Spiritual Meaning of Lizards | Symbolism of Seeing a Lizard

What is the spiritual meaning of lizards? What does seeing a lizard mean spiritually?


Lizards have been around for over 300 million years and are some of the most adaptable creatures on Earth.

They can live in various climates and habitats and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Lizards are often symbols of new beginnings, change, and adaptability.

They can teach us to embrace change and new experiences while being flexible and resilient when things do not go as planned. Lizard symbolism can be interpreted in many ways.

It can represent a powerful, independent force hidden from direct view, or it might reveal something about our inner nature.

They can also represent the darker side of ourselves and our repressed parts.

The lizard symbolism is often connected to the concept of “shedding” one’s old skin and the ability to move on from something that no longer serves us.

Spiritual Meaning of Lizards:

Change & New Beginnings

Lizards are often associated with change, new beginnings, and adaptability.

They are also considered symbols of luck, health, and healing. In some cultures, lizards are thought to see the future and offer guidance in difficult times.

Lizards are often associated with nature, and in many cultures, they represent the four elements.

For example, lizards can represent air because of their ability to run across walls, trees, and other surfaces without falling.

Lizards are often associated with dreams because they can shed their skin and start over.

This symbolism can be used to represent your ability to change in waking life.

Inner Power & Freedom

Lizards have been associated with spiritualism for centuries.

They are often used as totem animals and spirit guides.

Lizards can teach us about change, adaptability, and new beginnings.

They can also help us to tap into our own inner power and strength.

If you are drawn to lizards, it may be a sign that you need to incorporate more change and flexibility into your life.

Lizards are tiny but mighty. They are often used as power animals to teach us about channeling our inner strength and using it wisely.

Lizards can also be associated with cleansing, regeneration, and rebirth.

If you are in need of spiritual metamorphosis, calling in lizard energy may help align you with a higher path.

what does seeing a lizard mean spiritually

Transform & Growth

The chameleon lizard is particularly adept at changing colors to match its surroundings, making it a symbol of camouflage and adaptation.

In many cultures, lizards are considered to be spiritual messengers, bringing news of change or new beginnings. Spiritually, chameleons represent transformation, adaptability, and growth.

A chameleon lizard can symbolize the inner voice that tells you what you need to know when making important changes in your life.

Lizards are symbols of the ability to get through difficult times and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

lizard spiritual meaning

Take Action

Lizards are often viewed as pests, but they can also be seen as spiritual teachers.

Lizards teach us how to live in the present moment and how to adapt to change.

They can help us to overcome our fears and live with more courage. Lizards are also symbols of transformation, wisdom, and adaptability.

Lizards represent a time to take action.

When a lizard appears in your dream, it’s time to make a change.

Are you ready to stand up for yourself and take action?

Or do you need to be more assertive? Lizards can also symbolize fear of taking action.

Lizards in dreams can also indicate that you are abandoning your old ways and changing the way you do things.

Dreaming of a lizard shedding may mean that you need to leave the past behind and move on to new things.

Lizards often represent transformation as they shed their skin. In many cultures, this is seen as a symbol of rebirth.



Many cultures see lizards as symbols of transformation, new chapters, and assimilating.

In many cases, lizards are also seen as messengers from the spiritual world.

They can teach us about change, survival, and resilience.

The spiritual meaning of lizards can be applied to our lives in many ways.

We can learn how to overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and be more open to new opportunities.

Lizards are also symbols of wisdom and ancient knowledge that we can draw upon today and incorporate into our lives.

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Be Vibrant

Vibrancy is another spiritual quality of lizards.

They are colorful, full of life, and can be energetic.

These qualities can help us to be more authentic in our lives and live with joy and enthusiasm.

Lizards have also represented individuality and being true to our own nature.

The ability to be authentic and live in accordance with our inner self is a spiritual gift that we can all benefit from.

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Lizards represent our sexual desires and primal urges.

They are symbols of sensuality and eroticism.

Lizards can also represent sexual energy and fertility.

Dreams Interpretation

When lizards appear in dreams, they can be a symbol of fear and anxiety. Lizards may also represent our fears about facing change.

They can also be symbols of the unknown or things that we are afraid to confront.

If the lizard is running away from you or hiding, it may represent your fear of change or inability to adapt to new situations.

If the lizard is chasing you or crawling on you, it may signify the need to confront your fears.

If you dream about catching a lizard, it may represent the need for you to control your emotions or be more mindful of your thoughts.

When a lizard appears in your life, you may be experiencing uncertainty. Embrace the change and new beginnings that you may be moving towards during this time.

The unknown isn’t scary. It’s just foreign–hidden. Some of the most important life experiences come from taking risks and allowing yourself to explore new territory.

Symbol of Sun and Fire

Throughout various cultures, the lizard is associated with the elements of the sun and fire.

