Kamdev Mantra – Om Kamadevaya Vidmahe: Benefits & Side Effects

What are the benefits and side effects of Kamdev Mantra – Om Kamadevaya Vidmahe?


Lord Kamadeva is perhaps one of the most famous deities of Hinduism.

He is frequently compared to Cupid of the Westerners, and Eros of the Greeks.

Some narratives also reference Pradyumna, Krishna’s son, as a reincarnation of Lord Kamadeva.

Images and stories about him are traced to the verses of the Atharva Veda and Rig Veda, although he is better known from prominent and lesser-known stories of the Puranas.

According to one hymn in the “Rig-Veda,” he is worshiped and said to be unequaled by the gods.

The name Kama-deva can be translated as ”The God of Love.”

The Sanskrit word ”Deva” translates as ”divine” or ”heavenly,” and the Sanskrit word ”Kama” translates as ”longing” or ”desire,” particularly as in sensual or sexual love.

In the Atharvaveda (the 4th Veda), Lord Kamadeva is described as desire and not sexual enjoyment.

He is known by names such as Madana, Ananga, Ratikanta, Pushpavan, and Pushpadhanva.

Lord Kamadeva has an interesting appearance

He is represented as a young, handsome winged man with green skin.

Lord Kamadeva has a parrot as the vehicle and carries a bow, with which he shoots flower arrows to instill passion among gods and people.

His bow is made of sugarcane with a cord of honeybees, and arrows of Jasmine and Mango tree flowers (representing prosperity and fulfillment), Ashoka tree flowers (representing fertility), and blue and white lotus flowers (representing purity in life).

The five arrows of Kamadeva are sometimes associated with five effects, which result from each of our desires. These 5 effects are :

  • disturbance;
  • fascination;
  • burning;
  • desiccation;
  • destruction.

The Shiva Purana (religious text, dedicated to Lord Shiva) explains that right after he was born from Lord Brahma’s mind, Kamadeva stood in front of his creator and asked,”Kam darpayani?”, or “whom shall I please?” And this was his father’s answer:

“You should move around this world engaged in the eternal work of creation with the 5 arrows of flowers in your hands and thus multiply the population. Not even the gods will be able to obstruct your arrows.”

He is considered the son of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, under the forms of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmini (considered an avatar of Lakshmi).

Pradyumna, Krishna’s son, is considered to be an incarnation of Kamadeva.

Kamadeva’s consorts are Rati, the daughter of Priti and Daksha.

Rati is mentioned more prominently, who symbolizes desire.

Lord Kamadeva also appears in other stories and becomes the object of certain devotional rituals for those seeking physical beauty, health, wives, husbands, and sons.

In one story, Kamadeva himself succumbs to desire, and must then worship his lover in order to be released from this passion and its curse.

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Benefits Of Chanting Kamdev Mantra For Marriage And Love – Om Kamadevaya Vidmahe:

This mantra is very potent to resolve all your love, marriage, and carnal relating problems.

If a true devotee worships him and chants this mantra, it is very likely that he will get desired love to the kind of the God of Love.

Also, chanting this love attraction mantra leads to an increase in the practitioner’s charm and sex power.

In addition, this powerful mantra is beneficial for those couples who find that there is something missing in their love life.

It also helps in the awareness of others’ emotional needs and appreciation of one’s partner.

This love mantra will generate a deep change in your whole personality, and you will experience a new wave of confidence running through your mind and body.

When you start reciting this mantra, your love life will become your heaven.

Moreover, this mantra can also be used by lovers to keep their affection evergreen.

It is essential to maintain pious practices like taking a bath before chanting the mantra, having only vegetarian food, and having sincerity in prayers, so that you gain the complete benefits from practicing the mantra.

Kamdev Mantra – Side Effects

As long as you have good intentions behind using Kamdev mantra, there are no side effects in your life. However, it’s worth noting that the attraction created by the mantra may not be genuine but may be induced by the mantra. This kind of unnatural attraction may lead to an unhealthy relationship dynamic.


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