Friday the 13th: spiritual meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of Friday the 13th?


What comes to your mind when you think about Friday the 13th?

An ominous association with death, fear, and darkness?

There is a grander spiritual significance to the dreary occurrence.

Owing to pop culture and slasher films, Friday the 13th is, more often than not, wrapped in the element of horror.

Whether you’ve heard stories about bonfires, watched the movies named after it, or simply had an unfortunate memory attached to the day, it is commonly misinterpreted as unholy and unlucky dawn.

It’s time to debunk these misconceptions, starting with the spiritual significance of the date.

Friday the 13th – Spiritual Meaningspiritual meaning of friday the 13th

Day of the Goddess

Before patriarchy began sinking deep into the roots of civilization, this revered day was known as ‘The Day of the Goddess,’ to pay respect and heed to the Feminine deities, like Venus.

As a symbol of rebirth that females are blessed with, Friday the 13th was a day all for women.

In more than one way, the day gives all its glory to the Feminine power.

The number 13 represents the female ovulation period (considered a grand phenomenon as menstruating women are at the peak of their energy and power) because just like 13 lunar cycles a year, women also have 13 menstrual cycles a year.

All the feminine foundations to this day started to shake loose when menstruating women started experiencing shame in society for bleeding every cycle.

The day was to celebrate women and their sexual energy.

When patriarchy found its way into civilization, the very day that celebrated women became a symbol of misfortune because of its association with the feminine.

Even though these newly minted beliefs made no sense as we all possess our feminine sides, not only women, but the target was indeed singular sex.

The Number 13 Is Magicalfull moon on friday the 13th spiritual meaning

Contrary to popular belief, the number 13 will bring magic into your life. Many buildings do not have a 13th floor.

Some even consider their 13th birthday unlucky. In rare cases, the perceived negative notion of the number can cause triskaidekaphobia, an intense fear of the number 13.

But 13 is actually a celestial number, especially in Judaism.

It is the age when young boys and girls celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, meaning they are on their journey to enter adulthood and ready to participate in public worship.

The number 13 is considered very fortunate in Tibetan culture.

It’s said to be a divine number and often used in children’s stories.

The day is a reminder for hopeless individuals to carry on.

It is a day for sinners to repent their bad deeds that will be forgiven in heaven after they complete 13 rounds of prayers.

In numerology, the number 13 symbolizes change.

This change is not necessarily negative but most essential to a person’s growth.

People are scared of the uncertainty that change brings along. But, it’s a positive time in their life.

Transformation and development take us out of our comfort and help us get better and become an evolved version of ourselves.

Honor The Moonfriday the 13th spiritual

The Moon is responsible for our emotions and the majestic feminine aura in our life.

It plays a huge part in astrology.

Friday the 13th is an occasion for humans to harness the positive energy of the moon.

You can look at the moon and talk about anything on your mind.

The practice will open your mind and heart to bring happiness to your life.

As per astrology, the Moon represents the maternal vibe.

It gives warmth to us and looks after us like a mother.

It is a great time to connect with the maternal figure in your life. This could be your actual mother, sister, or best friend.

Make it an evening to bond over shared secrets, aspirations, and goals for the future.

Manifest Good Luck

Even after Friday, the 13th is over, you can still channel good luck in your life.

Make it a ritual to buy any charm the next Friday the 13th.

Take the blessing of the moon and the goddesses.

This can be a great way to bring everlasting luck to your life.

You can also surround yourself with crystals, lucky charms, and talismans like horseshoes to bring positive fortune, and ward off the evil eye and bad luck.

You don’t even have to wear a crystal but any charm necklace or bracelet that makes you feel more feminine and powerful.

Wear them all the time or decorate your room with them – just take benefit of their good energies, especially during the magical date.

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Protect Your Energy, Queensspiritual meaning behind friday the 13th

Upon the eve of Friday the 13th, you can feel all sorts of emotions.

It is best to keep your energy protected to experience all of the sacred emotions.

Protecting your space is an important way to keep your life drama-free.

Getting rid of anyone or anything that disrupts your peace can be the smart thing to do.

While the moon protects us, it is important we shield ourselves from negative people, especially those who drain our energy.

Validate and respect how you feel around certain people – they may be your coworker, friend, or even a family member.

Thus, protection work is very important, along with other sources of magic or divine work.

Crystals are powerful in cleansing your aura and making you feel more connected to yourself. Obsidian can act as a protection stone— especially against negativity spreads and haters.

You can sweep it all over your body, keep it in your home, and place it outside the boundaries of your house.

Some people keep it at their entrance, but it can be placed by a door or a window inside your home. It will keep away potential negative vibes that impact your aura.

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Final Words

In reality, Friday the 13th is the furthest from what it is mistakenly associated with.

It is a blissful day to commemorate the feminine side in each of us and for the divine goddesses for implementing serene energy into our world.

The day also signifies the magnitude of death and rebirth, as it is often depicted as the median between looking forward to a new dawn and letting go of the late dusk.

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