Top 15 Essential Oils For Aging Skin + Anti-Wrinkle Homemade Serum

Top 15 Essential Oils For Anti-Aging Skin + Anti-Wrinkle Homemade Serum

Essential oils have been used for ages to smooth, tone, and protect the skin. Moreover, they balance the skin’s PH and reduce the signs of scarring after acne.

A healthier skin will contribute to your self-esteem and appearance, plus, these oils are 100 percent natural.

Here is a list of 15 essential oils that can enhance your skin’s health:

#1 Rose

Roses are the queens of all flowers and have been utilized for healing since ancient times. Rose essential oil is slightly astringent and contains high levels of vitamin A, reducing wrinkles and increasing skin cell turnover. In addition, it is usually recommended by aromatherapists for its mood-boosting and antidepressant properties.

#2 Myrrh

It comes from a dried resin extracted from a tree named Commiphora myrrha and has potent cleansing properties, particularly for the throat and mouth. Furthermore, maintaining healthy skin is one of the oil’s renowned uses, as it soothes chapped and cracked skin and slows down the signs of aging.

#3 Carrot seed

Extracted from the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant, it has a specific earthy, woody, and root-like fragrance with a viscous consistency. Moreover, it tones the skin and prevents it from showing signs of aging or hanging loose. Also, it is a liver booster and powerful detoxifier.

#4 Grapeseedred grapes hold in hands

Rich in nutrients, it is found in numerous cosmetic products, particularly products meant for the hair and face. Furthermore, it is loaded with moisturizing fatty acids and also contains a good amount of vitamin E which are ideal for maintaining a healthy skin when mixed together.

#5 German chamomile

It contains chamazulene, an aromatic chemical compound studied for its capacity to support the body’s natural response to irritation and added in many conditioners and shampoos. In addition, it has astringent properties that make it excellent for pore-cleansing treatment.

#6 Pomegranate seed

Made by cold-pressing the seeds of the pomegranate fruit, it is a nutritious oil used externally or internally. It stimulates keratinocytes (cells found in the outer surface of the epidermis) and helps to revive skin and reverse skin damage.

#7 Geranium

Extracted through steam distillation of leaves and stems of the geranium plant, it is used as an alternative treatment to reduce irritation and inflammation. Moreover, it alleviates the effects of menopause, improves the health of the skin, and minimizes the aspect of wrinkles because it slows down the effects of aging and tightens facial skin.

#8 Patchouli

Extracted from the leaves of the Patchouli plant, it is used topically to improve the appearance of dry skin. Additionally, it is considered one of the best home remedies for acne, as well as for inflammation, eczema, and irritated skin.

#9 Frankincense

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Frankincense, also known as olibanum, supports healthy cellular function by reducing the level of inflammation and boosting immunity: It can also be used to help reduce the appearance of large pores and acne blemishes, it prevents wrinkles, and helps tighten and lift the skin to naturally slow the aging process.

#10 Clary sage

It works as a natural remedy for rashes and has a potent antistaphylococcal activity against clinical strains isolated from wound infections. Furthermore, this natural remedy balances the production of oil on the skin.

#11 Jasmine

Produced from the jasmine flower, it can either be applied directly to the skin or inhaled through the nose. Also, it has powerful antiviral and antibiotic properties, hence, it can help calm skin inflammation and irritation.

#12 Jojoba

Used by the native American tribes from immemorial times, it is used to treat psoriasis (autoimmune disorder), acne, chapped and sunburnt skin.

#13 Sandalwood

Steam distilled from the heartwood and roots of the tree, it helps you achieve calmness and more clarity due to its extensive therapeutic characteristics. In addition, it can be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation from pimples, superficial wounds, warts, or boils.

#14 LavenderLavender essential oil

It comes from lavender herb (botanical name – Lavandula angustifolia), native to northern Africa, and has been used for over 2,500 years for an all-around cure. It is also known for its relaxing and calming properties, that may help in alleviating anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, depression, dental anxiety, stress, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles.

#15 Neroli

Produced by steam-distilling the fragrant flowers of the bitter orange tree (botanical name – Citrus aurantium), it is known for its potent properties to improve the elasticity of the skin and regenerate the skin cells. It also helps maintain the right oil balance in the skin, making it an excellent healing method for all skin types.

Anti-aging serum

A homemade anti-aging serum helps the skin look youthful and vibrant while delivering hydration and important nutrients.


  • 3 drops Sandalwood;
  • 3 drops Lavender;
  • 3 drops Carrot Seed;
  • 3 drops Frankincensel;
  • 3 drops Geranium;
  • 5 tablespoons Jojoba as a carrier;
  • 5 vitamin E gel capsules.

Mix everything together and put in a glass dropper bottle and shake well to combine. You can spray them or apply them with cotton wool on a cleansed neck and face.


Never use them undiluted, in eyes or mucous membranes. Also, do not take them internally unless working with an expert practitioner in aromatherapy.

Before applying them on the skin, you should perform a skin test first. Put a drop of it on a small portion of your skin and wait for a few hours. If any sign of skin irritation appears, interrupt its use immediately.

If you are nursing, pregnant, or taking prescription medications, consult a health care specialist prior to using any essential oil.


Having a healthy diet and adequate restful sleep will increase the health of your skin.


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