Spiritual Root Of Hypothyroidism

What is the spiritual root of hypothyroidism?


Sometimes there can be a spiritual meaning behind our medical conditions, and hypothyroidism is no exception.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid becomes underactive, affecting the metabolism, slowing it down, and causing a multitude of problems.

Hormones, normally produced by the thyroid, are underproduced, resulting in physical problems that can easily be misdiagnosed and mistaken for many other things.

These problems can manifest as tiredness, weight gain, joint pain, muscle weakness, swelling, digestive problems, and skin issues, to name but a few.

Affecting women more than men, hypothyroidism can have a devastating impact on your day-to-day life.

Let’s look at why hypothyroidism can be a sign of spiritual imbalance and what can be done to counteract its presentation.

The relationship between medicine and holistic practices.

It is increasingly recognized that medical manifestations in our bodies, can be influenced by our mental state.

There are many studies documenting this relationship and how we are at increased risk of developing certain diseases, based on our experiences and perceptions of the world.

This includes our spiritual understanding and beliefs.

When we are experiencing things within our lives that need attention and are causing stress, our immune system goes into overdrive and starts attacking everything in sight, to try and rectify the situation and stamp out the sickness.

But when this is a problem that is present within our minds and beliefs, the immune system has nothing to attack except our own body.

Our spiritual state of mind isn’t just about what we believe in religiously but is about our understanding of the relationship between our body, our energetics, and the universe.

We have three bodies: the physical, the energetic, and our soul.

Each needs to be kept healthy to ensure one does not negatively impact the others.

By doing so, we can keep a harmonious balance and ensure peak performance throughout our lives.

But when one of these bodies becomes sick, we need to ensure that we treat all three, not just the one presenting with issues.

This is how medical and holistic therapies, working together as a team, can ensure the wellbeing and lifelong health.

But what if one is out of balance? What if one is beginning to affect the others?

Spiritual reasons that you may be experiencing hypothyroidism:

  1. Feeling trapped.

Having a problem like hypothyroidism can make you feel like you are trapped in a body that is out of control.

Is this a physical manifestation of how you may be feeling on the inside?

Diseases related to our spiritual selves, often present in such a way that brings physicality to the feelings that we hold on the inside.

And feeling trapped in an unpredictable body can be one of these feelings.

Have a think about the real underlying thoughts that you may have surrounding this issue. Do you feel trapped in a relationship, a job that you hate, or a situation that is toxic to you?

This would be no surprise based on your presenting symptoms.

Try to identify the root cause of the feeling, and you are halfway there.

  1. Feeling undervalued.

This is a similar one to feel trapped.

In that, if you do not value yourself enough or do not feel deserving of good things, then that is going to manifest into your reality.

Hypothyroidism affects fertility, mental health, and the ability to enjoy wonderful things such as exercise and food.

If you have had unhealthy relationships in the past that have taught you that you are not worthy of these precious parts of life, then your soul is trying to tell you that it is time to deal with these experiences.

Trauma, abuse, and negative experiences can live in our minds, rent-free, forever.

Until we make a conscious decision to evict them.

They can cause enough stress and pain to manifest into real symptoms that begin a dangerous path into very real illness.

So, once you feel ready, try to lovingly identify what is causing you this pain and work out a way to fix it that feels best for you.

  1. Feeling lost.

Spiritually, this is always a big one.

If we do not know where we are going or why this can really start to cause issues physically for us.

Loss of motivation, depression, and anxiety, to name a few.

Which are all symptoms of hypothyroidism.

If you are not happy with your place in the world right now, for whatever reason that might be, then this needs to change.

Your body is holding a massive sign up to say, please help.

Take a kind and self-caring look at what makes you truly happy and whether you have enough of that in your life.

Whether it be taking time for you, learning something new, or moving across the world.

Whatever it is that you need to make you happy, for your own sake, please go and do that.

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What to do about it?

Dealing with these subconscious feelings can be a big deal and sometimes can feel overwhelming.

Take time to thank yourself for this act of self-love, realizing that you may need to address some things, and take care being kind to yourself here.

Some things you can do to ease the spiritual issues behind hypothyroidism:

  1. Creative outlets.

Being creative and doing things that make you happy, will only increase your levels of happiness and those happy chemicals to boot.

The more of these that you can put into your system, will really help with your overall mental health and wellbeing.

  1. Identify your feelings.

Getting those feelings down on paper may lead you to a place where you can identify what is nagging at you.

Journaling is a great way to do this and to really get down into how you feel about these issues, where they came from, then planning to fix them.

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  1. Yoga, meditation, and healing therapies.

All the above are lovely and gentle ways of boosting your overall health, whilst giving your mind the time to pause and quiet itself.

Not only will these practices help in a myriad of physical ways, but they can energetically help to bring balance and identify any emotions that need to be addressed.

We can treat conditions like hypothyroidism medically with our healthcare teams, but it is also very important to ensure that we are well, mentally, and energetically too.

So, take the time to look inwardly during this time and address the issues that could be leading to your physical body being in need.

Each part of us: physical, mental, and emotional, are intrinsic to each other.

Don’t forget the unseen when wondering how to heal physically.

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