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Part health blog, part spirituality guide, Awakening State explores and expands consciousness every day.

An independently-owned online magazine launched in 2016, Awakening State regularly offers eye-opening articles on a variety of topics to provide unique insight into personal growth. Topics to explore include spiritual awakening, health, lifestyle, nature, and science.

With Awakening State, you are never far away from life-changing information designed to foster self-reflection and help you live each day to its fullest.

Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality is highly personal. It can be tailored into your life as much or as little as you want and need. Awakening State doesn’t preach at you. It speaks with you about specialized aspects of spirituality that can help to mold a more complete sense of self and the world around you.

Under the banner of Spiritual Awakening, you’ll find articles on Buddhist, Hindu, and other schools of thought from Eastern religions. You’ll learn about Amitabha the celestial buddha, find mantras for love, peace, and healing, and discover the Nyingma tradition’s Seven-Line Prayer to Padmasambhava.


Good health is a vital part of a well-rounded lifestyle. Awakening State explores a range of healthful and impactful ways that can elevate your life and refocus on inner healing.

There are articles on both healthful eating, insight into specific kinds of pain, and how it connects to spirituality. You’ll discover the benefits of cerasee tea, parkia speciosa, and asparagus juice.

Other articles explore the spiritual meaning and cause behind such ailments as headaches, back pain, and intestinal disease, as well as outline the concept of mindful eating and describe how poor mental health impacts your physical well-being.


Nothing can feed the soul quite like the natural beauty all around us. Awakening State includes engaging looks at the many ways exposure to nature benefits your health.

You’ll learn about shinrin-yoku, known as forest bathing, journey to Yellowstone National Park to experience Boiling River in winter, and check out the beach-in-a-cave Benagil Sea Cave. Travelers will appreciate in-depth looks at an array of locales ranging from the Himalayan Mountains to the Bahamas.


Science is all around us, and Awakening State includes fantastic information on innovations and remarkable discoveries, from a water bottle that’s algae-based, biodegradable, and edible, to everything you need to know about awe-inspiring black holes.

Without understanding the science behind the world around us, we cannot fully understand ourselves.


Happiness, stress, suppressed emotions, emotional manipulation — it’s all covered in Awakening State’s lifestyle section.

Happiness is a constant theme here, with articles focusing on everything from 20 proven tips to improve your wellbeing and happiness today and essential happiness truths to guide your daily life, to a visit to the happiest place in the world: Bhutan.

You may also learn about yourself through such information as a breakdown of intense personality traits, ways to relieve anxiety and insight into how to cope with a manipulator in your life. You’ll also receive advice on how to help others close to you, including ways to help a friend who you feel is depressed or stressed.

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