We often see the lizard basking in the sun; this is because their bodies are made and adapted to tolerate higher temperatures.

This can also be seen as the lizard being able to adapt to even the most uncomfortable environments, which is a huge soul lesson for us.

The lizard most likely obtained this symbol due to the association they have with the sun god Ra in Egyptian mythology.

In ancient culture, the lizard was said to symbolize the sun because of its life-sustaining warm energy.

The association between the lizard and the sun can be seen as one that brings life and warmth to people’s life.

What Does Seeing a Lizard Mean Spiritually

Imagine sitting on your back porch, admiring the sun shining down in your garden whenever you see a lizard run up the wall next to you.

It’s common to see lizards playing in the grass or running around for us to catch them.

But does seeing a lizard outside has any spiritual meaning?

The universe speaks to us by way of nature.

This is why we may see butterflies after we have certain thoughts, or we often consider a cardinal to be a passed-on relative.

Mother nature gives us signs in ways that will catch our attention.

Lizards may be small, but the message they give to us is bold and powerful.

Because of the lizard’s size, we may see them as weak or not beneficial.

This is far from the truth. In a spiritual sense, the lizard is wise and full of wisdom.

They have been around through all walks of life and different civilizations, meaning, they hold the energy of ancient knowledge.

Some may think a lizard is a nuisance or has no real job in the animal kingdom.

The fact is lizards are extremely beneficial for our environment.

They will eat the bad bugs that could harm our gardens.

Lizards are indicators that an area is not heavily polluted or chemically fertilized otherwise, they wouldn’t be in that area.

The Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Baby Lizard

Baby lizards represent new beginnings. As they grow, lizards shed their skin to allow for further growth, a process known as ecdysis.

This shedding symbolizes the release of old habits and ways of thinking to make way for personal metamorphosis in your spiritual journey. In Native American tribes, they are seen as a symbol of good luck in the near future.

The Lizard Spirit Animal

If you attract lizards or feel a close connection with them, it’s likely that the lizard is your divine spirit animal.

We each have animals, birds, or insects that we resonate with on a soul level.

This could also change throughout life – you might feel close to owls at one point, and then a new chapter of life comes, and the lizards pulls on your soul more.

Having the lizard as your spirit animal means you are undergoing a radical transformation currently.

Shedding your old skin to make way for the new, higher version of yourself. You have an innate inner wisdom that people gravitate towards you for.

Much like kids are intrigued by lizards (cold-blooded creatures) and try to catch them; it’s the same energy that draws people to you.

Your adaptability, self-awareness, and playful attitude are what brings you opportunities and connections.

Lizards have been around for thousands of years; watching as society has undergone major changes.

This is how the lizard has gained so much wisdom, they have watched the rise and fall of civilizations over the course of its lifetime on Earth.

The same wisdom the mighty lizard exudes is the same that is given to us whenever we pray on the lizard spirit animal.

Call on the Lizard Spirit

The lizard has a deep spiritual meaning that is tied to regeneration, growth, transformation, and prosperity.

Whether we are embarking on a new chapter or working through repeated lessons, the lizard spirit is always one prayer away whenever we need help.

We should call on the lizard spirit whenever we need messages of wisdom to carry us through.

Sometimes we get stuck, or we can’t make decisions because we are scared of the unknown.

The lizard spirit encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone so that opportunities can flow to us.

Whenever we are going through a period of rebirth or a shedding of one way of being to step into an elevated one, it can feel scary or foreign.

The lizard brings us comfort by reminding us we can’t stay in the same skin for long; we must grow, evolve, and learn through experiences.

We can call on the lizard, or any other spirit animal, by giving a simple prayer.

The prayer can be as small as asking for the lizard to be your animal spirit guide, or you can ask specific questions with the intention of the lizard spirit energy speaking back to you.

Most animals, big or small, can act as spiritual teachers and leaders in our lifetime.

Whichever animal we feel closest to at the time is most likely your current spirit animal.

For example, if the lizard spirit animal call to you, it’s most likely because you can learn the most lessons from that energy.

Final Thoughts

Lizards have been around for thousands of years and will most likely live a thousand more.

They are creatures who exude a comforting and light energy to those who call on them.

The lizard has a deep spiritual meaning rooted in rebirth, new beginnings, and prosperity.

We can also associate the lizard with resilience, good fortune, and transformation.

Whenever we think of the lizard, we think of a small creature who doesn’t do much other than eat insects and sunbathe.

This is not true, though, as the lizard spirit animal holds deep meaning both in our ecological system and our spiritual nature.

We can learn a lot from the way of the lizard.

Spiritually, the lizard teaches us the lesson of undergoing transformation and being comfortable in our own skin while doing so.

If the lizard spirit animal can exist through thousands of years, and witness different civilizations, you can also fight through the ebbs and flows of life.

The spiritual meaning of a lizard is deep and profound, just as the energy that the mighty creature exudes.

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