Benagil Sea Cave – Beach Inside A Cave – Algarve, Portugal

The Benagil Sea cave is part of an old system of caves which is found in the Algarve region, the southernmost region of continental Portugal.

It is a very popular holiday destination due to the clean and superb beaches (measuring only 160km x 50km), the cool, unpolluted water, plus, it is very safe, relatively cheap, and overall welcoming.

Algarve it is without a doubt the perfect holiday destination for families, retired people, couples, independent travelers, mixed groups, and backpackers.

Furthermore, this remarkable region in Portugal is not only famous for its warm and calm sea but is also visited for its interesting landscape, fish markets, fishing villages, and friendly locals.

The Benagil caves are situated 150 meters east to the Benagil beach, close to Praia de Benagil. The sea cave has 2 amazing entrances, a secluded beach of sand, a huge collapsed roof, and a circular inner grotto. This place is picturesque and has been hewn from the colorful ancient Algarve rock.

Getting to Benagil Sea Cave – Algarve, Portugal:

There are three ways to reach this cave:

Swim – the entrance to the cave is literally just around the corner (200m) of the first cliff, hence, it is not a long swim.

However, it is recommended to swim there only if conditions are calm and you’re a strong swimmer. In addition, you should stay far away from the cliffs as a high wave could easily push you into the rocks, and it could result in an injury.

Boat – many boat trips to visit the cave are offered by local companies. It usually lasts 1 hour and the price is around 20 euro.

Kayak – only use this option if the sea is quiet enough. Nevertheless, lately, the sea authorities didn’t give permission to rent kayaks to reach this cave.

Tipscaves facts

Although the sea is usually calm, if you take a boat trip, it is advisable to have the utmost care with personal belongings, particularly with your camera and mobile phones.

Other places to visit in Algarve:


It is located approximately 185 miles south of Lisbon on Portugal’s southern coast. As an interesting fact, in 1755, Lagos was almost destroyed by an earthquake but it re-emerged from its ruins and ashes.lagos

Elefante Cave

Its name derives from the unique elephant shape, caused by millions of years of erosion. You can find it close to the fishing village of Lagos and is considered a gem on the Western coast of the Algarve.

Serra de Monchique

It is an interesting chain of mountains in the western part of the Algarve region, around 20 km inshore. The highest peak is nearly 900m and is called Foia. From this spot, on a clear day, the views are amazing.

Cerro da Vila

It is the remnants of an Ancient Roman site and consists of the remains of a 2nd-century villa complex including mosaics and baths. It is found in the vicinity of the marina and resort of Vilamoura.

Castle of Silves

The Castle of Silves was built by the Almoravid Arabs in the 11th century. It is a castle found in the civil parish of Silves in the municipality of Silves. Interesting stuff to visit inside the walled enclosure are:

  • old Arab silos that can be entered through small openings at first floor;
  • the underground food stores;
  • the relaxing garden.

The old walled section of the castle has remained unchanged for more than 5 centuries and there is no sign of modern development through the town.

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