The Stellar Gateway Chakra

What is the Stellar Gateway chakra?

Short answerThe Stellar Gateway Chakra works by allowing us to access higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness. When this chakra is activated, we are able to tap into a greater sense of connection with ourselves and others around us.

We may also experience a heightened sense of insight in situations that may be difficult for us to comprehend on a conscious level.


The chakra system is a system of energetic channels that exist within the energy bodies of human beings.

These energy bodies correlate to different aspects of our experience, such as our spirituality, wisdom, lust, fear, communication, etc.

Most people are aware of the seven chakras, the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra—but there are many other chakras in our bodies.

One of the most profound energy channels within our bodies is the Stellar Gateway Chakra.

This chakra is one of the transcendental chakras and plays a powerful role in the connection we have to the divine.

What is the Stellar Gateway Chakra?

The stellar gateway chakra is the 12th chakra in our body’s chakra system.

Chakras are associated with colors, and the stellar gateway’s color association is Gold.

The purpose of this chakra is to prevent or allow access to your infinite energy.

This energy is referred to as your “monad.” “Stellar” stems from star and space, meaning this chakra is the gateway to the above or the divine.

The Stellar Gateway exists in order to prevent us from being overloaded with energy and universal truths.

As humans, we have minds that can’t assimilate to higher frequencies as easily as we may like.

In order for us to comprehend, process, and handle higher-frequency information and experiences, we must go through periods of raising our frequency gradually.

If we were to gain access to all of the universal truths, our bodies and minds would not be able to handle the energy, and it may be to our detriment.stellar gateways

Some believe the Stellar Gateway chakra is where your soul exists and is the very essence of your soul self or source self.

This energy is the accumulation of you and all of your experiences within this universe and beyond.

The monad energy is powerful and all-knowing, having access to this would allow you to create and transform your reality in ways you’ve only dreamed about.

Along with containing an infinite abundance of energy, the stellar gateway chakra also holds the information within the akashic records.

The Akashic records are the accumulation of every experience that’s ever happened by every single person or being within our universe.

The gateway holds the key to ultimate connectedness and understanding, as once you’ve entered the Akashic records, you then understand how interconnected all of us are.

We are all roots from the same source, having our individual experiences, but also may be experienced as a whole—and the stellar gateway is our connection to this.

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Opening Your Stellar Gateway Chakra

Once you’ve opened your gateway chakra, your connection to the divine is strengthened.

A flow of high-frequency energy will be in a constant flow through you and all of your other energy channels.

You will only be able to open this chakra when you have done the internal work to be able to attune to this high-frequency state.

When you have access to universal truth, you must also have wisdom and experience in order for this truth to truly benefit you.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction—-and not always comfortable or easy to hear.

It takes a mature person to be able to benefit from unlocking their stellar gateway chakra.

You want to have the right intentions for doing so and not be operating from a place of ego.

Once you desire to connect to the divine, truly as a means of connecting with your true self, then you will be ready to open this chakra.

You are an extension of the source, and knowing the universe and the divine is really you know yourself.

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How to Open Your Stellar Gateway  Chakra

Meditation is a wonderful way to open your Stellar Gateway Chakra.

Meditate until you’re in a relaxed state, scan through all of your chakras, and open their energy channels.

Make sure all of your chakras are balanced and in harmony. Imagine yourself letting go of everything in your waking life.

Let go of everyone and everything that’s on your mind, and intend to connect with your source self.

Try to emulate what connecting to the source may feel like, to be infinite and everlasting—and the creator of all things.

Once you’ve attuned yourself to this feeling—visualize the golden chakra above your head.

See the Stellar Gateway Chakra spinning and growing. Use your visualization to see it spin faster and grow larger until you feel as if you’re being expanded with it.

Then, see this chakra pouring divine light down through your body and all of your other chakras.

Sit in this feeling of bright, infinite light filling you and flowing through your being.

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