Extrasensory Perception (ESP) – Facts, Developments and Levels

Extrasensory perception is a concept invented by Sir Richard Burton in 1870 and it defines knowledge or perception without using any sense. Extrasensory perception includes three abilities:

  1. Telepathy (direct transference of thought from one individual to another without using the usual sensory channels of communication) – mind reading.
  2. Clairvoyance – knowledge of hidden or at great distance objects and beings.
  3. Precognition – future prediction using paranormal means.

Since 1978, the US government has allocated large sums of money to finance the “Stargate” program, studying psychic abilities for military purposes.

The program was discontinued in 1995 because it obtained poor evidence of extrasensory perception. However, the simple fact that such a program was initiated highlights the wide acceptance of extrasensory perception by people with high education.

What is extrasensory perception?

It is a way of perceiving the reality directly, without any mediated information by the senses of the physical body. Extrasensory means “beyond the senses”, and of course, in this case, we refer to the physical senses of the human body.

Thus, there is a possibility for the Conscious Principle to perceive reality in a way in which information, energies, and forces are not mediated by the human body’s analyzers.

It is a more direct and more comprehensive way, which is mediated through all the other subtle energy bodies of the human being.Extrasensory Perception (ESP) - Facts, Developments and Levels

Extrasensory perception can be gained:

1. Naturally, as a result of personal spiritual evolutionary level – from birth or occurring spontaneously during life.

2. Artificially – following an outside intervention, of an accident, a psychological shock, training through certain techniques and methods, with the “help” and under the influence of psychoactive substances, hallucinogens, and so on.

It can be controlled by one’s own will or not – sleepwalkers, crises, certain pathological conditions that induce psychic trance, and so on.

It can occur in healthy or sick people, the latter can’t generally control this kind of perception and it often leads to discomfort, confusion, insecurity, uncertainty.

There are degrees of development stages of ESP, as some people perceive the information only in the form of images or just sounds, smells, or tactile-kinesthetic, others perceive combinations of these and can see and hear, for example, what happens in a very distant place, or can perceive scenes of some events from the past or the future.

Some perceive only current facts, while others can explore the past and future in the same way you explore space, going from one point to another, from one space area to another.

Some perceive only the information around their physical body and others may move out of the body, at great distances, instantaneously, with the speed of thought.

Some remember very clearly their extrasensory experiences, others do not. Some have good control in managing these experiences, others do not.

Innate ESP, acquired from birth

Normally, all people are born with ESP from birth, we are all equally endowed, we all have the same energy bodies, same chakras, same nadis, same structure of the body.

The differences, which result in a conscious manifestation in some, and in a subconscious form in others, are largely related to some particularities of the bridges between the energy bodies and the physical body, and of the existence of certain favorable anatomical and physiological properties, a favoring structure.

This matter is highly sensitive, because a certain researcher, who doesn’t manifest ESP consciously and controllable, can determine very hard the cause of a certain effect, due to poor comprehension and information.

This is because there are causative energetic factors that can’t be detected in the physical plane through normal sensory perception, or because the information is intentionally concealed by people who have certain interests, thus remaining hidden from the public eye, and so on.

Let’s consider a simple fact, regarding interests, which could have an immense influence on mankind’s future.

In some tribes, children who were destined from birth to become shamans, by bloodline, were born … in the dark, in tents where sunlight couldn’t penetrate, nor any other artificial light sources.

The explanation is that light affects the humoral transparent ocular structures of the newborn in an irreversible manner, certain crystalline structures being “damaged” by the luminous flux.

Those structures offer the possibility of a wider visual perception and of a broader range of frequencies.

During the first few days, the child is not exposed to sunlight, and the adaptation is done gradually.

If this information is real and accurate, what implications would result from applying this method to all newborns on the planet?

Pretty hard to imagine a situation in which all people could perceive and connect with nature’s spirits, those of the deceased, and other types and categories, isn’t it?

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