Lalana Chakra (Talu)

Lalana Chakra (Talu):


Lalana chakra, which is not part of the seven main chakra system, is also called talu chakra or taluka.

The lalana chakra is a minor chakra associated with the throat chakra.

Also known as the 5th Chakra or Vishuddha, it is the energy center that governs our speech and creative expression in the world.

Talu chakra is described in the sacred teachings as the secret chakra taught by spiritual masters to their disciples.

It is considered that by reciting the beej (seed) mantra ”hangsah,” the spiritual devotee makes the kundalini energy pass through this secret chakra while traversing Sushumna Nadi.

The Sushumna Nadi is a Sanskrit term used to describe the central energy channel within the subtle body.

This energy channel flows inside the core of the spine, but it is not the spine; it is more subtle than that.

This chakra radiates twelve pathways or through channels which are divisions of time by our orbital relationship to the Stars and Sun.

This is our perception that we believe in, caused by ancient configurations in consciousness, and is not necessarily the universal view in relation to the positions of distant galaxies, stars, clusters, and so on. Furthermore, it is said that when the disciple reaches this chakra, a sweet nectar starts dripping on the tongue.

When the throat chakra is inactive, this sweet nectar is allowed to run downwards into the Manipura chakra and consumed, resulting in physical degeneration.

Through practices such as khechari mudra (considered the king among the mudras), the nectar can be made to enter the throat chakra, where it is purified and becomes a nectar of immortality.

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Location of Lalana chakra (Talu chakra)

Lalana Chakra (Talu) – The Secret Center of Nectar
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This energy vortex lies near the junction between the front end of the central spinal canal in the medulla oblongata and the lower part of the brain’s fourth ventricle, within chiltrini nadi, behind the uvula.

”Lalana Chakra is situated at the space just above Ajna and below Sahasrara Chakra. Twelve Yoga Nadis emanate from this center.

This has control over the 12 pairs of nerves that proceed from the brain to the different sense-organs.” – Sivananda

As it is a secret chakra, the description of this energy center differs from one text to another. According to the Saubhagya Lakshmi Upanishad (a minor Upanishadic text of Hinduism), this chakra has 12 bright red petals.

These petals correspond to the virtues of respect, offense, contentment, self-control, depression, pride, affection, sorrow, dissatisfaction, purity, honor, and anxiety.

Other ancient texts, nevertheless, say that this center has 64 silvery-white petals and a bright red pericarp called the ghantika. Here lies the source of the moon’s energy from which sweet nectar oozes.

The 64 petals of this chakra are homes of the powerful 64 yoginis whose worship is said to grant the eight siddhis (spiritual powers).

Many gurus who exhibit magical abilities are stuck at this energy center and cannot rise above it.

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