Eye of Horus: Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of the Eye of Horus?

Short answerthe Eye of Horus has its origins in ancient Egypt. Horus is an ancient Egyptian god who is usually depicted as a falcon or as a man with the head of a falcon. It is believed that the Eye of Horus can provide spiritual protection by warding off negative energies and promoting a sense of calm.


Today, we are taking a look at a piece of Egyptian mythological history.

Specifically, the Eye of Horus, while you may not know what that is based on the name, we can probably guarantee that you’ve seen it countless times in movies, television shows, and even music videos.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the Eye of Horus and its spiritual meanings, so this article will be a mixture of a history lesson and diving into the spiritual meaning of the chosen subject.

Spiritual meaning of the Eye of Horus:


The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol used for protection and healing.

The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol that was used for protection and healing.

The eye itself has a special meaning to the Egyptians in connection to their ancient deities.

It’s said to be a healing symbol, as well as a symbol of protection and prosperity.

The eye was also seen as a sign of healthy living or healthiness since Egyptians were known for their good health, especially when compared with other civilizations in ancient times.

It was typically drawn as a right eye, with a line below representing the eyebrow. eye of horus meaning spiritual

The Eye of Horus was typically drawn as a right eye, with a line below representing the eyebrow.

Horus’s left eye represents the moon, and his right eye represents the sun.

Interestingly enough, you can see this connection in Egyptian hieroglyphs: the word for “moon” is nearly identical to the word for “left,” while their word for “sun” is almost identical to their word for “right.”

Alongside these meanings, many scholars believe that there are more spiritual aspects to this symbol.

The Eye of Horus might have been used in a way by the Egyptians that lived thousands of years ago to explain how everything works together—a way we could look at our own lives and find peace in knowing there was a meaning behind it all!

The left eye of Horus represents the moon, while the right eye of Horus represents the sun. horus spiritual meaning and interpretation

The left eye of Horus represents the moon, while the right eye of Horus represents the sun.

The left eye is associated with lunar energy, and this is why it was sometimes called “the pupil of Ra,” as he was known by many names and epithets.

The right eye, on the other hand, symbolizes solar power and light.

Since ancient Egyptian civilization was based on a balance between these two forces, it made sense for each immortal to have both eyes as well as a complete body to function properly within their society.

It also meant that they could live forever if they maintained balance within themselves at all times!

It is believed that the meaning of the Eye of Horus comes from a battle between Horus and Seth. eye of horus left or right

It is believed that the meaning of the Eye of Horus comes from a battle between Horus and Seth.

According to legend, Seth killed Osiris (Horus’ father). In retaliation, Horus fought and defeated him.

The Eye of Horus represents health, protection, and goodness.

You can find it in ancient Egyptian tombs as a symbol of protection for the deceased on their journey through the underworld.

It was also used on amulets to protect children against evil spirits, diseases, and demons.

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It was later restored by Hathor in all its glory, thus giving him back his full strength. What happens when you wear the eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is a symbol that stands for protection, restoration, and eternal life.

To understand why this amulet was so important to ancient people, we need to take a look at its origins:

The Eye of Horus was originally part of the headdress worn by Osiris—a significant deity in Egyptian mythology who ruled over things like fertility and agriculture.

He had four sons named Horus (the hawk), Set (the crocodile), Osiris (the pharaoh), and Seth (the god of chaos).

Osiris was married to Isis—another popular Egyptian god—and together, they had two sons named Anubis and Thoth—both of whom were associated with wisdom.

When Seth murdered his brother Osiris out of jealousy, he chopped up his body into pieces and scattered them across Egypt so no one could bring him back from death again!

Fortunately for us today, though, Isis managed perfectly well without her husband because she already knew what she would do next: She gathered all the different parts together again so they could be buried properly this time around!

However, when Hathor found out what had happened, she got really angry at Seth, too, so she made sure nothing good ever came near him again by putting curses on everything related to him, including all his belongings, including his crown, which contained an image depicting both eyes – one being covered while another remains open showing off its beautiful iris coloration patterned after nature itself.”

Connecting To Higher Consciousness What does the eye of Horus protect you from

One interesting use for the Eye Of Horus is connecting to higher consciousness through meditative practices.

Using several techniques combined with this symbol, you can access your own energy field, which acts like a beacon for universal wisdom.

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Takeaway: The eye is a symbol of protection, health, and prosperity. eye of horus

The eye is a spiritual symbol of protection, health, and prosperity.

It also represents wisdom, insight, and foresight.

In Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Horus was used as a symbol of healing and protection.

  • In dreams, it can indicate that you need to turn inward for healing or other emotional support in your life. If you dream of eyes watching over you from above (particularly if they’re disembodied), it may represent guidance from a higher source while you’re sleeping or in your waking state; this could be anything from angels or spirits to your own intuition telling you what path to take next in life.
  • If someone’s eyes are glowing red or glowing white in your dream, this means they have an agenda that isn’t necessarily positive towards you but isn’t necessarily negative either—they’re just trying to get something out of the situation (this might not always apply).
  • If someone’s eyes are bleeding profusely in your dream, however—especially if they’re already injured—this could mean that their intentions about whatever situation exists between yourself and them aren’t pure at all: They want something emotionally damaging done against another person (you) rather than physically destructive done against the said person(s).

Interesting fact – the Eye of Horus also portrays mathematical precision. Each part of the eye corresponds to a fraction in descending order: the right side represents 1/2, the pupil is 1/4, the eyebrow is 1/8, the left side is 1/16, the curved tail is 1/32, and the teardrop marking is 1/64. This precise breakdown reveals the ancient Egyptians’ advanced understanding of mathematics and fractions.

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