Om Hraum Mitraya Namaha Mantra to Achieve Inner Peace

This is a pacifying Sanskrit mantra used to call and vibrate towards unity, communion, friendship, and understanding, which are inseparable features to achieve Peace.

In the Hindu religion, Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, learning, and the arts including literature and music. Goddess Saraswati was also the name of the vast river in northwest India on which the ancient Aryas (Vedic Indic people) cultivated the inner divine light through deep meditation and fire rituals.

The Goddess also maintains an iconographic association with thunder and clouds in post-Vedic literature and She is considered the patron deity of rain. Furthermore, the Goddess represents the dance of nature as a spiritual effulgence.

In modern Hinduism, She is one of the 3 goddesses (along with Goddess Durga and Goddess Lakshmi) that represent the female consorts of the Hindu Trimurti.

Goddess Saraswati invented writing so that the sacred mantras She inspired could be recorded, and created the healing music so the elegance of Her being could be praised.

In Hindu thought, the entire creation arises from, abides in, and returns to ananda (eternal bliss). The image of Goddess Saraswati reminds us that the pursuit of ananda is the highest form of culture and the only true purpose of our embodied existence. A good follower of the Goddess is one who tries to grasp Her divine aspects and also strives to imbibe the characteristics necessary to become Her devotee.

Om Hraum Mitraya Namaha mantra complete lyrics in Sanskrit:

”Om Hraum Mitraya Namaha (2x)
Om Eim Saraswatiyei Namaha. (2x)”

Mantra translation and meaning in English:

”May the light of friendship shine through me, drawing noble companionship. Om and Salutations to the feminine Saraswati principle.”

Benefits of Chanting Mantra to Achieve Inner Peace:

The science of sound has been used since the beginning of human history to create certain moods in the practitioner. Different sounds affect individuals in different ways. Moreover, the chanting of Sanskrit mantras is associated with each of the seven main chakras in the body, which can stimulate these energy centers to get the life force (prana) flowing again and promote healing within these areas as well.

This soothing mantra is recited in order to create a field of protection, surrounding the practitioner with positive energy. Chant it whenever you feel anxious in order to bring about a sense of ease and inner peace.

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