What Does it Mean Spiritually When You Have Cold Hands?

What do cold hands mean spiritually?

Short answerSpiritually, cold hands might signify sadness, fear, or the end of a life phase. It could also indicate stagnation in life, spiritual coldness, the presence of spirits, or a closed mind to creativity. 


There are many things that our bodies do as a natural response to internal and external stimuli that we don’t normally give second thoughts to.

We also tend to think of these things only in a physical aspect and ignore the possibility of the spiritual aspect of why our body reacts or does certain things.

Is there more to having cold hands than just a temperature change?

Certain things, such as when our hands feel like they’ve gone numb from the cold.

We just automatically assume that our hands are cold because we are physically in a cold place, but have you ever thought about the spiritual aspects and meanings of your cold hands?

We hope to find those answers in this article.

Why do you get cold hands?

Before we look at the possible spiritual meanings behind why your hands always feel like they are icicles, let’s look at why you physically get cold hands in the first place.

  • A decrease in the blood flow to your hands can cause a lack of warmth which leaves your hands feeling like Frosty the Snowman
  • Being in cold temperatures with your hands exposed to the cold
  • Health diseases like diabetes, anemia, lupus, and other diseases can make it so you feel like you always have freezing-cold hands

If you feel like you constantly have cold hands, even in warm months, you might want to set up an appointment with your family physician just to be safe and rule out any of these potential health risks.

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Beyond the physical meaning of having cold hands

The human body is more than just the physical, our bodies are also spiritual beings that experience life physically and spiritually.

This means that everything that happens physically also has a spiritual meaning and aspect to it.

So, let’s look at several spiritual reasons to explain why your hands feel like they could cool down a fever of 110 degrees.

You are suffering from sadness or sorrow.

Have you recently experienced a heartbreaking loss that has caused you a large amount of sorrow and emptiness in life?

This loss you’ve experienced may be reflecting the pain of your sadness through the physical symptoms of having cold hands.

Everything that happens to your spirit reacts with a physical representation.

So, when you’ve lost a part of yourself or a close loved one that brought warmth to your life, you lose that warmth, and one of the outward reactions is cold hands.

You have a deep fear in your heart.

Fear can be an intense emotion that freezes our hearts and spirits.

Fear stops you in your tracks and keeps you from doing something brave, courageous, and new in life that you’ve always wanted to do.

If there is something you fear that is keeping you held back in life, it’s time to let go of that fear of the unknown and follow your heart.

A phase in your life is coming to an end.

As life comes to an end, the warmth of that life turns cold.

Your cold hands could be the physical representation that you are entering the final phase of some part of your life.

The end of things in life can be a good thing, though, as the end of one thing generally means the start of something new.

The feeling of cold is the result of the lack of movement.

It’s possible that you’ve become stagnant and lazy in life, and your ice-cold hands are trying to tell you it’s time to get a move on.

Your cold hands are a sign that it’s time to get busy and start putting yourself to work on your life goals again.

You have become a spiritually cold person.

You may have allowed yourself to starve your spiritual side to the point where it has become cold because of the lack of attention in your spiritual life.

The lack of attention to your spiritual life has the potential to attract unwanted negative energies to your life.

It’s time to start taking care of your spiritual life to bring warmth back to your life. Start making time in the mornings or evenings to meditate, pray, and center yourself back into your spirit.

There are spirits of your loved ones somewhere near you.

Just because we can’t see the spiritual world doesn’t mean that we aren’t interacting with it at certain points in our lives.

The physical world and the spiritual world exist in different dimensions but coincide within the same space.

So, your body could be reacting to the spirits of your loved ones that are nearby.

You’ve become close-minded to your creativity.

The loss of blood circulation to the hands is a physical manifestation of a source of warmth and life being cut off, which causes that coldness.

The same is true when you allow yourself to cut off and become close-minded to your creativity and potential in life. You become cold spiritually when you close yourself off to something that gives warmth and meaning to your life.

Find what gives you joy in life, an outlet to express your creativity in a way that refreshes your mind and soul and allow yourself to enjoy doing that activity once again.

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Gaining warmth back to your hands

If any of these spiritual explanations for cold hands match what you are currently experiencing in life, it’s time to do some self-reflection.

In addition to some spiritual self-reflection, it might not be a bad idea to schedule an appointment with your family physician to get a better understanding of the physical explanations for your cold hands.

As we said in this article above, the physical and spiritual worlds work and exist together within the same space.

For every physical action or reaction, there is a spiritual action or reaction that follows.

Hopefully, this article has allowed you to have a moment of self-realization and to bridge the gap from the physical to the spiritual to better understand why you constantly have cold hands.

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