Spiritual Meaning Of Arthritis

What is the spiritual meaning of arthritis?


Can there be a spiritual meaning to our health conditions?

Many believe that, yes, our mind and energetic bodies have a lot to do with our physical health.

And that autoimmune diseases develop because of experiences that we’ve had in the past.

Arthritis is a group of conditions where there is swelling in one or more of the joints.

This covers over 100 conditions that affect the joints, muscles, and connective tissues.

It is causing pain, calcification of the joints, inflammation, and body-wide issues.

But what is the Spiritual Meaning of Arthritis?

Spiritualism and Science.

Spiritualism and science, for many, go hand in hand with one another.

Many medical practitioners, such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, have studied this particular area and would advocate that there is much more to the relationship between the two subjects than previously realized.

There are many studies showing the link between autoimmune conditions, trauma, and mental health.

Current studies show that you have a 60% higher risk of developing an autoimmune disease if you have experienced a traumatic event or have had a lot of stress present in your life.

Experiences such as grief, high-stress levels, depression, and PTSD, to name but a few, have real and very tangible results on our physical health.

How does this happen?

Stress and associated conditions cause high levels of cortisol and adrenaline to be produced in our bodies, multiple times a day.

These chemicals can get to such a level in our system that they make our immune system believe that there is a threat to us as humans.

Our body goes into overdrive, to protect us, putting us in flight or fight mode.

But because there is no physical threat, like an attacker or a car about to hit us, our body has nowhere to put the adrenaline that it has produced.

Normally it would use these chemicals to feed our muscles to run or to fight.

So, these chemicals get stuck on a continuous loop of being produced, due to the mental reliving of a traumatic event.

They have nowhere to go and stay in our bloodstream.

After a while, months, sometimes years, of remembering these events, our body gets used to these chemicals being there, so the body starts to need these chemicals daily.

Putting us in a permanent state of alert, with no outlet for these feelings.

Now, the immune system, having nothing to attack, begins to attack anything and everything, to put right the internal imbalance.

This is how autoimmune diseases like arthritis can be triggered.

What is the spiritual meaning of arthritis?

  1. You have unprocessed trauma.

As previously discussed, unprocessed trauma and emotion cause our immune systems to go into overdrive and to start attacking our own body.

Causing swelling, pain, fever, and a myriad of physical symptoms.

Without properly processing these experiences, this leaves our body in a state of panic, trying to rectify a physical problem, when the actual problem is a mental one, that our immune system can do nothing about.

  1. Ancestral Trauma.

It is well documented that trauma from our ancestors can cause changes in the DNA of future generations.

They are causing real physical and mental health problems for these descendants later in their own lives.

These traumas can continue their cycle over and over, down through the generations, turning one person’s experience into a long line of repressed family trauma that becomes ingrained into the family’s way of life.

It is causing conditions such as arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.

  1. Past life trauma.

If these experiences can pass down through blood generations, it goes without saying that they can pass through generations via past life energetics.

We store information, emotion, and experiences within our energetic body.

This is how, when we work on our inner child or conduct shadow work, we can release this unspent negative energy.

Thinking about this, our next step is to understand how these experiences can transfer through past life experiences.

Sometimes we are caught on the karmic wheel.

Experiencing the same trauma again and again because we didn’t face the lesson that we needed to learn along the way previously.

These events can build up within our energetic body and, again, cause physical problems in our current lives.

By diseases developing such as arthritis, our body and soul are calling us to do the work, to address these issues, by giving us physical signs and symptoms that we are no longer able to ignore.

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What can you do to heal these issues?

  1. Shadow work.

Shadow work is growing in popularity as we, as humans, begin to understand the meaning of working on our inner selves.

Shadow work is a practice where we really delve into the unconscious parts of ourselves and try to understand those parts of us that have been repressed.

Due to not being ready to confront them at the time or refusing to look at those darker parts of ourselves.

Once we do this, we find that our mental and physical symptoms can improve greatly.

  1. Meditation

Practicing meditation can be a great way to move this energy also.

Whichever reason you may be experiencing these physical manifestations of trauma, meditation is a perfect way to identify it, face it, and deal with it.

This can be a painful experience while addressing these issues, but once done, the effect that meditation can have on the mind and body can be life-changing.

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  1. Healing sessions such as Reiki.

Reiki is a well-known practice of using universal energy to identify and move energy caused by emotion and trauma.

By enlisting the help of a Reiki practitioner, we can begin to understand the experience, how it relates to our physical health and mental state and remove that energy to allow for healing and improved health.

Addressing these areas of hidden emotion and energy can start to release the trauma experienced in our lives, from past generations and past lives.

Once you are truthful with the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable, whether it be what frightens you or what makes you angry, we begin to understand the reasons behind our fears and trauma so that we may move that energy and release it.

Science and spirituality do go hand in hand when it comes to conditions such as arthritis.

A bad experience can trigger our body to fight an invisible enemy, ensuring that a real disease starts to manifest within us.

Along with our healthcare team of doctors, nurses, and therapists, working holistically on our energetic and emotional health can lead to a huge benefit to our overall state of health and wellbeing.

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