Amatciems – The Unknown Paradise in Latvia

A Latvian billionaire created a housing development in Latvia, about 80 km from the capital, Riga, and 12 km from Cesis town, where he purchased over 3,000 hectares of wild forest, also known as the Amata Forest.

Due to its beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, but also the lifestyle of those who have settled here, over the past few years, Amatciems has developed from a small village hidden from the world into a real paradise, attracting more and more nature lovers.

Such a project is quite unique for Latvia.

No asphalted roads are allowed.

Only clean, ecological and wooden construction materials were admitted in this terrain rich in hills and water.

The resulting residential community is comprised of three-story houses that are in harmony with the topography.

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Amatciems has only natural reserves in freshwater – lakes, ponds, and streams. As the founder says:

„Here dominates nature. Not a man.”

Furthermore, it is surrounded by lakes and pine tree forests, while its open space plots allow the free movement of wild animals.

There are three different construction models that can be chosen.

These are wood framed or structures of horizontal logs or brick buildings.

The most used construction is that of horizontal wood logs that can be supplemented with ornamental wood boarding, colored plastering, or glass decoration.

The concept of each household is allowed four types of styles – roofs, logs carved, cement, or ceramic tiles.

This does not mean that are limited in their choice. New ideas are always welcome.

If you want to buy a house in this little-known place, it will cost you around 200,000 euros. For that sum of money, you can buy a house in a spectacular natural landscape of indescribable beauty.

You must meet 2 main criteria – a new home should not obscure the beautiful natural landscapes and must allow the owners of each plot to enjoy their own smallholdings of natural forest and the reservoir of freshwater.

The inhabitants can admire vixens, deer, birds, and other animals in the movement without ties through the zone, or take the time to walk near the forest, perhaps in search of berries and fungi in the way.

Wonderful hill views, fields, and forests offer feelings of peace and tranquility.

The town already has attracted people who value simple and natural life.

The community in this village is totally international.

Amatciems is a residential community but feels more like a natural reserve.

Many famous architects already have recognized Amatciems as a cultural monument of the future.

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