Amazonite: spiritual meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of amazonite?


Amazonite is a gem that catches your attention at the first glance.

If you come across one for the very first time, you will be tempted to stop and examine it closely; that’s how beautiful and striking it looks.

The stone was initially generally referred to as amazon stone, which implies that it was named after the Amazon River, even though there is no clear record that shows that the gem was discovered there.

The name amazonite was then later adopted as it almost validates it as a mineral and precious stone.

Amazonite is used for various purposes and is in high demand in different parts of the globe.

You can’t even contest it because the stone is aesthetically appealing and can be carved into different shapes and forms, which makes it the perfect gift for different celebrations and occasions.

A lot has been said about the spiritual meaning and uses of Amazonite, so we’ll be doing some justice to this subject in this post.

So, if you have been searching for information on how you can use amazonite in your spiritual walk, make sure you read this article to the very end. Before that, let’s look at some chemical compositions of this awesome gem.

Composition What is the spiritual meaning of amazonite

Amazonite is classified as one of the rarest forms of microcline.

Microclines are a combination of potassium feldspars and triclinic crystal structures.

Amazonite comes in a variety of colors, which could range from pale green to blue-green and dark green.

The striking aesthetics of these stones means they can be used for jewelry, ornaments, beads, and so on.

Spiritual meaning of amazonite

Like some other gems and quarts, ammonite has several spiritual significance and uses that can be highly beneficial in our spiritual walk and life journey.

We all can benefit from some spiritual help and guidance, and that explains why these amazing crystals are in high demand across the globe.

Here is some of the spiritual significance of amazonite:

Sharpens your intuition

I’m sure you must have heard of a term known as the sixth sense.

It is a term that is commonly used without even paying attention to what it means or what it represents.

The sixth sense is also referred to as your intuition or intuitive ability. Intuition is that subtle voice or gut feeling you feel when you are about to make a decision that your mind isn’t privy to.

If you’ve ever felt the need to not be in the company of a specific person, not because they’ve done something wrong, but because your gut feeling wants it that way, that is your intuition at work. If you’ve thought of someone you haven’t seen in ages only to bump into them at the mall a few days later, this is your intuition at work.

Now, we’ve all got this intuitive ability, but some of your other conscious senses may be overriding it, making it inactive.

Working with amazonite can help activate your intuitive ability and even help nurture and develop it. You will be in a position to listen more to your intuition and even leverage it to gain an advantage in some situations.

Hope and Faith amazonite crystal meaning

If you are yet to start working with amazonite or come across one of these lovely crystals, maybe it’s time to start trusting the energy of the gem.

One of the spiritual meanings of amazonite that can’t be easily overlooked is hope, which is one of the attributes you need to achieve tremendous goals and objectives in life.

Most of the things you want in life will not always come easy and will require some level of consistent grinding and a little bit of hope and faith to keep them alive. Remember the cliché; if wishes were horses, even beggars would ride.

Working with amazonite teaches a vital spiritual lesson, which is to always keep hope alive and never get buried in the face of adversity.

This fantastic stone can give you the strength and motivation you need to keep believing in your dreams and continue to have faith in the process it takes to accomplish them.

Another benefit of having a piece of amazonite crystal close to you is that it can guide you on how to relate with the people around you.

That way, you will not be putting hope in the wrong people, and you will be able to discern who will be helpful to you in your life journey and the accomplishment of your objectives.

Integrity and truth amazonite healing properties

People who work with amazonite are accorded some level of respect because of what the crystal represents.

This gem is a symbol of truth and integrity and working with it reminds us to be fair and truthful in each of our interactions with everyone.

Ancient spiritual workers also believe that connecting with the energy of amazonite can help guide the heart of the bearer and prevent them from getting involved in shady dealings.

The stone likes to uphold the truth and also reward anyone that stands for or defends the truth.

Working with and connecting with the energy of amazonite crystals can also help guide the hearts of people in your circle – friends, loved ones, and associates – and prevent them from planning any form of evil against you.

Simply put, wearing amazonite crystals or their ornaments has a way of bestowing integrity and honor on the bearer.


Amazonite has several spiritual significance and meanings, and one of them is love.

This crystal teaches a vital spiritual and life lesson – a lesson that places love above everything else.

Working with amazonite is believed to open the floodgates of love and happiness to the bearers. If you feel like you need more love in your life, maybe you should consider embracing the energy and vibrational frequency of this crystal.

Wearing amazonite and connecting to its energy can make you see life from a new perspective and inspire you to spread love to people close to you and even in society at large.

If you are working with amazonite, it’s important not to harbor grudges in your heart toward anyone, as this can work against you and prevent you from leveraging the energy of this crystal to the fullest.

Amazonite teaches us to let love lead and inspires us to never pass on the opportunity to put smiles on the faces of people at any given time.

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Manifestation amazonite metaphysical properties

This is another powerful spiritual significance and benefit of working with amazonite. The crystal does a great job connecting with the throat chakra and then magnifies your intentions.

You may already know that the concept of manifestation can be a game changer for anyone because it can help them reach their spiritual objectives in record time.

For those who are hearing about manifestation for the first time, the concept uses the law of attraction to help make your thoughts and intentions a reality.

We all can create whatever we want; manifestation is a way of provoking the universe to help us make our dreams come true.

It is believed that working and connecting with the energy of amazonite can help you manifest more of the outcomes you want for yourself.

One of the tools used in manifestation is affirmations, which is a way of speaking your intentions and your heart’s desires into reality.

Spiritual workers believe that working with the energy of amazonite while saying their affirmations can help carry their intentions to the universe. That way, the gem enhances your ability to manifest your desires more often.

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Amazonite is also a symbol of peace and calmness.

It is widely believed that people who embrace and connect with the energy of this incredible stone tend to experience more peace and calmness than the average person.

If you feel a strong desire to seek peace and serenity in certain areas of your life or relationships, you may want to consider embracing the energy and vibration of amazonite crystals.

Wearing ornaments made from amazon crystal is believed to help the bearer experience more physical, emotional, and spiritual peace and harmony.

There are also instances of people seeing amazonite in their dreams. This is interesting as it has spiritual meaning and significance. If you find yourself seeing amazonite in your dream, it’s a spiritual sign that you will experience calmness and peace throughout that day.

If you had plans to pick up a fight with someone, you might want to suspend those plans and align with the universe’s plan for the day. Heeding these types of subtle signals can be immensely beneficial for your spiritual growth and transformation.

Final thoughts

When it comes to the spiritual meanings of amazonite, there are a whole lot of them, and each of them can help you in some capacity in your life journey.

If you want to get the best of this crystal, you want to make sure you charge the energy of the crystal with your intentions.

You can also charge your amazonite crystal by leaving it under the moonlight.

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