What does 15 mean in the Bible?

What does the number 15 mean in the Bible?


Numerology is an interesting subject on its own, but it can get even more interesting when you look and see what numerology means through the Bible.

In this article, we’ll look at the number 15 specifically and what its biblical numerology means.

What does 15 mean in the Bible?

What does the number 15 mean in the Bible

The number 15 has a strong connection to the idea of gratitude.

The Israelites were given various Feasts and Festivals as means to look back on in remembrance, thanksgiving, and gratitude for how God brought them out of their slavery and captivity under the rule of Pharoah and the Egyptians.

One of these Feasts was the Feast of Unleavened Bread which occurred on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Hebrew calendar.

And on the fifteenth day of the seventh month was the start of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Both of these Feasts were meant to be used as days of rest, and reflective gratitude looking back on the freedom that God gave them from the oppressive hand of Pharoah.

The number 15 is associated with the promises of God


The number 15 is associated with the promises of God throughout the book of Matthew that Jesus promised to those who believed and followed him.

  1. The Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:3)
  2. They will be filled with righteousness (Matthew 5:6)
  3. They will see God (Matthew 5:8)
  4. They will be called children of God (5:9)
  5. Their names would be confessed before God the Father (10:32)
  6. They will be given rest (11:29)
  7. They will be made a part of God’s family (12:50)
  8. They will be fully made a follower of Christ (18:3)
  9. They will be made great in God’s Kingdom (18:4)
  10. They will receive Christ (18:5)
  11. Their requests made with others shall be granted (18:19)
  12. Christ will be with them (18:20)
  13. They will be saved (24:13)
  14. They will serve Jesus when they serve others (25:40)
  15. Jesus will continually and always be with them (28:19)

The number 15 is symbolic of coverings and defenses.


15 is the number of coverings and defenses. Even though it’s not specifically stated in Scripture, many Christians believe that the number 15 represents the blood of Christ, which covers all sins.

Several Bible verses reinforce this belief.

In Ephesians 1:13-14, Paul writes about how those who believe in Jesus have been sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit through the truth of the gospel.

In Hebrews 9:22, he describes how Christ’s blood was shed for our sins so that we could be forgiven and cleansed from them: “And almost all things are by [His] commandment purged with blood, and without shedding of blood is no remission (of sin).”

There’s also a lot taught about coverings in Exodus 12:3-7, where Moses tells the Israelites to spread the blood of a lamb on their doorposts one night as a sign of protection.

This was the final night that Pharoah would hold onto God’s people in slavery as God would Passover the land of Egypt in the form of the Angel of Death and take life from every home that did not have the blood of the lamb spread on their doorpost.

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Represents the beginning of new life and will.

15 is the number of new life and will. It is associated with rebirth, the idea of beginning again, and new life.

The Bible is full of references to 15: there are 15 generations between Adam and Abraham; Jacob had 15 sons (Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali…) as well as two wives (Leah and Rachel); he worked for Laban for 7 years before marrying his daughters; Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers at age 30.

His father, Jacob, lived to be 147 years old; Moses was 120 when he died on Mount Nebo near Petra in Jordan while looking over into Edom, which was called Moabite country at that time but now lies in Jordan today.

It is a symbol of rest, restoration, deliverance, and healing

The number 15 is a symbol of rest, restoration, deliverance, and healing.

It signifies grace and redemption:

  • Grace: because there are 15 generations from Adam to Abraham (four generations in each of the three lineages)
  • Deliverance: God delivered Israel out of Egypt on the 15th day of the month; Jesus was baptized on the 15th day.
  • Healing: The leprosy healed all those who were afflicted with it when they were cleansed on the 7th Day after Passover – which fell on a Friday that year. That means that their healing occurred on what would have been called Good Friday today! This was also one week after a man with dropsy came to ask for help from Jesus and was healed when he asked! You can read about this amazing story here in John 5:1-9…

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The number 15 is often seen as a symbol of redemption.

The number 15 is often seen as a symbol of redemption.

The Bible uses the word “redemption” to refer to the idea of freedom from bondage and slavery, as well as having your sins forgiven.

The number 15 is also associated with the idea of thanksgiving, gratitude, and praise.

In the book of Exodus, Moses led his people out of Egypt after centuries of oppression by Pharaoh and his army (Exodus 12:37).

This event took place on Passover—which is still celebrated by Israelites today.

The last plague was called “the death angel,” which means that it killed every firstborn male in Egypt except for those who had been marked with lamb’s blood on their doorposts; these men were protected from death.

As we mentioned before, the Israelites were instructed to sacrifice lambs on Passover so that they could be protected from this final plague, like those who lived in other homes were not protected by having their doors marked with lamb’s blood.

The number 15 is a powerful number in the Bible. It represents many different things, but most importantly, it represents redemption and restoration.

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