Sodalite: spiritual meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of sodalite?


Sodalite is another excellent gemstone that holds its own when it comes to uses and aesthetics.

The stone is popular for its extensive use in many ornaments and bead-related products.

Wearing sodalite or having access to one of its derivatives is a big deal for most people because of the significance it carries.

The stone has lots of health and physical meanings, as well as spiritual meanings and benefits that act as pointers in many aspects of one’s life.

When it comes to the origin of sodalite, there are several accounts of where the stone first surfaced. However, most trusted sources say that the stone was first discovered by Europeans in Greenland in 1811.

The stone, however, became much more relevant for ornamental purposes when large deposits of it were found decades later in Ontario, Canada.

Composition and physical properties of sodalite            

Sodalite is a relatively fragile mineral, and its name is coined from its sodium content.

It may be grouped and classified as a feldspathoid. When it comes to colors, sodalite comes in easily identifiable pigments, which could be green, pink, gray, or yellow, and will mostly feature prominent white vein patches.

These properties mean the gemstone is loved by craftsmen as it is often used to make beads, ornaments, and other hand-crafted end products.

Spiritual meaning of sodalite What is the spiritual meaning of sodalite

Okay, away from the physical attributes and composition of sodalite, there are many other uses and applications of this gemstone.

For instance, the spiritual significance and uses of sodalite have been well documented, and the stone is in high demand mainly for these benefits alone.

In this post, we’ll dive into most of the spiritual meanings and benefits of this gemstone.

If you have been in search of information on how you can take advantage of the spiritual significance of sodalite, here are some of them below:

Enhances psychic ability

Sodalite is mostly revered for its spiritual meanings and uses, and one of them is that it can help people harness and leverage hidden spiritual wisdom that can only be accessed by connecting to a higher power or realm.

Spiritual workers, who are into divination, love to include sodalite as a part of their instruments. This is because they believe so much in the metaphysical ability of the gemstone to enhance the ability to see into the deep secrets of the spirit.

Tarot readers can also benefit from working with sodalite as it can help them expand their reading scope and give more insights about their clients.

Numerologists can also tap into the psychic powers of this gemstone and use it to gain more spiritual insights and make more accurate and more profound predictions.

Aside from being beneficial for divination and tarot reading, bearers of the stone can develop spiritual awareness by aligning with the energy of sodalite.

Clarity of purpose sodalite stone meaning

If you are looking for clarity in many aspects of your life and live a more purposeful life, you may want to consider connecting and aligning yourself with the energy of sodalite.

As mentioned earlier, this gemstone can open pathways to deep spiritual secrets and help shine the light on things that seem unclear to the human mind and understanding.

Working with sodalite helps improve your spiritual vision and enables you to see things from a clearer perspective. It does this by clearing all the spiritual fog that may cloud your vision.

Also, if you need some direction in some regions of your life journey, such as your career, business, or relationship, working with this extraordinary gemstone can provide all the divine guidance you need to navigate through turbulent periods in those situations.

When your mind is covered by a veil of negative thoughts and illusions, finding the right path can pose a monumental challenge. But, when you make up your mind to start working with sodalite and acknowledging its vibrational energy, it clears the illusion and fog holding you back and inspires you to go all out for your dream. 

Intuition sodalite meaning crystal

Having an active and well-developed intuitive ability is one of the spiritual gifts that anyone can have.

Your intuition is known as your sixth sense, and we can’t overemphasize its significance and importance in your life journey.

An active and developed intuition can serve as a shining light in your life journey and help you smell danger from miles away. Spiritual workers believe that working with sodalite can help awaken and activate one’s intuitive ability.

The truth is, we are all blessed with the power of intuition, but not everyone can actively access it because it is passive and dormant in many people.

When you connect with the spiritual energy of sodalite, you will notice a gradual improvement in your intuitive ability; you will get more signals and instructions from your sixth sense more often.

Connection with the throat chakra

If you have seen people wearing ornaments made from sodalite, you probably saw them wearing it on their necks or somewhere on their upper body.

This is because sodalite is connected to the throat chakra, which means the best option is to wear the gemstone somewhere on the upper part of the body.

Although there are people who still wear the gemstone on the lower parts of their body, that is probably because they are not aware of its connection to the throat chakra and the advantage of wearing it in their upper body.

When sodalite is kept close to your upper body, it maintains a close distance from your heart and mind so it can easily connect to their energy.

One of the significant advantages of wearing sodalite this way is that it can help keep your emotions in check and stop you from going overboard even when faced with a difficult situation.

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Calm and serenity sodalite metaphysical properties

There is no doubting the fact that everyone can benefit immensely from a calm space and environment. According to spiritual workers, working with sodalite can help maintain peace and serenity in various areas of one’s life.

Working with sodalite can give you lots of leverage and help you find peace even when it seems you are surrounded by a large body of troubled water.

If you are going through some turbulent times and feel a strong need to restore some normalcy, you may want to start connecting with the energy of sodalite. The gemstone is believed to have the spiritual powers to calm situations and every other thing around you.

Those who constantly work with sodalite have discovered that using the gemstone for home décor can help uplift the atmosphere in your home and help to bring serenity and calm to everything in your environment and space.

It will also help you maintain a balance of energy in your home. Another way you could benefit from using sodalite in your home décor is that it can help every member of the family manage their emotions so you won’t be having arguments that spiral out of control.

If you or anyone close to you has a phobia for flying, you may want to introduce them to sodalite.

It is believed that wearing or connecting with the energy of this fantastic gemstone can help alleviate the phobia of flying and help restore calm in the person during those situations.

Simply put, working with sodalite strengthens and empowers anyone to face and conquer their fears.

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Improves communication

It has been established that working with sodalite can help improve the communication of anyone that embraces its energy.

Many spiritual workers attest to the fact that connecting to the vibrational energy of this remarkable gemstone can help you in your dealings with people from all walks of life. It will inspire you and give you all the confidence you need to be a better communicator.

Whether you are communicating with friends or speaking in an official setting, sodalite helps you take charge of your emotions so you can remain focused on the crucial points during official presentations.

Public speakers can also benefit immensely from wearing and connecting with the energy of sodalite.

Aside from helping you become a better communicator, you will also be able to perfectly understand what people are trying to say even if they are not putting their thoughts together the right way.

Working with sodalite can also help you understand the intentions of people during communications, even when they are trying to play safe and withhold some information during conversations.

Positive energy

One of the major advantages of aligning with the energy of sodalite is that it can help replace all the negative energy in and around you with a positive one.

If you constantly find yourself filled with negative thoughts or self-talk, it may be that you have lots of negative vibes and energy in and around you, and it will be hard to focus on any viable ideas that way.

Using sodalite can make a lot of difference for you and help you break through the barriers of negative, self-limiting thoughts.

Final Words

Whichever way you choose to connect with the energy of sodalite, whether by wearing it or working with it in some other ways, you want to make sure you are in alignment with the vibrational frequency of the gemstone.

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