The Dangers of Opening Your Chakras

Can it be dangerous when we open our chakras?


Your chakras are the energy channels within your body.

These energy channels are associated with different aspects of our experience, such as our minds, our communication, emotions, and our desires.

In modern times, opening your chakras has been popularized and has become a common practice within the spiritual community.

There are meditations, crystals, and breath techniques designed to help open up these energy channels within us.

While opening your chakras may benefit you in some instances, there are also times when opening them may cause you negative side effects.

When you open your chakras, you’re allowing higher amounts of energy to flow through them.

Your energy body will become expanded, and you will be open to higher frequency experiences.

Opening your chakras can be a powerful tool to harness the full power of your existence, but if you’re not ready and open them too soon—this can have a negative effect on your physical body and mental health.

Physical Complications

Opening your chakras too soon, or too quickly, can have a negative effect on your body.

If you are in a state of illness or dis-ease, you may experience these symptoms becoming exaggerated at first, but this is because they are now beginning to heal.

Even so, you may not be able to handle such an extreme and accelerated healing from the place that you’re currently at, which is why you may wish to wait to open your chakras until you’re in a state of health and well-being.

Another complication may be that the new abundance of energy may be too high of a state for your body to handle.

You may experience new symptoms you’ve never had before opening your chakras.

We are energetic beings, and our bodies are energy. In order to receive high-frequency energy efficiently and safely, the receiver must be a frequency match.

Emotions and Trauma Resurfacing

Your chakras reside in the various parts of your body where energy and your emotions are birthed from.

While opening your chakras, it’s important to first deal with any emotional baggage or past trauma you may be holding on to.

If you don’t address these issues, they’ll resurface and may become amplified due to the excess amounts of energy you will now hold.

Emotions and trauma resurfacing can be a traumatic experience in and of itself, especially if you don’t have the tools to healthily address these issues as they come forth.

When you have an open chakra system, you can empower positive emotions—as well as negative ones.

If you experience negative emotions after opening your chakras, it’s important to not give them power.

Giving them power will only enhance their presence in your mind and could keep you in a spiral of emotional turmoil.

Mental Confusion

Obtaining enlightenment and ascension may be the driving factor behind wanting to open your chakras.

It’s true that once your chakras, specifically your crown and third eye chakras, are open—you’ll gain access to universal truth.

While this sounds favorable, if you’re not mature enough in your spiritual journey, this will not benefit you.

Spiritual enlightenment takes commitment, time, and experience. You must gain wisdom and reach the higher frequency states in order to benefit from opening your higher chakras.

For someone who has not yet done the inner work and built a solid foundation of their spiritual beliefs and understanding, they may become overwhelmed and show signs of mental disorder due to not being able to fully handle the information they’re receiving.

They may hear voices, see entities, have god complexes, harm themselves or others, develop paranoia, etc.

Once these disturbances manifest, it will take effort to correct them, as you’ll need to balance your energy which may be difficult if you’re no longer in the right frame of mind.

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Entity Attachments

Note – entities refer to beings or forces that exist beyond our physical realm. They can have positive, negative, or neutral effects.

When you are in a low-frequency state of being, you are susceptible to entity attachments.

Opening your chakras in a lower frequency state will certainly attract entities, and they will become attached to you and drain your energy reserves.

Entities cannot attach to you when you are in a high frequency and would then not be able to siphon your energy in that state.

Your energy is your means for creating, manifesting, and accessing universal wisdom, and it’s important to protect it from entities stealing it for their own agendas.

Entity attachments can influence experiences in your life that keep you in lower frequency states and enables them to continue to feed off your energy.

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Why Do You Want To Open Your Chakras?

If you have the desire to open your chakra system, before doing so, it’s important to ask yourself why.

You will not benefit from doing so if your desire is ego-driven.

When you have a desire that’s rooted in your ego, you’re out of alignment with your soul.

Just because your ego tells you that you’re ready for something, you may want to meditate and contemplate whether or not you’re truly ready.

Opening your chakras should not be desired in order to control others, to rise above anyone, or to gain value or worth upon yourself.

We are all source, we are all one, and in order to connect to this divine essence, you must operate from a state of being in alignment with the source.

Subdue your ego and contemplate how opening your chakras may change your life.

Desire to experience the best out of life, to have peace, contentment, and joy.

Desire to rise to the higher frequencies and have higher experiences.

Most of all, desire to know the truth no matter the cost and to know yourself—as the infinite and everlasting essence that exists within all things.

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