Bigar Waterfall In Caras-Severin, Romania – Facts, Location, Legend


Bigar Waterfall, or as locals call it “Coronini” and “the miracle from the Minis Canyon,” is a protected area, situated in the Anina Mountains, in Caraş-Severin County in southwestern Romania. The waterfall is located exactly on 45 Parallel, which is unique.

Bigar waterfall is almost eight meters high and covered year-round with a green layer of moss.

It is said to be the most beautiful waterfall in Romania.

The underground spring streams from the cave above and then falls into Minis River.

Unlike most roaring falls, this interesting waterwork flows over the apex of a fat, rounded stone, and is diverted into a sheet of many small streams that issue from the bottom of the stone, which juts out over the basin below.

While the land has officially been protected since the year 2000, it is now more accessible than ever to those who wish to see the park’s beauty first hand.

Also, the conservation efforts have led to an increase in the flora and fauna that call the park their home.


It is said that long ago, there was a family of peasants very appreciated by locals. Never having children caused them a lot of regrets, and compelled them to ask for the advice of a gypsy witch.

The witch told the woman that only if she drank the magical water from the spring beneath the rock placed at the border between the worlds would she get pregnant. However, should the child be a girl, she must never fall in love, for this will be the cause of her death.

The woman went to the spring and drank the water and after a while, she gave birth to an incredibly beautiful daughter, desired by many lads.

When the girl reached maidenhood, she fell in love with a lad named Bigăr.

In order to prevent her foretold death and make her forget about Bigăr, the girl’s father locked her in the cave above the spring of the world.

Her screams were heard by the gypsy witch who has foreboded her destiny.

She went to the cave and told the girl that she cannot set her free, but she can end her suffering and emotional pain, and reunite her with her lover. She turned her hair into a waterfall on which her tears poured, and the wind brought Bigăr to her, who drowned in her tears.

Thus, they have their destinies forever united in the Realm of Found Longing.

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How to get there?

The reservation is located near Resita and Anina towns. Take the national road 57 B, between Oravita and Bozovici villages, to 45 Parallel.

Bigar Waterfall – The most beautiful waterfall in the world

Certainly the most famous formation in the park and in all of Romania, the Bigar waterfall does not fall like many amazing waterfalls found throughout the world; instead, it has a moderate trickle of rocks that are heavily caked with lichen and moss, creating a fine and misty cascade as it falls off the green dress of plant material and into the river.

The most beautiful and magical part of this waterfall is the water that runs over the green rock, casting beautiful clear glows resembling very much to an oversized diamond.

There is also a small cave that waits to be discovered, a tall hole carved into the hard rock.

To enter it you must cross the icy river barefoot and climb a latter, made of rope and sticks, that looks extremely fragile.

The area is an interesting destination for those interested in cliff repelling, rock climbing, cave exploring, and spelunking.

This waterfall holds the first place in the ranking “Eight unique waterfalls in the world”, made by American journalists and we can certainly understand why.

Image credit – Cristian Zamfir/Shutterstock

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