Choose Your Words Wisely – The Power of Words

Choose Your Words Wisely - The Power of Words

Words have power. Words are power. Words could be your power.

The words you use, whether in writing or verbally, can influence how others perceive you. They factor into the decisions people will make about you. They can build or destroy your relationships.

The words we speak are powerful forces of creation. If we could see the energy behind our words and how they command, are responded to and manifest, we would use them very carefully.

Yet we use words as a method of communicating with each other and frequently unaware that we are also communicating on many other levels each time we speak. Every sound we utter spreads out an energy wave that aids in creating our world.

Words have shapen history. They’ve given birth to ideas, started wars, inspired millions, and made people rich and famous. Words can hurt and shock and lift spirits. They can even get us to buy things. Words can change lives, for better or for worse. King Solomon said: „Death and life are in the power of the tongue”. Words are not only powerful, but they can have a lasting impact.

How words affect you?

Unfortunately, as much as words have the power to heal, they also have the power to hurt, injure, weaken, and destroy. When someone says an offensive word that hurts you at a very deep level, it can feel like someone is stabbing you with a sword.

Words can hurt you like this because they carry vibration and energy. The right vibration and energy can easily penetrate your body, healing you or harming you at the deepest level of your being.

When you speak words, you are casting your vibrations and thoughts into Earth’s magnetic field or magic field, which is the energy field that creates the reality of Earth. Once you understand the real power of words, you will know that words can affect your energy, because it has the capacity to direct and control energy to a certain point. Because of this, words do have magical properties.

So next time you make a wish using words, you may want to think twice before making it. Like they say, „be careful what you wish for.”

Words can heal

Before words are spoken, we create and hear them internally in the form of thoughts. In her groundbreaking and now-classic book, „You can heal your life”, self-help counselor Louise Hay outlined archetypal thought patterns that could cause or make us susceptible to adverse life conditions and disease.

Louise Hay also gives examples of how these could be healed and transformed through simple and small changes in thought processes, which recondition the mind to think in more positive and affirmative ways. Her personal life story is proof of the power of the process, as she successfully overcame cancer without surgery and emerged from adverse life experiences to create a joyful and fulfilling world for herself.

Choose Your Words Wisely

”Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Lao-Tze’s quote.

We must be conscious of our thoughts and feelings that constantly run through our heart, mind, and soul. This is very crucial, because often how we communicate with others is affected by our inner world.

Be mindful of your tongue today. Take inventory of how it affects others.

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