White Umbrella (Sitatapatra) Goddess Mantra: Lyrics, Meaning & Benefits

White Umbrella Goddess, also known as The Ushnisha Sitatapatra or the Deity with White Parasol, is a powerful female Deity who originated from Buddha’s topknot.

Sitatapatra Goddess appears in numerous forms but Her more frequent emanations are the one with two arms and the one with thousand arms.

The Goddess grants protection and removes all slanders and abuses.

She is a female form of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva – the Buddha of Compassion (or Chenrezig). He is the personification of perfect Compassion, a Bodhisattva (which is a great being who aspires to help all sentient beings be free of suffering before entering the bliss of Buddhahood).

The name Avalokitesvara literally translates as – “the Lord who looks down on the World.”

According to the Sitatapatra Sutra, White Umbrella Goddess emerged from the sacred crown protrusion of Gautama Buddha’s head while He was at Trayastrimsa heaven, the 2nd of the heavens of the Kamadhatu, and the highest of the heavens that maintain a physical connection with the rest of the creation.


Ushnisha Sitatapatra is usually depicted with skin that is white in color, like the moon. The aspect with a thousand arms also has a thousand faces and legs too. On each palm and sole of each foot, the Goddess has eyes that watch and protect all sentient beings in the world.

Above White Umbrella Goddess is a small image of Gautama Buddha in his form as the Lord of Nagas (serpent divinities). The Goddess thousand feet trample upon gods, demons, demigods, ghosts, animals, humans, and all manner of obstructive beings. Illustrations of demons (asuras) also assist in the meditation on one’s own inner demons that need subduing.

Her parasol represents Her capacity to protect sentient beings from diseases, natural catastrophes, and so forth.

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Sitatapatra (White Umbrella) Goddess mantra lyrics:


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