Howlite: spiritual meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of howlite?


Howlite is a gray-white or opaque-white porous stone with brown, black, or gray markings and is usually used for various purposes and by people from all walks of life.

The stone consists mainly of calcium and other minerals. Howlite has a porous or soft structure and can be scratched easily.

A lot has been said through many sources about the uses and significance of this gem; however, in this post, we will be looking at some of the spiritual meanings of Howlite.

Howlite, due to its composition, is usually dyed into other colors and used to make ornaments and other forms of decorations.

Regardless of how anyone chooses to polish or use them, whether dyed into other colors or left in its natural form, howlite is still a beauty to behold and remains one of the most appreciated and useful stones for people in different parts of the world.

Origin of Howlite

Howlite, according to research done by archeologists and other researchers, is believed to have originated in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada.

These days is also found in places such as Mexico, Russia, turkey, and the United States.

It’s also important to mention that you don’t have to live in these places to lay your hands on any of these stones as the world has now become a global village, and it’s not unusual to find howlite in large quantities in many countries that are not even mentioned in this post.

Spiritual meaning of HowliteWhat is the spiritual meaning of howlite

Well, like many precious or semi-precious stones or crystals, howlite isn’t only known for its aesthetics; it also has loads of spiritual and metaphysical meanings, benefits, and uses.

If you are interested in knowing what the spiritual uses or significance of howlite are, keep reading as we uncover some of them in this post. Here are some of the spiritual meanings of howlite:

Energy cleanser

Energy and vibes are everything when it comes to achieving specific goals and staying true to your purpose in life.

Having negative vibes and energy around you can impede your progress and set you back on many fronts; this is where howlite can come in handy.

Howlite does an excellent job of helping to cleanse and repel bad vibes around you, especially from people in your circle. That way, you will stay connected and in tune with the universe in pursuing your purpose in life.

A lot is happening around us and in society at large, and it’s easy to get distracted or allow our energy to be dampened by all the negativity flying around. 

Howlite helps us to establish a connection with the crown chakra and also reminds us to seek knowledge and serenity instead of trawling the swamp of negative energy and vibes.

Spiritual workers believe that having at least a piece of howlite close to you can drive all the negativity away and strengthen you to pursue spiritual serenity.

Calm and serenitywhite howlite spiritual meaning

Howlite has always been used to represent calm and serenity for centuries.

This calming effect is one of the many spiritual capabilities of this unique gem.

If you are the type that finds it hard to stay calm or enter a state of relaxation or meditation, working with howlite is believed to bring calm and sanity to such situations.

When you have a mind that is all over the place, then it becomes extremely difficult to focus and plan your moves, which is why you may need a calming stone like howlite to help temper those turbulent mental and emotional waves and bring them into total submission. 

Also, howlite is especially helpful for hot-tempered individuals who tend to have spontaneous moments of madness.

Working with howlite can help calm these people’s nerves and help them experience a sober state of reflection rather than the sudden and uncontrollable rush of blood that could end up landing them in trouble.

This awesome stone shows them why it’s important to read between the lines and look at situations from every angle before making decisions.

Compassionhowlite crystal meaning

Howlite has long been regarded as a crystal of compassion and is often used to invoke compassion and love into the lives of those who need such more than anything else.

As mentioned in the early part of this post, howlite is soft and tender, which is a way of reminding us to always approach people and situations with tenderness and compassion.

Every day, we have several dealings and interactions with people, and all that is required of us is to show compassion in each of those dealings and interactions.

Aside from taking things easy with the people around us, howlite also teaches you to be calm and compassionate when dealing with yourselves.

There’s a need for you to understand that no one is perfect and life will not always be a bed of roses, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes or things don’t go exactly the way you plan.


Howlite has lots of spiritual significance that can help in our life journey; one such is transformation.

For centuries, howlite has always been a symbol of transformation. It teaches us that life is in phases and everyone is always evolving in their spiritual walk and journey.

If you work with howlite or have it close to you most of the time, you need to be conscious of your spiritual progress and be open to undergoing changes, because they could be acting as one of the pathways to your breakthrough in many facets of your life.

Howlite also teaches us to embrace spiritual change when we can. If you are feeling a sense of emptiness or inadequacy in your spiritual life, you should not be afraid to seek to attain a higher state of consciousness.

Do not relent or feel too relaxed, but seek spiritual clarity, growth, and transformation.

A vital spiritual lesson to learn from howlite, and one which should always be at the back of your mind at all times, is to always take it easy with yourself when going through spiritual change or transformation, knowing that change can be gradual and in stages.

Spiritual awakeningwhite howlite crystal meaning

Howlite is a symbol of spiritual awakening and everything that encompasses spiritual wisdom.

In case you are not too familiar with the concept of spiritual awakening, it simply refers to the state of higher consciousness and profound mental awareness.

When anyone attains spiritual awakening, they experience transformation in various aspects of their life, especially in their spiritual walk and growth, which then transcend other areas of their life. Spiritual awakening also results in a change in mental framework and capacity.

Howlite is believed to be one of the few gems or crystals that reminds us of the need for spiritual awakening and also encourages us to actively pursue it.

People who are still trying to find their bearing or the right spiritual path are often encouraged to embrace the energy of howlite.

This is because the stone and everything it represents can help lead anyone into the realm of higher consciousness – a state which should be the heart’s desire of everyone who wishes to find the light and harness the power within them.

The stone is one of the most important instruments to have in your spiritual journey, as it helps you to relax and inspires you to seek more spiritual knowledge and wisdom without the fear of failure.

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Enhances mediation

The importance of meditation in spiritual, emotional, and mental development cannot be overemphasized.

In fact, it is safe to say that meditation is a spiritual exercise that leads you to the pathway of spiritual and mental alertness.

We have said a lot about the calming nature and capability of howlite crystals, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is a great inclusion in anyone’s mediation sessions.

If you are finding it difficult to free your mind and enter a state of relaxation during meditation, you may want to start working with howlite.

Even if you are already doing fine and having smooth and successful mediation sessions regularly, it is believed that working with this powerful gem can help you get the best out of those sessions.

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Access to knowledge from the past life

Howlite has lots of spiritual significance and benefits.

I know it may be sounding cliché already, but I can’t stress it enough.

One of the most powerful spiritual significance of this stone is its link to the past life and astral travel.

When we are going through tough times that defile all the solutions we throw at it, tapping into the hidden knowledge of our past lives can make a whole lot of difference, and it may even lead us close to a solution.

Spiritual workers have stated and confirmed the involvement and use of howlite when it comes to seeking knowledge and hidden truths from the past life.

For instance, past life regression experts and practitioners sometimes adopt the use of howlite in their routines. It is believed that the stone holds some of the keys to unlock doors to other spiritual planes and worlds.

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