21 Spiritual Meanings of Hiccups

What is the spiritual meaning of hiccups?

Short answerfrom a spiritual perspective, hiccups represent the tension that exists between the physical body and the higher consciousness. They are a recall that we are not just physical beings, but spiritual beings as well.

Hiccups can be seen as a message from our spiritual selves, reminding us to pay attention to our inner workings and connect with our higher self.


Hiccups can be extremely irritating, especially if you tend to get them a lot, but have you ever thought about what the spiritual meaning of hiccups could be?

Is there more significance to this physical affliction than meets the eye, and what messages could you be receiving if you find yourself hiccupping a lot?

Well, this article will take you through all of this and more, so if you want to find out more about what your hiccups mean, then keep reading.

What is a hiccup?

A hiccup is an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and happens when the muscles here contract very quickly.

Usually, they’re nothing to worry about, although if you’re getting hiccups a lot, then it would be worth getting this checked out with your GP, as it can occasionally be a sign of a medical issue that needs addressing.

They’re nothing to worry about, though, but they do carry with them a lot of spiritual meaning.

21 Spiritual Meanings of Hiccups:

As with all messages we receive from our higher selves, it’s important to have a level of sensitivity when interpreting and listening out for them.

The Angels and guides can be very subtle (although sometimes they can also be very forthright!), so there are a few things to take into account when interpreting the signs of the hiccups, which include how often you’re experiencing them, what you’re doing when you experience them and what your overall mood and demeanor are.

There are a number of different commonly known meanings when interpreting what the hiccups mean, all of which could hold a lot of spiritual significance for you.

#1 Someone close to you has fallen ill

It’s not something anyone wants to hear, but getting the hiccups a lot could be a sign from your angels that someone close to you is going to fall ill, or perhaps already has.

This could be someone in your family or friend group that you’ve not spoken to for a while, so you might not know what’s happened, or the person who is going to experience it may not be aware yet.

If you have an inkling of who it could be, then it would be advisable to urge them to go to the doctor to get checked up on as your Angels could be giving you this nudge in order to save the illness from progressing.

#2 You’re ascendinghiccup spiritual meaning

Sometimes, hiccups can be a wonderful sign that you’re ascending on your spiritual journey – what a wonderful message to receive!

If you’ve been doing a lot of inner work or have been putting a lot of time into your spiritual connection, then this is a surefire sign that your efforts are paying off.

With this, it’s important to look out for any other signs that you’re seeing a lot and notice if these signs are pointing to any areas where you may need to place some extra focus in order to rise up in all areas of life.

But take this as a very good sign – you’re nurturing your connection, getting closer to your highest self, and you’re about to have a considerable breakthrough.

#3 Fearhiccups spiritual meaning

The feeling of having hiccups can often be reminiscent of the feeling of fear, even if just for a split second, and in actuality, hiccups could be a sign of a deep-rooted fear that you have not addressed.

Most commonly, this refers to fear in your heart – perhaps the fear of dying, or death in general, the fear of loss, or the fear of failure. It’s time to address what is happening inside – what are you truly afraid of?

Look inwards and start addressing these fears in order to be able to conquer them, otherwise, they’ll only keep coming up for you time and time again.

#4 Someone talking negatively about youwhat do hiccups mean spiritually

This is a really common sign to be receiving if you’re getting the hiccups a lot – someone is talking about you behind your back.

Your Angels and guides always want you to know if something bad is going on that you don’t know about because they are here to help you in your journey to your highest and happiest self, so an abundance of hiccups could be an indication that you need to have a look at your close friends or family and make sure that any unresolved disagreements or resentments are aired out and dealt with as quickly as possible.

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#5 Unexpected events

Having the hiccups regularly could mean that you’re on course for some unexpected events to take place in your life.

Watch out for changes or invitations to events you wouldn’t usually go to – this might be the sign you need to step outside of your comfort zone and start saying ‘yes’ more in order to activate the change you want to see.

#6 Someone is thinking about youwhat are hiccups a sign of spirituality

Another common understanding of the hiccups, and one that ties in with someone talking negatively about you, is somebody thinking of you in general.

This is an old wives’ tale, as many interpreted meanings often tend to be, and is often meant to be the case if you hiccup three times in a row.

If there’s a friend or lover you’ve been thinking about a lot recently, the chances are they’re thinking of you too!

#7 An unexpected messenger

Hiccups, in their sudden and surprising manner, can be likened to an unexpected messenger.

This messenger doesn’t arrive with a visible form or a tangible letter; instead, it manifests as a simple, involuntary bodily reflex.

Its message is not written in words but conveyed through the abrupt disruption of our regular rhythm.

The spiritual significance lies not in the hiccups themselves, but in what they represent — an interruption, a deviation from the norm.

