16 Efficient Ways to Help a Stressed or Depressed Friend

If your best friend is facing a difficult situation, which depletes her or his spirit, there are a few tips you can appeal to while spending time together.

1. Learn to meditate

Meditation has many benefits, from increased efficiency to relieving anxiety. Join a meditation course with your friend or use a mobile phone application, and spend your time in silence.

2. Listen to him/her

A friend who knows you very well is without a doubt a real treasure in one’s life. Extroverts may feel the need to share their problems with a close friend in order to find a more efficient solution to their problem.

The best thing you can do in this case is to listen to your friend – this simple gesture can sometimes be the best medicine.

3. Bring positive energy in the room

The decor is very important for one’s personal space. Use anything, from sage to animal totems.

Make sure you bring positive energy next time you visit your friend.

4. Schedule a tea tasting

Chamomile tea, enriched with different other plants, can attach to the brain’s connectors the same way as Valium.

Chamomile supplements can reduce anxiety and stress, due to its active ingredient called apigenin.

5. Turn to a specialist

Depending on the nature of stress your friend is experiencing, find specialists who teach private lessons or group coaching.

Therefore, they can recommend various remedies, including essential oils and various readings.

6. Do research about herbal medicine as an alternative therapy

Plants are a great option for stress relief, offering plenty of effective products to help fight stress.

Valerian root is known to reduce anxiety and ensure better sleep. The hop tincture has a similar effect.

7. Try a new type of physical exercise together

Stress may cause many illnesses. A daily exercise schedule is the pillar of any healthy lifestyle.

Try a new exercise course together, boxing for instance. If you like to experiment, try different programs for several weeks.

8. Breathe properly

Tell your friend about breathing techniques and provide him/her with books that can help.

You can recommend the 4-7-8 technique: exhale through the mouth and then inhale through the nose for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds and then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

9. Meet for breakfast

When you’re in a hurry, breakfast is out of the question.

Try to go out for breakfast together.

Eat healthy carbohydrates to stimulate the brain’s activity.

10. Help him/her

There is a question you could ask yourself: What should I do now?

Help your friend with something that you are good at.

11. Plan a movie night

Do you feel like experiencing a different world? Want to see a heartwarming love story or exploding buildings?

Let your mind wander and watch a good movie with your friend.

12. Be his/her personal chef

There is nothing tastier than a home-cooked meal seasoned with love.

Learn to prepare his/her favorite dish or go out to a favorite restaurant.

Have you ever traveled together?

Recreate the taste of food and remember the adventures of your holidays.

13. Explore nature

If breathing is the key to relaxation, why not enjoy the fresh air? Go on a road trip and enjoy the healing power of nature.

14. Go on an adventure

Journeys are food for the soul.

Tell your friend to free his/her schedule and you can take care of all the arrangements.

Whether it’s just a weekend getaway, this trip will free the mind and help him/her see things differently.

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15. Plan a vacation indoors

Can’t get out of town? Look for a special hotel package.

You don’t have to go around the globe to feel like you’re on vacation. Sometimes a hotel robe and a sunset by the pool can be an oasis of relaxation.

16. Make a great music playlist

Music is the best medicine for one’s mood.

Whether you create a motivational playlist for his/her morning run or just choose a few songs for relaxation, the power of music is undeniable.

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