Is it bad luck to buy yourself an EVIL EYE Bracelet?

Is It Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

The short answer to this question is no, buying yourself an evil eye bracelet to wear will not bring you bad luck.

It can seem like that would be the case though, considering that the word “evil” is in the name of this jewelry.

However, you will be pleased to find out that it’s actually quite the opposite and that buying an evil eye bracelet just might bring you good luck.

If you have never heard of an evil eye bracelet before reading this article, that is totally fine and understandable as most people generally don’t know what specific types of jewelry exist outside of the umbrella terms like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

We are here to explain and to dive in deep.

What Is an Evil Eye Bracelet? is it bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye

That is a great question and we are so glad that you asked.

An evil eye bracelet is essentially a type of amulet jewelry that is often worn as a bracelet.

The centerpiece of the bracelet jewelry is the symbol of a watchful eye.

These bracelets were originally only crafted and made in the colors of blue and green but as time has gone on, the colors of these evil eye bracelets have expanded from blues and greens to the addition of reds, yellows, black and white.

They were originally made to be a spiritual talisman or jewelry piece to be worn by an individual as a means to protect them from unseen harm and negative energies.

Why Do People Buy and Wear Evil Eye Bracelets? can you buy yourself an evil eye

While the symbol of the evil eye itself can and has been used in multiple ways more than just bracelet jewelry, it is most commonly used and worn as a bracelet due to the convenience of being able to wear an evil eye bracelet all day long and forgetting that it’s even there but still receiving the benefits of the bracelet talisman.

People purchase evil eye bracelets and wear them because they believe that by wearing the evil eye symbol, they will be able to protect themselves from unseen harm and misfortune.

It was originally believed back in Greek culture that if someone gave you an evil and mean death glare, the person receiving this ill-intended glare would also find themselves on the receiving end of bad luck, resulting in a potential loss.

So, people began to create these evil eye charms and talismans that could be worn on the body to ward off all ill intentions and misfortunes that others might be wishing upon them.

This tradition and belief have carried itself through the ages up into modern times, where people may find themselves on the receiving end of a long streak of bad luck, so they believe that by wearing an evil eye bracelet, they will be able to ward off and protect themselves from negative energies and the malicious intentions of enemies.

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Benefits of Buying Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet can you buy an evil eye for yourself

Now that we’ve covered what an evil eye bracelet is and why people make them, sell them, and buy them, let’s reiterate and talk about the potential benefits you can get from buying yourself an evil eye bracelet and making it a part of your everyday wardrobe.

The colors of the evil eye bracelet over the years have expanded from the original blue and green to many other colors, each color of the evil eye bracelet means something different and gives different benefits for the bracelet wearers.

  • Light blue evil eye bracelet:
    • Overall protection from negative energies
    • Promotes peace and solidarity
    • Helps you to open your mind to wider perspectives
  • Dark blue evil eye bracelet:
    • Specific protection concerning fate and karma
    • Opens your mind to a better sense of communication
    • Promotes calmness and relaxation throughout your spirit
  • Light green evil eye bracelet:
    • Focuses your energies towards a place of contentment
    • Allows you to hone in on your goals in life
    • Gives you the sense to pursue better health
  • Dark green evil eye bracelet:
    • Pushes your mind to explore new aspirations in life
    • Draws in positive energies that promote happiness
    • Helps you to find balance in all things in your life
  • Red evil eye bracelet:
    • Enhances your ability to be courageous
    • Draws in positive energy to boost your passion
    • Protection from fear and anxiety
  • Pink evil eye bracelet:
    • Promotes calmness within your spirit
    • Promotes a relaxed spirit to accept life as it comes at you
    • Protection for your friendships and relationships
  • Orange evil eye bracelet:
    • Protects your well of happiness
    • Broadens your creative self
    • Promotes a higher level of commitment and motivation in life
  • Purple evil eye bracelet:
    • Brings balance to out-of-balance energies
    • Opens your mind’s eye to experience deeper levels of imagination
    • Boosts your desire to push through the hardships of life
  • Gold/yellow evil eye bracelet:
    • Protection for your overall health and wellbeing
    • Provides a deeper source of mental relief from being burnt-out
    • Heightens your natural ability to observe the world around you
  • White evil eye bracelet:
    • Gives you the mindset of new beginnings in your life
    • Brings clarity to your mind to see beyond the white noise and distractions
    • Promotes stronger levels of focus and purity of spirit
  • Brown evil eye bracelet:
    • Promotes organization in the chaos
    • Brings your spirit into a deeper understanding of nature
    • Protection from evil energies

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what happens if you buy yourself an evil eye So, bringing this all back to the original question that sparked this article…

Is it bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet?

The answer is a definitive no, it is not bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet.

It’s quite the opposite, if you do end up buying yourself one of these evil eye bracelets, make sure to take the time to read through which color and type of evil eye you might want as they each bring different benefits to its wearer.

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