Sa Re Sa Sa Mantra: Meaning & Meditation

What is the meaning of Sa Re Sa Sa Mantra?


Sa Re Sa Sa Kundalini Yoga mantra, also known as the Antar Naad mantra, is the base of all mantras.

Antar Naad mantra lyrics:

”Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Ray Sa Sa, Sa Rang

Har Ray Har Har, Har Ray Har Har, Har Ray Har Har, Har Rang.”

Mantra meaning:

“That Infinite Totality is here, everywhere. That creativity of God is here, everywhere.”

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Practicing Sa Re Sa Sa mantra meditation benefits:Sa Re Sa Sa Mantra

It is believed that anyone who practices this mantra meditation with a sincere heart is granted creativity, abundance, prosperity, and protection against attacks.

The mantra also gives new power to your words and brings luck, even if you are a scoundrel.

This mantra meditation is a sensitizing meditation for the impact of the inner sound current.

Antar Naad Mudra, also known as Kabadshe meditation, is a powerful meditation that opens the chakras (energy centers) for the full effect of any other mantra.

Meditation instructionsAntar Naad mantra lyrics

#1 Sit comfortably. Find a spot that gives you a stable, solid, comfortable seat.

Sit in easy pose.

#2 Relax and feel your breath. Bring your attention to the physical sensation of breathing: the air moving through your mouth or nose, the rising and falling of your chest or your belly.

#3 Hand position. Put the hands flat together in Prayer Pose at the Navel Point, located approximately two inches below your belly button.

As the Kundalini mantra starts with Sa Ray Sa Sa, start to bring the palms up to the center front of the torso, about 4·6 inches in front of the physical body.

As you pass the heart (Anahata) chakra, start to open the hand mudra to make an open lotus (base of palms touching, thumbs touching, pinkies touching, other fingers spread open) by the time it reaches the level of the third eye (Ajna) chakra.

As the mantra begins, Har Ray Har Har turn the fingers to point down, with the back of the hands touching.

It is a reverse Prayer Pose. Slowly bring this mudra down the main energy centers in rhythm with the music until the fingertips reach the Navel Point on the sounds Har Rang.

Then turn them around and begin again.Sa Re Sa Sa mantra meditation benefits

#4 Recite the mantra for 11-31 minutes. Practicing this mantra meditation for 62 minutes stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain; pineal and pituitary glands. You work through the physical and energetic body, emotions, and mental states and are then in communication with infinite aspects of yourself.

The new awareness after finishing this spiritual practice will give you the authority to make the right choices to conquer the obstacles of life, and you will be secure, confident, and peaceful.

Tip – you may find your mind constantly wandering – that’s normal. Instead of wrestling with your thoughts, come back over and over again to the mantra chanting, without expectation or judgment.

“This is the base mantra of all mantras. You must perfect this mantra before all others. Before this mantra, adversity can not stand. This mantra gives you the power of communication. Your words shall have mastery and impact.” – Yogi Bhajan

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