stress. Kiss in the morning fills us with harmony and helps to fight external troubles.

#5 Talk about problems

People who rarely complain, more often suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. Stress is often considered a “silent killer” – it leads to heart disease, increased blood pressure, chest pain and early death.

#6 Anti-aging products

Scientists have come to the conclusion that some products really help to rejuvenate the body. These are – dark chocolate, tea, coffee, apples, blueberries, broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, peaches, plums, raspberries, spinach, strawberries, and bread.

Experts point out that there are other types of foods – meat, fish, milk or cereals – that give you all necessary calories, fat, and minerals. Vegetables, fruits, and seeds are biochemical elements that protect and extend the life of cells.

#7 Missing someone is harmful

Missing someone is bad for health – it can cause insomnia. The feeling of dissatisfaction of staying away from a person you love makes you wake up at night. Find a person who will always be there for you on https://godatenow.com/members/.

#8 Coffee against dementiacoffee

Coffee beans contain a component that can help in the prevention and treatment of dementia, in particular Alzheimer’s. Japanese scientists found that the chlorogenic acid in coffee prevents the destraction of your brain cells. During experiments on mice, scientists found out that this ether helps to restore memory.

#9 Tea against diabetes

Drinking black tea significantly helps prevent the development of diabetes. Active polyphenols, contained in black tea, can play the role of insulin, which is vital for a person with diabetes.

#10 Smoking ages your skin

It’s well known that smoking badly affects your skin. It isn’t only accelerates the aging process of the skin, but also gives it an unhealthy, dull, yellowish hue that can hardly be hidden with tints. Studies have shown that the skin of heavy smokers coarsens, loses elasticity and ages quickly.

#11 Get enough sleep

If you sleep less than four hours or more than ten, you are at risk and you can die early.

#12 Exercise in moderation

Doing sports should bring pleasure, energy and strength. But scientists have found out that if you are actively engaged for more than two hours a day, can occur the opposite effect. It manifests itself in the form of apathy, headaches, sleep and appetite disorders and more serious problems.

#13 Cucumber is useful for nails

Cucumber is valued for its taste. But they also have a lot of merits. First, they contain sulfur. Sulfur is a good preventive and remedy for various inflammatory processes on the nail plate. Secondly, the cucumber juice promotes the growth of the nail, as well as its strengthening. Cucumber is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, H, PP.

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