Cundi (Zhunti) Bodhisattva Mantra for Healing: Lyrics, Meaning & Benefits

Cundi (Zhunti) Bodhisattva is a being of great spiritual status.

The Bodhisattva is said to have been the manifestation of the World-Honored One entering into the samadhi (a spiritual state of consciousness) of the spiritual power of transformation of space and ocean.

Bodhisattva Cundi is also known as Cundi Guan Yin. The word ”Cundi” represents the ”Supreme Purity.”

Being the mother of all the deities of the Lotus class, Bodhisattva Zhunti is therefore known as the Buddha Mother.

She is all-powerful, and her Tantric epithet is the Most Victorious Vajra, or Subjugation Vajra.

The Buddha states in the Sutra of Maha Cundi Dharani:

”If there are Bhiksuṇis, Bhiksus, Upasakas, or Upasikas who memorize and chant this Dharani 800,000 Times, their negative karma in every place, created over innumerable eons, will be totally annihilated.

In every place where they are born or reside, they will always meet Bodhisattvas and Buddhas.

They will always have adequate and abilities resources to do as they wish. In any birth, they will always be able to leave the home life and will have the capacity to maintain the pure Precepts of a Bodhisattva.

They will be born in heavenly or human realms, they will not fall into evil destinies, and they will always be protected by all the heavenly guardians…

If one completes a recitation of this mantra 200,000 times, he will dream of the Bodhisattvas, Buddhas, pratyekabuddhas and sravakas, and see a black substance being vomited out of one’s mouth…

If someone should contract an illness traced to spiritual entities, chant the mantra over some cogon grass and sweep the cogon grass over the patient. The patient shall be healed. If a child is possessed by spirits, take 5 different colored strands of thread and have a young girl weave them into a single thread.

Take the weaved five-colored thread and tie a knot with each recitation of the mantra and complete 21 knots. Tie the thread of 21 knots over the neck of the child, chant the mantra seven times over a handful of mustard seeds and cast the mustard seeds over the face of the child and the child shall be cured of the possession…

When Gautama Buddha spoke of the Dharani of Cundi, numerous sentient beings were elevated from their impurities, and they received the merits of the Great Dharani of Cundi, the Great Luminous Mantra, and witnessed the presence of the bodhisattvas, buddhas, and holy beings of the 10 directions before they prostrated and left.”

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The Bodhisattva is depicted with 18 arms and 3 eyes. These 18 arms are said to express the 18 merits of attaining Buddhahood.

As the 18 arms of the Bodhisattva represent the 18 uncommon qualities, they are able to eliminate all the bad karma of sentient beings, therefore the name – Most Victorious Vajra.

Additionally, She is usually attended by 2 dragons (nagas) kings who stand guard by Her lotus throne. These 2 naga kings are Upananda and Nanda.

Cundi (Zhunti) Bodhisattva mantra lyrics:

”Namah Saptanam Samyak Sambuddah Kotinam tayatha Om Cale Cule Cundi Svaha.”

Mantra meaning:

”I take refuge in Seven Million Perfectly Enlightened Buddhas. This is the mantra: Om! Cale Cule Cundi. May this be true!”

Mantra chanting benefits:

Chanting this mantra purifies the negative karma, which hinders the practitioner from developing samadhi, and helps advancement on the Path to Enlightenment.

Moreover, this spiritual practice constitutes a special practice of Tantrayana, which is regarded as supreme. It embodies infinite power and merits, and through this practice, the practitioner shall gain a perfect aura.

When meditating using this mantra, some practitioners may enjoy it from the beginning, while others may find it inexplicably difficult to practice.

This is just related to the individual karma and habit energy of each person.

The practitioner should simply persist and maintain concentration regardless, though, as any appearances of irritation or subtle afflictions essentially just serve as distractions.

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