This unexpected interruption may be a sign to be more mindful of our energy and intuition. It’s as if the universe is trying to tell us to pay attention to our inner selves, to listen to our intuition, and to be aware of the energy we are emanating.

#8 A call from the Universe

When we think of receiving a call from the universe, we usually imagine grand gestures or dramatic events. But in reality, it may be as subtle and seemingly ordinary as a bout of hiccups.

In the spiritual realm, everything is interconnected.

There’s a belief that even the smallest occurrence, like a hiccup, can carry a cosmic message.

It’s thought that this involuntary action can sometimes be a discreet signal from the universe. This interpretation views hiccups as more than just a physiological reflex; they become a metaphysical phenomenon, a form of communication from the universe to us.

It’s easy to dismiss such interpretations as fanciful thinking. However, if we adopt a broader perspective, we can see the beauty and mystery in the possibility that the universe communicates with us through various means, including the most unexpected ones.

It’s a comforting thought that the universe is invested in our journey, guiding us and nudging us along the way.

#9 Connection to soulmate

The idea of soulmates has fascinated humans for centuries.

It’s a comforting notion that there’s someone out there who complements us perfectly, who understands us at a depth that transcends the physical plane.

But how do we know when we’ve found our soulmate? According to some spiritual interpretations, the universe has its unique ways of signaling this connection.

One such signal might be as unexpected and seemingly ordinary as a bout of hiccups.

This suggests that when your soulmate is trying to connect with you on a spiritual level, it may trigger hiccups in you. The hiccups act as a metaphysical bridge, linking two souls together across distances. They are seen as a cosmic telephone line, carrying messages from one soul to another.

But why hiccups? Perhaps it’s because hiccups, like soulmate connections, are involuntary and spontaneous. They don’t adhere to our plans or expectations; they simply occur when the conditions are right.

#10 Unexpressed emotions

Hiccups may represent unexpressed thoughts or feelings. In this view, hiccups are not just an involuntary reflex but a form of bodily communication.

They signal that there’s something within us that needs to be expressed, something we’ve been holding back.

It may be a thought we’ve been avoiding, a feeling we’ve been suppressing, or an issue we’ve been neglecting.

This interpretation aligns with the idea that our bodies and emotions are intrinsically linked. 

In particular, intense emotions like anger and jealousy, when repressed, can create a blockage in our energy flow. As such, hiccups may be seen as an attempt by our body to release this blocked energy.

#11 A warning sign

On a darker note, frequent hiccups might signify a close friend or family member’s ill health.

This views the hiccups as a spiritual warning for you to prepare and support those you care about.

#12 Control your fear

Hiccups might also be seen as a spiritual cue to confront and control our fears.

The involuntary nature of hiccups represents situations where we may feel out of control.

Overcoming them can be viewed as a metaphor for regaining control over our fears3.

#13 Tension between the physical body and higher consciousness

From a spiritual perspective, hiccups could represent the tension that exists between the higher consciousness and the physical body.

#14 A reminder to pay attention to your energy and intuition

The sudden onset of hiccups may be viewed as a signal from the universe reminding you to pay attention to your own energy and intuition.

#15 Sign of a curse or spell

In some cultures and traditions, hiccups are believed to indicate that you’re under a curse or spell.

#16 Message from guardian angels

Some interpret hiccups as a message from guardian angels, encouraging you to focus and work on certain aspects of your life.

#17 A sign that someone is missing you

Some believe that hiccups could mean that someone is missing you. This interpretation adds an emotional layer to the physiological occurrence of hiccups.

#18 A sign of good luck and love

Hiccups are often viewed as a sign of good luck or love. It’s believed that when you hiccup, it may indicate that someone is thinking about you in a spiritual sense.

#19 A reminder to make yourself more visible

A hiccup might be a cue to position yourself right to be more visible, suggesting that there’s someone out there just right for you.

#20 A sign of night-time connections

If you have a hiccup at night, it might indicate that your future lover is also thinking about you, and the connection will be made soon.

#21 A sign of spiritual awakening

Hiccups might indicate a process of spiritual awakening or an increase in your vibration frequency.

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Takeawaywhat are hiccups a sign of spirituality

As you can see, there are varied interpretations of what the hiccups mean, and having a certain level of spiritual awareness will really help you to be able to decipher which message you are being sent.

Overall, though, you can certainly interpret them as the universe trying to send you a message loud and clear, so don’t ignore it.

Hiccups are almost always a sign of something good, so there’s no need to hold fear around this – remember, the Universe and your guides are always here for your best, and highest intention, and the hiccups are a great sign of good luck for you!

Image source – https://pixabay.com/photos/hiccup-hiccups-sob-burp-rattle-2794251/

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