What Is A HEYOKA Empath? + Meaning


Short answerThe term “Heyoka” translates to “sacred clown,” referring to individuals who find humor and positivity in difficult situations. Hoyoka empaths have the unique ability to alter the energies of people around them, particularly those who are anxious, depressed, or ill, thereby facilitating healing. They can accurately reflect the emotions and experiences of others, which can be intense for those in their presence.


You may be familiar with the term empath—a person gifted with the ability to feel other people’s emotions and thoughts.

Empaths may know what someone is going through, even if they aren’t in the same location as them.

They have the ability to fully embody the feelings a person may be having as if the feelings are their own.

While empaths a commonly known—there are many different types of empaths.

Each type of empath contains different qualities and abilities.

One uncommon empath type—but very powerful—is the Heyoka empath.

The Origin StoryWhat Is A HEYOKA Empath

Originating from North America, the term Heyoka comes from the Sioux Tribe.

Heyoka translates to “sacred clown.” This term stems from those who find laughter and light-heartedness in troubled times.

These empaths use their abilities to transmute the energies of those who are depressed, anxious, or ill, allowing healing to occur.

Sometimes Heyoka empaths may not be aware that they hold this ability—but it is certain that when they walk into a room, the energy shifts to one that is more pleasing and comfortable for everyone around them.

How Do You Know You’re A Heyoka Empath?

Your Energy Affects Others

Heyoka empaths can influence the emotions and reactions of the people around them.

If you interact with someone going through hard times—your energy will reflect them precisely what they’re already feeling.

This may feel intense for someone in your energy field because it almost becomes magnified.

Now, this doesn’t only work for negative emotions.

People who are optimistic and kind will also love being in your presence.

They will feel they can relate to you because you can offer them this energy in return.

When you are around others in a high-frequency state—powerful relationships and experiences can occur.

You Have Powerful IntuitionWhat Is A HEYOKA Empath

Your intuition will be more attuned than other empaths.

Your intuition divinely guides you, and much of your core identity comes from this vital connection.

You may easily predict the future as you can sense what may happen and are aware of potential possibilities.

You Can Sense Energy

Because of your empathic traits, you pick up on the slightest nuances in the energy around you.

No one can hide their emotional states when you’re near, even if they believe they’re showing no signs of what they’re feeling.

Negative energies and emotions of others may affect you deeply and powerfully affect your physical body.

Just as easy as it is for you to tap into the energy around you, it’s also easy to hold on to those energies as if they’re your own.

It’s important to let any energy flow through you freely, so you can feel it but not become it.

Scanning the energy is more beneficial than being consumed by it, especially if it’s a negative emotion, as this will cause you to become depleted.

You Need Alone Time

Because you’re naturally exposed to the thoughts and emotions of others, you need time to ground yourself and stabilize.

It can be draining, always tapped into other people, and sometimes their energy can intertwine with your own and cause you to feel disconnected.

If you’re a Heyoka empath, spending time alone is vital. Your abilities to help others may be hindered without proper care for your needs first.

You Inspire Others

These types of empaths can be inspirations for others.

They live their lives authentically and don’t follow conventional lifestyles.

Heyoka empaths are a visual inspiration for the people in their lives and push them to be themselves and live authentically.

They make others feel that anything is possible.heyoka empath meaning

You Radiate Creativity

A Heyoka empath is known for his artistic and creative talents.

They may be artists, photographers, writers, dancers—anything that allows them to express themselves.

Expression is essential for these empaths, especially emotional expression.

They may wear loud, colorful clothing and have a love for fashion.heyoka empath powers

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The Truth Will Set You Free-spirit

Heyoka empaths value and honor the truth.

The truth can play an important role in our development, and living in lies or illusions prevents us from reaching our true empowerment.

Trust isn’t always easy to hear, and sometimes these empaths can provide information that others may not want to hear or be ready for, but it is necessary.

You Are A Healer

One of the most prominent characteristics of these empaths is their ability to heal others.

People may feel a sense of ease when they’re around them.

They may be an energy healer or work with crystals and herbs.

These empaths can transform the lives of those they work with.

Trauma and trapped emotions can dissolve away when working with a Heyoka. They are always willing to help others in need and can see when someone is struggling.

You Challenge the Status Quo

Heyoka empaths are natural disruptors, often challenging societal norms and conventional ways of thinking.

They possess a unique ability to identify the root causes of problems, questioning established beliefs and behaviors.

By disrupting the status quo, Heyokas can inspire others to see things from a different perspective, encouraging self-discovery.

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Bottom Line

If you have many of these qualities, you most likely are a Heyoka empath.

You play a decisive role in the lives of those around you and have the ability to heal the world.

You’ve been graced with extraordinary gifts that should be valued and used with integrity.

The world needs healing, and every person you meet will feel even a tiny sense of ease by being in your energy.

Take care of yourself, and don’t allow other people’s needs to become more important than your own.

You’re only able to help others once you help yourself. Keep your energy charged, and offer healing to the world around you.

Be kind, understanding, and compassionate, and watch how your love may heal many lives.

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