Buddha Vairocana (Kunrig) Maha Mantra – The Mantra of Light: Meaning & Benefits

Buddha Vairocana (Kunrig) Maha Mantra - The Mantra of Light Meaning & Benefits

Buddha Vairocana is the primordial, fundamental Buddha of the Universe – The Cosmic Buddha, and He is seen as the embodiment of the Buddhist concept of Emptiness (Sunyata).

The name ”Vairocana” translates as “embodiment of light” or “luminous” in ancient Sanskrit, while in Japanese, ”Dainichi” translates as “great sun.”

He is the central deity among the five primordial Buddhas or the Tathagatas. Each of the five primordial Buddhas first identifies a specific human failing and then supports us in transforming it into a positive characteristic, bringing about the spiritual evolution required for enlightenment.

More specifically, He represents the conversion of ignorance into wisdom.

Moreover, the Buddha Vairocana signifies the embodiment of Dharmakaya, hence He is commonly described in massive sculpted images and stone carvings. His body is said to consist of all forms in the creation, His mind consists of all thought, and His voice to be all sounds.

The Shingon Buddhist monk, Dohan, regarded the two great Buddhas, Vairocana, and Amida, as one and the same Dharmakaya Buddha, and as the perfect and true nature at the core of all beings and phenomena.

Additionally, Vairocana is the Primordial Buddha in the Chinese schools of Hua-yen and Tiantai, also appearing in later schools including the Japanese Kegon, Shingon, and esoteric Buddhist lineages of Tendai. In the case of Hua-yen and Shingon schools, Buddha Vairocana is the central figure.


He is usually portrayed in sculpture using the Dharmachakra mudra (also known as the mudra of Teaching of the Wheel of Dharma). This mudra is formed when the thumb and index finger of both the hands touch at their tips to form a circle.

The biggest of the monumental statues that were destroyed at Bamyan in Afghanistan was also a depiction of Buddha Vairocana. In the present day, the Buddha Vairocana statue in Nara’s Tōdai-ji in Japan is the largest bronze image of the Cosmic Buddha in the world.

Mantra lyrics:

„Om namo bhagavate sarva durgati parisodhana rajaya tathagatayarhate samyaksambudhaya tadyatha Om sodhane sodhane sarva papam visodhana suddhe visuddhe sarva karmavarana visodhanaye svaha!”

Mantra meaning:

„May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes,
May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its causes,
May all sentient beings never be separated from bliss without suffering,
May all sentient beings be in equanimity, free of bias, attachment, and anger.”

Chanting Buddha Vairocana (Kunrig) Maha Mantra benefits:

This powerful mantra, the Vairocana mantra, is particularly effective in starting a purification of the physical body’s 4 great elements, and metamorphosing these elements lays a good foundation for the cultivation of success.

Thus, by reciting this mantra (aloud or mentally), and then using your wordless insight wisdom to observe the state of quiet you produce, one can quickly attain a deep meditation state.

It is acknowledged in Shingon Buddhism that if a practitioner recites this mantra with sincere devotion, clarity of mind, and correct pronunciation, Vairocana Buddha will place his seal upon the practitioner, hence dispelling all delusion and ignorance, and bestows long life, compassion, peace of mind and serenity.

Furthermore, as mentioned in the Amoghapasakalparaja Sutra: „any of the ten evil actions, five gravest transgressions and four heavy sins which one committed in the past, will be dissolved. If a sentient being, hears this Great Initiation Light Dharani anywhere, 2, 3, or 7 times, all bad (negative) karmas will be completely removed.”

Mantra of Light

“Oṃ! Amogha vairocana, maha-mudra, mani-padma, jvala pravartaya hum!”

Translation in English: ”Om! invincible Vairocana, the Great Seal, the Gem Lotus, the Flame, come forth, hum!”

”The earth and sand of the Mantra of Light constitute the great secret dharma of all Buddhas. The Mantra of Light spreads through the world and protects all people, ordained and lay.” – Myoe (a Japanese Buddhist monk).

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