Sudarshana Maha Mantra – Om Sahasrara Hum Phat Meaning

What is the meaning of the Sudarshana Maha Mantra?


The literal translation of the Sanskrit word Sudarshana is “auspicious vision.”

It is a combination of the words “Su” which means “auspicious/divine” and “Darshana” which signifies “vision.”

In Tamil, Lord Sudarshana is also called “Chakrathazhvan.”

The Sanskrit word chakra is derived from ”chruhu,” which translates as “movement” and ”kruhu,” which means “to do.”

The Sudarshana Chakram is the mighty weapon of Lord Narayana (among all the weapons possessed by Srimath Lord Narayana, this weapon occupies the highest honor, thus Lord Narayana is also called “Chakra Rajan”) and has many auspicious and beneficial characteristics connected with it.

Most importantly, it has the essential attribute of “Pida Pradanam” which gives relief from suffering and pain to the sincere practitioner. In addition, among all the Vedic weapons, this weapon is the only mobile weapon. sudarshana moola mantra

This disk-like weapon consists of thousands of sharp edges and produces intolerable heat. While the weapon is described as a subordinate figure with Lord Vishnu, in many South Indian Vishnu temples, the Sudarshana Chakram as an ayudhapurusha is worshipped in its own shrine attached to the central temple.

The use of the ancient weapon is frequently mentioned in the sacred Hindu texts of Yajurveda, Rigveda, and Puranas, as an ultimate weapon of order, law, and preservation to eliminate the enemy. Such enemies are enumerated variously as the asuras, rakshasas, and vikrutatma.

This weapon is not thrown, but with willpower, it is sent against the enemy.

Sudarshana Chakram rotates very fast after leaving the finger and chases the enemy. It has tremendous spiritual and occult power to destroy everything.

Mantra Lyrics in Sanskrit:

”Om Sahasrara hum phat
Om Sudharshanaaya Vidhmahey
Jwalaa chakraaya dheemahe Thannah
Chakrah Prachodhayath.”

Benefits Of Chanting Sudarshana Maha-Mantra:

Regular reciting of this Sanskrit mantra will cover the practitioner’s mental and physical body in a divine aura by the grace of Lord Sudarshana.

The mantra also helps us to progress spiritually.

This protection mantra is particularly useful for the exorcism of ghosts and can even dissolve the darkness within our own mind.

Thus, this powerful mantra is good to win over enemies, spiritual advancement, and self-purification.

Try to chant the mantra 108 times every day in the morning or evening.

Chanting any Sanskrit mantra can be a highly beneficial habit to help us live happily in this ”Kali-Yuga” (Iron Age).

Kali Yuga in Hinduism is the last of the 4 stages the world goes through as part of a ‘cycle of yugas’ described in the Sanskrit scriptures.

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Lyrics Of Maha Sudarshana Manthram: maha sudarshana mantra

”Om Kleem Krishnaaya Govindaaya Gopeejana vallabhaaya
Paraya Param Purushaaya Paramathmaney
Para Karma Manthra Yanthra Thantra
Aabhichara Aushadha Astra Shastraani
Samhara Samhara Mrithyur Mochaya Mochaya
Aum Namo Bhagavathey Maha Sudarshanaaya
Deepthrey Jwaala Pareethaya Sarwa Dhikshobhana Karaaya
Hoom Phat Brahmaney Param Jyothishey Swaaha.”


”O Lord Krishna, the one who is the controller of all the senses, the one who is the Supreme Soul, the one who is the beloved of the Gopees, the Paramatma, protect me from all the evil acts of others, evil mantra, and weapons. O Lord, who holds the Maha Sudarsana and lights all the 8 directions, I surrender myself before thee.”