11 Things to Be Healthier and Happier

11 Things to Be Healthier and Happier

Ideas for Healthier and Happier Life

Sometimes you can get busy with work, children, home stuff, that we don’t have any time just for yourself. Probably you know that feeling like you have lost all energy, being exhausted by daily routine. Both your mind and body need rest, so take our advice and take care of yourself every day. It won’t take a lot of time but it will help you to feel better.

11 Tips to take care of yourself every day

It’s really possible to make you feel better, healthier and more productive doing simple things every day. How? These 11 tips are going to help you.

  • Exercise your body to reduce stress. Exercising helps us to feel much better. If you are not a big fan of the morning run, just try to take a walk every day. You will notice your mood becomes better and you feel more relaxed and calm. Exercising in a gym is also a great practice to keep yourself in a great shape as well as in a good mood. Just schedule your training to make them regularly.
  • Start your day with a short meditation. This will help to clear your mind and feel relaxed during the day. Let yourself about 10 minutes of relaxing meditation before you start another busy day. Think about good things in your life and give yourself a positive encouragement for the day.
  • Write a diary. Writing is a practice that may help you to be more concentrated and organized. Keep a diary at home and write your thoughts after a long day. This simple but useful habit will help to keep all important things in your mind, analyze information, and even take important decisions more wisely.
  • Read a lot. Reading gives us a great opportunity to escape from reality and feel relaxed. When you are involved in reading something interesting, you don’t have time to overload your mind with problems and worries. Keep an interesting book or a magazine at work to read during the lunch break.
  • Meet a good friend. When we are too involved in work, we can forget about good friends. Our career, family stuff, and all those problems and responsibility often force us to stop being in touch with some people that are important for us. Make a call to your good friend after a long workday, and try to organize meetings with them at least every weekend. This helps us to distract from everything we do every day and make us feel happier.
  • Make a schedule for yourself. You always schedule some important meetings or negotiations at work, don’t you? So, we suggest scheduling time for yourself. Don’t forget about morning exercises, meetings with a friend, reading a book in the evening or watching an interesting movie before falling asleep. Every evening you should try to plan all things for yourself you are going to do the next day.
  • Unplug from your phone. Can you guess what the most of the people do when they wake up? Yes, they check their phones, read emails, look up messages. We suggest unplugging from your gadgets until you prepared yourself for the day and ate a breakfast. It’s a big temptation to take your phone in the morning, but be careful – nowadays, many people can’t live without their phones, tablets, and computers. Don’t let yourself to be too involved in that!
  • Make a lunch. Pack your lunch for the next day in the evening and bring it to work. Remember you should take care of your body and eat healthy food. Many people eat on lunch something they can find at McDonald’s or another fast food cafe near their office. This leads to big problems with health eventually, that’s why it’s important to think what you eat.
  • Let yourself sleep enough. When we are so much busy with our work, we don’t give ourselves enough rest at night. If you sleep just a few hours at night, this will lead to big problems. Lack of sleep makes you feel tired, angry and exhausted. Make sure you sleep enough every night and rearrange your schedule if you feel that your body still needs more rest.
  • The weekend is for rest, not for work. Never get that bad habit to take your work at home on the weekend! That would make you feel very tired eventually. Spend your weekend for yourself only: have a walk with your family, meet with friends, go to the cinema. Do you still have a pile of papers to write? Leave this work to WritingBee, and enjoy your weekend! Do anything you like to do and don’t let yourself to be involved in work even in your mind.
  • Love yourself. It’s very important to love yourself and remind that you are great, fabulous, and successful! Try to tell it to yourself every day, at least once in the morning after you just woke up. Don’t think about your failures, but encourage yourself to all things you did right.


Keep in mind these 11 simple tips and take care of yourself every day. You will see that your mind and body will be very thankful!

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