The Spiritual Meaning of Broken Glass and Breaking Glass

What is the spiritual meaning of breaking glass and broken glass?


Have you ever tried to grab a glass cup, but your hand slipped or you bumped your elbow on something which caused you to drop the glass and shatter it into a million pieces?

Other than reacting by uttering a few choices swear words out of pure shock and fear of the broken glass, at some point, we have all wondered if us breaking that glass meant we have bad luck or if it was an omen of something bad that might happen because you broke the glass.

The purpose of this article is to explore those exact things, are there any spiritual meanings that are tied directly to broken glass and the act of breaking glass.

The Spiritual Meaning of Broken Glass and Breaking Glass

breaking glass meaning

The short answer to the question of whether or not there are spiritual meanings behind broken glass is yes…

But what exactly are those hidden and deeper meanings that we should all keep in mind the next time we are about to handle some fragile glass or, unfortunately, when we break something made of glass?

The thing about broken glass (and pretty much everything else) is that we can’t just simply say that broken glass holds only good spiritual meanings or only bad spiritual meanings.

This is because to understand the spiritual meanings of broken glass, we also need to consider the context of the broken glass.

There are some situations where broken glass reveals good omens and has a positive spiritual meaning, and then there are other times where the spiritual meaning of broken glass holds evil omens for those that find it or those that broke it.

When Broken Glass is a Bad Omen

When humans break glass, whether it’s a window, a mug, or a flower vase made of glass, we naturally lean towards that broken glass is a bad omen of things to come.

The reason why this is true most of the time is due to the majority of people being raised by society to only associate bad omens with broken glass.

Here are some instances where broken glass is a bad omen:

  • If you have broken picture frames in your home or cracks in the glass of your kitchen table, it could mean that there is some sort of betrayal or feelings of disenchantment happening with the people that live in the home.
  • Viewing yourself in a cracked and broken mirror that’s in your home that you’ve never gotten replaced could be your spirit signaling you to some unhealthy self-esteem issues that need to be worked on.
  • When the glass of a clock or watch breaks, it can symbolize stagnation in life. Meaning that no matter how much work and effort you put into a project or situation, you won’t find any progress and will continue to be delayed or possibly even get stuck in a hostile situation. All you can do is be patient and wait out this time of delayed progress.
  • Fun fact: The Romans were the ones that began the superstitious belief that breaking a mirror meant the person who broke the mirror would suffer seven years of bad luck.

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When Broken Glass is a Good Omen

spiritual meaning behind glass breaking

Although broken glass is almost instantly associated with bad luck, that isn’t always the case.

There are instances when glass is broken it’s celebrated as a sign of good luck and joy in life.

  • Glass is a recyclable material, which means that whenever it’s broken, it can be taken and turned into something new with a new purpose. So, when someone breaks a piece of glass, it can symbolize that there is a cycle or purpose in their life that has been fulfilled to its fullest, and now it’s time to begin something new that brings a new purpose with it.
  • Some people believe that experiencing a broken window though it may be a nuisance in the physical world, is believed to be a great thing spiritually. Experiencing a broken window has deep spiritual symbolism of breaking the invisible barriers in a person’s life that has kept them from experiencing the manifestation of positive energies in their life.
  • The breaking of opaque or frosted glass means that there has been a web of lies that has been shattered allowing the truth of a person or a thing to be revealed to its fullest since it is no longer hidden behind an opaque object. This could be anything from old and hidden family secrets finally being revealed to the revelation that a person has been secretly skimming extra money from their work.
  • If a person specifically breaks a glass bottle by accident, it means that they should be expecting a period and occasion of celebration in the soon future. A broken wine glass is also a good omen, especially if it was accidentally broken while someone was giving a toast at a special event.

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Dreaming of Broken Glass

broken glass symbolism

Dreams can show us the deeper things of our inner beings that are harder to work out the meaning of because of the abstract nature of dreams themselves.

There are generally only two overall spiritual meanings of broken glass when it comes to a person’s dream life.

If the broken glass is walked on, eaten, drank, or seen in the dream, it is a sign of various horrible things that are about to take place in life.

Or, if the glass is purposefully broken by the dreamer, it symbolizes that they are not satisfied with themselves or their life and are ready for a change to occur.

Overall, it is good to beware and be mindful of broken glass whether you are at home, at a friend’s wedding, or just out and about walking around.

If you are careful enough to pay attention, you just might keep yourself from an unlucky situation or be ready to accept and experience a joyful celebration of something good that is about to happen in life.

Though, don’t pay too much mind to the whole breaking a mirror leads to 7 seven years of bad luck, that one has definitely been debunked.

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