How to Use Portable Edition of Mozilla Firefox

Most of us have spent quite a long time setting our Mozilla Firefox web browser according to our needs and preferences. However, we use computers, not only at home.

Usually, all computers at work or school are set up according to the organization or by default. Keep on reading this article if you want to find out how to take your web browser settings/accounts wherever you are.

The following steps will help you a lot:

  1. Start with downloading the latest Firefox Portable version.
  2. Before you start plugging a USB device, make sure that Windows can recognize it as your drive “Devices with removable storage.”
  3. Once your USB has been successfully plugged in, it is time to get Portable Firefox installed on your drive letter. Most of the users get Firefox Portable at The browser is designed to work with its menu platform. It is quite convenient to use, but it is not an obligation.
  4. Copy your profile on Mozilla Firefox directly to a USB drive. Open the folder which is named with different characters (it ends with “Default”). Make Firefox run and answer the questions while setting up your portable browser. Close your portable browser.
  5. Go to your USB drive and open it. Find and browse the Firefox installation folder. Do the same with Data and Profile.
  6. You must clean your Firefox Portable folder on USB. Do not confuse the “Profile” folder.
  7. All that you have inside the local “Profile” folder should be copied to USB.
  8. By starting “FirefoxPortable.exe” one more time, you will check whether Mozilla Firefox Portable uses the local profile.

Now users can get Flash/Shockwave installed to Firefox Portable:

  1. Refer to Adobe’s Flash official website where you can find and install Flash. Make sure that you have a regular Firefox version.
  2. Go to Adobe’s Shockwave official page to install Shockwave. Once again, to do this, you will need a regular Mozilla Firefox version.
  3. Go to the local profile directory and open the folder named “Plugins.” Open the Firefox Portable “Plugins” folder, which is stored in the “Data” folder.
  4. Copy all the files on your USB device.

Are there any portable extensions available? The following extensions can be used to extend the Firefox portability:

Adblock Plus

Most of the PC problems come from the increasing advertising industry.

Some software can also damage your computer. So, if you block ads, it will help you a lot to prevent unwanted issues from loading.


Some users start Firefox Portable on a PC at school/office and can’t access the Internet.

To solve this issue, you will have to configure the Firefox browser to use the network proxy of your PC. Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > press the Connections tab > LAN Settings. Copy the data in FoxyProxy and enable the proxy.

Easy Email Center

If you want to access your principal in the network you can’t trust, you should never type your password in. By using this extension, you can always get safe access to your email.

It is highly recommended to use a trusted system. Easy Email Center can securely check and connect you to your personal email.


If you use someone’s computer, which runs on Windows 7, some USB devices may not work correctly. Press the “Start” menu, click on the computer to browse to the needed USB device, and now you can run FirefoxPortable.exe.

It is not a good idea to keep your passwords on a USB device. In case you lose it, someone with bad intentions will get access to all of your passwords.

We recommend you to set a master password. You can do this by starting Firefox Portable > go to the “Tools” menu > press “Options”> click “Security”> check “Use a Master Password” under the section with passwords. Do not forget to restart the web browser.


There is nothing challenging to install a portable Firefox web browser on removable storage devices and then use it on your PC. Such browsers can be quickly taken from one computer to another one.

It will enhance your privacy, and at the same time will minimization the traces of your browsing activity. You can decide whether you will use a regular or incognito browsing mode.

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