Dream Telepathy, From Thought To Thought

Dream Telepathy, From Thought To Thought

“Thought is a gigantic sphere of energy and every thought emitted resonates throughout the Universe,” writes Swami Sivananda in his book “Thought Power”.

The power of our thought lies in our ability to focus on it. Ullman, a distinguished researcher who has studied the link between dream and telepathy, states that the dream’s nature is to combine high states of activation and dissociation, and this certain combination facilitates the telepathic transfer.

Then, together with Krippner, he has published some experimental data, which endorse the existence of “extrasensory transfer” of information to the sleeping subject.

This information, according to the authors, appears in the subject’s dreams and corresponds to a still picture in the hands of a “transmitter” or an agent that watches the subject being in total isolation from him or even at a great distance.

Then, Krippner has proven experimentally that the emotional “target” stimuli are more effective on the dreaming experience than the non-emotional telepathic material.

Emotions are those stimuli that easily reach the subconscious. Everything we perceive, we define through emotions. Color creates a certain emotion, action, and anything that we do is to ensure these emotions which confirm the certainty of our existence.

For example, we go on a trip because we feel a certain emotion, we go out with a person of the opposite sex because we feel a certain emotion.woman dreaming sleeping

Therefore, an emotional telepathic transfer is the most effective and easy to perceive. When I was a kid I loved living with my grandparents in the countryside. Sometimes, long periods of time passed without seeing my parents. On one late morning while I was still asleep, I suddenly got up and stared at the phone, which was on the edge of my bed.

I was sure my mother will call immediately. Everything happened so fast, that I wasn’t even aware that I woke up. All I knew was that my mother, who I missed and hadn’t seen for a month, would call right at that moment. In the next second, it happened.

Being asleep, I quickly perceived the frequency of my mother’s thoughts, which perhaps were very intense due to their emotional base.

Sleep communication – stronger between lovers

Thus, as Krippner said, the most powerful telepathic information that is easily emitted and perceivable, is the emotional information. Even you feel when someone loves you or hates you, not from their behavior, but simply from the way you feel.

During the dream states, the cerebral hemispheres are more “relaxed”, thus more extended. They perceive subtle vibrations as they are more relaxed just because of their energy, their activity is not focused only on one point or action. In martial arts, the key to feel and anticipate the opponent’s movements, lies in maintaining a state of inner peace.

Most cases of dream telepathy occur between loving couples or people who have a deep bond, because the telepathy lies in the intensity of the emitted thought. People who love each other, for instance, think strongly about each other. The telepathic dream connects people’s thinking and feelings even when they are far away from each other.

It happened once that a friend of mine let me know he wanted to come to visit me, but said he didn’t know exactly which train to take.

I was convinced that he will be arriving the next day, but during that night I had a dream of him entering the door, removing his shoes and climbing the stairs to get to my room. Before he got to the door, I woke up and I was already waiting for him. And so it was, as he arrived at 3 o’clock at night.

A dream telepathy case reported by Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud

Telepathic dream is more than a feeling. It can also be about an event that occurs at a great distance or in the life of another person. This is the case reported by Sigmund Freud in “Dream and telepathy.”

An unknown man sent him several letters, giving him details about the night between the 16th and 17th of November and how he has dreamed that his wife was having twins.

The man claims that he clearly saw “the little children sleeping in their beds”, one with blond hair and the other with brown hair, but when his wife tried to nurse them, the little ones climbed into the sink and licked the sweetness marks prepared by their “mother”.

“I woke up four or five times while dreaming, wondering if it was true that we had twins, or that it was only a dream,” the man wrote to Freud, specifying the essential clue: his daughter, Ilse, who was married in Berlin, expected to give birth in three weeks, and he was about to visit her together with his wife, the stepmother of the pregnant woman.

As he woke up, he told his wife about his dream, and her response was:

“Could Ilse have given birth already?”

The next day, the couple received a telegram announcing that on the morning of the day before, Ilse has given birth to a little boy and a little girl. The birth occurred at the same time the man was having the weird dream.

The explanation he found was that his daughter, who was very devoted to him, though intensely of him during those moments when she became a mother.

Cerebral waves of the telepathic dream correspond to delta and theta rhythms. Physiologically, sleep shows an inhibition in the cerebral cortex. Expansion areas depend on these rhythms. During delta, ordinary consciousness can’t make contact with the conscious.

The study of telepathy is far from being finished as psychologists continue their research on this special phenomenon. Next time a person will appear out of nowhere into your mind, know that it is not by chance!

Think about it: Didn’t you meet that same person on the street afterward? Or maybe she gave you a call or sent a message, or you heard news about this person.

Be aware that telepathy is a special skill, some people enjoy these “abilities” from birth, but it can also be practiced by anyone who has a certain dose of emotional sensitivity!

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