Dangers Of Astral Projection

Is astral projection dangerous?


Astral projection, otherwise known as an out-of-body experience, is when your consciousness leaves your body.

Your consciousness is your awareness, and when it leaves your body, you are aware of your surroundings.

Depending on which level of the astral realm your consciousness is—you may experience seeing your body asleep in bed, or you may experience deeper, more unfamiliar realms.

Commonly, astral projection is achieved through meditation—where you allow your conscious mind and body to relax deeply enough for you slowly begin to disconnect from them.

There are many techniques that can help you obtain an out-of-body experience or an OBE.

Once you’ve completely disconnected from your body and mind, you’ll no longer exist within the confines of time and space.

You can travel anywhere you can imagine, and along the way, you may experience other astral travelers or even the entities that exist there.

Have a Clear Intention

Before astral projecting, come up with a clear intention for what you desire to achieve in the astral realm.

You won’t necessarily have to completely stick to this intention—but it helps direct your consciousness into the astral planes once you leave your physical body.

If you don’t have a clear vision of where you want to travel before you leave your body, you could end up somewhere that you weren’t prepared for or somewhere that’s just not beneficial in general.

There are other beings within the astral realm as well, and if you don’t have a destination—you may be easily swayed into giving your energy away and ending up becoming distracted.

Envision a ConnectionDangers Of Astral Projection

Before leaving your body—you must establish a connection between your astral body and your physical body.

Commonly, this connection may be seen as a silver thread that extends between your two forms.

You may envision this connection whoever you desire, as long as this is established before you begin traveling.

This connection keeps you attached to your physical self and allows you to travel back into your body when needed.

There are times within the astral realm that you may need to retract to your body quickly, and having this connection will help make that transition easier.

If you do not establish a connection before hand, you can also imagine your physical body and see yourself back inside it.

You can mentally or vocally say the words “I am back in my body,” and this should also assist in bringing you back home.

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Remove Fear and Worry Before Travelingis astral projection dangerous

One of the most important steps you can take before astral projecting is removing any fear, worry, or doubt that you may have leading up to it.

These lower emotions can cause you to attract negative entities into your astral experience.

You are a tuning fork—and when you are attuned to those energies, you will find yourself in very lower frequency areas of the astral realms.

In everyday life, there are certain areas you know to avoid due to the threat of danger.

The astral realms work in the same ways.

There are certain places you would never want to travel to, and having fear or worry within your minds may draw you to those locations.

These lower frequency locations will have lower frequency entities.

Not all entities are low frequency, but the ones that are attracted to fear and worry are very dense and negative beings.

These beings have the ability to attach themselves to you and drain your energy.

In order to avoid these entities, you must have high-frequency thoughts and emotions while traveling in the astral realm.

If you become attached to an entity and bring this being back into your physical body, you may experience negative experiences within your life until you have removed this entity from you.

During your travels—with your intention, you may repel a negative entity from you by using your words or thoughts.

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The Astral Realm is Not a Dreamastral travel dangers

A common misconception about the astral realm is that it is similar to a lucid dream.

When you are in a lucid dream—everything around you is a projection of your mind. Using your influence you may fly, walk through walls, control the other people in your dreams, and much more.

In the astral realm, you can bend the laws of time and space—but everything is not an extension of your mind.

The astral realm is just as real as everyday life.

The beings on the astral planes are real, and they have agendas and consciousness of their own.

Anything that happens to you in the astral realm will also have an energetic cost.

You cannot astral project and cause chaos without repercussions.

Anything you experience while out of the body will feel more real and long-lasting than when you’re lucid dreaming.

If you are uncomfortable, you may not just be able to change your situation with your mind—you may have to completely remove yourself from the realm altogether.

There is balance within the structures of your waking life, and also needs to be balance in the astral realm.

Treat everything you encounter with respect and use wisdom while traveling to new areas and interacting with entities.

Unwanted Energetic AttachmentsDangers Of Astral Projection

One significant risk of astral projection is the possibility of encountering unwanted energetic attachments.

These attachments can subtly latch onto one’s energy field during travels in the astral plane, and their impact can range from mild disturbances to profound emotional and spiritual imbalances.

It’s akin to picking up spiritual hitchhikers that weren’t intended to come along.

Often, individuals new to astral projection may find themselves returning from their journeys feeling unusually drained or emotionally unsettled.

Initially, the cause may not be apparent, but over time, it becomes clear that these sensations are due to energies encountered and inadvertently allowed into one’s personal space.

This underscores the importance of being vigilant and proactive about protecting one’s energy field.

To safeguard against these unwanted attachments, several cleansing rituals can prove effective.

One of the simplest yet most powerful methods is smudging with sage.

Burning sage and allowing its smoke to envelop the body and space has a purifying effect, dispelling any negative energies that may have clung on.

It’s beneficial to perform this ritual immediately after an astral projection session, ensuring the energy field is cleared before resuming regular activities.

Another beneficial ritual is taking salt baths. Salt is known for its cleansing properties, and immersing oneself in a warm salt bath helps to neutralize and wash away any lingering negative energies.

This practice not only cleanses the physical body but also refreshes the spirit, leaving a sense of renewal and balance.

Crystals also play a significant role in energetic protection. Crystals such as black tourmaline, renowned for their ability to absorb negative energy and provide grounding, can be particularly effective.

Keeping these crystals nearby during and after astral projection sessions creates a protective barrier, preventing unwanted energies from attaching to the aura.

In addition to these physical cleansing methods, setting clear intentions and visualizing protective barriers is crucial. Before embarking on an astral journey, taking a moment to ground oneself and visualize a sphere of white light surrounding the body can serve as a shield, reflecting any negative energies and keeping the personal energy field intact.

Setting the intention to remain protected and safe empowers individuals to navigate the astral plane with greater confidence and security.

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