Colibita Lake Resort – The Sea in the Mountains

Located in a picturesque area, Colibita offers a breathtaking view, as it is surrounded by the ridges of Călimani, Bârgăului, and Rodnei mountains, which contribute greatly to the creation of this wonderful area.

The riveting scenery and the fresh mountain air give you the impression that you have arrived in a fairy tale place.

The healing properties of the air in Colibita are known for more than 120 years, due to its ozone content and its high levels of negative ions. It’s a known fact that the air here works wonders.

In addition, at this altitude the heat is more tolerable during the hot summer days, attracting many tourists every year.

At the beginning of the last century, there were many people, including students and pupils, who were cured in the TBC sanatorium.

Clean air not only cures respiratory diseases but also has many benefits in stress-related conditions.

Many of the guests here find great relief, stating that they had arrived agitated and weary in Colibita, but after just a few days all these disappeared as if swept away with a miraculous sponge.

This is Colibita resort, a miraculous place of divine beauty. As for the miraculous effects of the air, you have to take our word for it until you become a guest to see for yourself.

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Oxigen resort

Studies show that in Colibita the air’s maximum concentration of ozone is 90 micrograms / m3.

These values are similar to those in the Alps.

Where is Colibita?

The artificial lake reservoir from Colibita, located at an altitude of 900 meters, covers an area of 270 hectares, with 13 km in length and an estimated 65 million cubic meters of water.

Colibita resort is located 26 km from Bistrita, Bistrita Nasaud county, Romania in a scenic and preserved mountain environment with one of the purest and ozonated air in Europe.

You can enjoy the authenticity and tranquility of the place or peregrinate in northern Romania, the property is located within 100 km of the main tourist attractions of the region, which are Maramures, Bucovina monasteries, and the cities of Targu Mures and Cluj-Napoca.

This charming area offers many possibilities for recreation and relaxation.

Hikers can roam the hills and mountains on the marked hiking trails that lead to springs and beautiful mountain edges.

Also, tourists can practice mountain biking, climbing, sailing, kayaking, swimming, and hiking.

Today, Colibita is one of the best places to visit, offering spectacular scenery and good accommodation, being a hospitable and clean location that reflects the beauty of Romania.

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