The spiritual meaning of a spider crawling on you

What is the spiritual meaning of a spider crawling on you?


Not everyone likes spiders; in fact, the majority of people easily become freaked out and quickly learn just how high their pitch can go when they have realized that a spider is crawling on them.

Then there are the other people that are nonchalant about the whole encounter or even become excited at the sight because they thoroughly love spiders.

Whichever group you fall into on the matter, this article will probably be of interest to you since we are going to be talking about spiders crawling on you and whether or not these encounters hold any spiritual meaning and messages you need to pay attention to.

Spiders and their purpose what does it mean when a spider crawls on you

Spiders are kind of just like snakes, you either love them or you hate them.

But that doesn’t change the fact that these creepy little crawlers play pivotal roles in our world and have held much significance throughout history.

Although there are deadly and poisonous spiders that you would be careful to steer clear from, there are plenty of other spiders that you might find around in a garden that are diligently working to keep your garden clear of other pesky insects that might otherwise ruin all the hard work from your green thumb.

If you care to learn more about spiders and the tens of thousands of species, check out this other article detailing how you can begin to tell the difference between harmless and dangerous spiders.

Now let’s keep moving.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Spiders Through History

A spider, just like any other animal, can hold significant spiritual messages and meanings as they are sent by the universe to tell, teach or show you something about yourself.

Throughout the histories of ancient civilizations, from the Sumerians to the Egyptians and Babylonians, the spider has been used as a symbol directly linked to various deities, all of which have something to do with the spinning of the webs of destiny, cunning trickery, and feminine guile.

Some people would even claim the spider as their spirit animal due to the spiritual connection of having the ability to create intrinsic pieces of engineering and beauty, just like the spider’s web.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Spider Crawling on You what does it mean if a spider crawls on you

Being able to discern and determine what the spiritual meaning and message the universe has for you when a spider decides to purposefully crawl on you is a difficult thing to do completely.

The reason for this is mainly because there are tens of thousands of spider species, some of them are completely harmless and generally pay humans no mind.

Others can be deadly and poisonous and, if threatened or agitated, can cause fatal harm.

Then there are the times when a spider is simply spindling its way down to the floor, and you happen to walk under its web, and it ends up landing on you and crawling on you even though that wasn’t its initial plan.

So you can see how there are countless possibilities of spiritual meanings for when a spider crawls on you.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the possibilities of what it could spiritually mean when a spider crawls on you.

  • You are at a stage in your life where you are in full control of your destiny.

Every decision you make in the here and now can direct and change the course of destiny that you were previously walking. spider crawling on you meaning

Use the creativity and ingenuity of your mind while you are in this stage of life to see the right paths to take.

  • You are in severe danger, possibly even in life-threatening danger.

Do take care to be overly cautious and aware of everything and everyone in your life right now that might very well be capable of dealing you harm.

It is in your best interest to remove yourself from this dangerous situation as quickly and as safely as possible.

  • If a spider is crawling on you and you don’t even know it, it could mean that you are in an unknown position in life.

why do spiders keep crawling on me (Depending on the type of spider, of course) It could be the universe secretly blessing you with a sporadic sense of creativity, engineering, and ingenuity that you will be able to use to improve your life and create new paths, or the universe is trying to warn you of an impending danger that you won’t be able to see coming.

  • You are incredibly protective of your family and loved ones, and if anyone chooses to mess with any of these close people in your life, you will have no problem at all in becoming aggressive towards those who would do harm.
  • You have goals to build an intricate way of life just like the spider spins an intricate and beautiful web. The problem may be that you simply need some direction and guidance as to how you can build the life that you want to have because you currently have no idea how to get there.
  • There are people currently in your life that are toxic and venomous to you that you’ve allowed to get too close to, and if given the chance, they will not hesitate to hurt you for their own gain, or simply because they enjoy harming other people. It’s time to realize who these people are and swipe them out of your life.

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Conclusion spider crawling on you meaning

Spiders are, at the very least, intriguing and interesting creepy crawlers that find their way into our lives whether we want them to or not.

And yes, even though there are technical ways to keep them out, such as pesticides and sprays, they will still somehow, eventually, find their way into our lives and crawl up on you when you least expect them to.

While some of us will freak out and scream like little girls, and others might just be excited to have found a little crawling friend for the moment, take a quick second to think about why this chance encounter happened, and you might just realize that the universe was sending you a message.

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