The Spiritual Meaning of the Banana

What is the spiritual meaning of the banana?

Short answerbeyond its practical uses, the banana holds a range of spiritual properties that make it a powerful tool for meditation and contemplation. It is believed that bananas possess a grounding energy that helps us connect with the Earth. 


You might be wondering what your favorite fruit, the banana, could have to do with spirituality, but this exotic fruit actually has rich symbolism and can be interpreted, depending on how and why you are seeing them, in many supportive and positive ways.

You’ve heard of spirit animals, but now let’s talk about spirit fruits!

As with all symbolism, whether from fruit, animals, images, oracle cards, and anything else that can be interpreted, it is important to remember that all messages and insights are deeply personal.

While the guidance within this article is here to support your spiritual journey to enlightenment, it’s vital to spend some time meditating, pondering, and journaling on what something means to you personally.

Perhaps you’re seeing a banana often at a very difficult time in your life, and the messages are coming through in a very different way to those given here – this is your journey, and it’s one to go on with deep compassion and trust for what is being shown to you.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Banana banana symbolism

How and when you are seeing bananas can change what their meaning is but in general, seeing bananas is a positive thing.

Aside from their vibrant yellow color, which incites a feeling of happiness and joy, they are also one of the earliest recorded harvested fruits, bearing their gifts for thousands and thousands of years.

Connected due to their sunshine hue with the Solar Plexus chakra, the banana, in particular ripe bananas, signifies great health for you – either in the present moment or to come.

Be wary, though, as sometimes it’s easy to think a banana looks perfect from the outside, but when unpeeled, it may have turned and gone past the point of being enjoyable.

If you’re regularly opening up your bananas and finding they’ve become overripe and inedible, make sure to take note and perhaps book an appointment with your doctor to make sure your health is in good order.

This is a reminder to ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – it’s always important to look underneath to find out more.

As well as this, the banana, while being easily bruised, is a very practical fruit with a hardy skin and convenient pre-packaged assemblage. bananas spiritual meaning

They’re also incredibly nutrient-rich with high levels of vitamins and minerals, and even a certain natural chemical that helps to release positive feelings in the brain.

Pretty incredible for your average banana!

As such, the banana reflects great positivity and practicality within yourself, and this sign could be urging you to harness and use those strengths within so that you may grow and achieve your goals.

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But what does this all mean spiritually?

Well, you can see from the humble banana’s natural make-up that it’s a pretty incredible source of nutrition and sustenance, and a powerful message this shares with us is to find strength from within and stand strong in our power.

They have comforting and stable energy and a soft inner, all held within a thick skin.

The message here, on a very tangible level, is to maintain your softness, don’t become hardened to the world outside, but protect yourself wisely by creating a thick skin.

Don’t allow others to walk all over you and pierce your outer shell too easily – it’s better to be protective of your inner softness and kindness than to unpeel yourself straight away and risk being bruised. what do bananas symbolize

Further symbolism that the banana has is, of course, representative of male sexual organs.

It was Freud who most notably stated that any objects with such a shape could have psychological interpretations that relate to this part of the male form.

Interestingly, although in Christianity, the forbidden fruit is represented as the apple, in some other cultures and religions, notably Islam, which shares the story of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – which is arguably one or two trees – this forbidden fruit comes from a banana tree.

This story of creation and the forbidden fruit is strongly associated with sexual activity, so to have the banana instead of the apple could certainly hold more significance here.

Interpreting this as a divine message if the banana is your spirit food, and especially if the banana is ripe, is often linked to high fertility and the strong prospect of children coming into your life in the future.

If you’ve been thinking about having children, or perhaps struggling to do so, seeing bananas regularly in life or in your dreams could be indicating that something is about to change in this area.

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Dream Interpretation banana spiritual meaning

Dream interpretation of spirit foods, animals, and symbols always adds on an additional layer to meaning, and if you find that you are dreaming about bananas regularly, or they are simply appearing in your dreams, this can be a sign, following on from the theme in the previous paragraph, of increased libido – perhaps you have started a new relationship and are feeling the flushes of new love?

If not, this could certainly be a sign that this is on its way for you.

However, if the bananas you are seeing are rotten, then this could be a bad sign.

If you’re eating the rotten banana in your dream, then you may be holding some guilt or remorse about some bad choices you’ve made – quite literally filling yourself with negativity and rotten thoughts.

If someone else is eating a rotten banana, then this could mean they have negative intentions towards you.

Remember, these messages and signs given to us in the form of symbols are all for your benefit, use the insight given by the Universe to make change for the better, and connect with your deeper self so that you may move through your obstacles and challenges, and grow in your spiritual journey.

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