Yellow Dzambhala Mantra for Wealth

What is the meaning of the Yellow Dzambhala Mantra?


Jambhala is considered an emanation of Chenrezig or Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. In ancient Hindu mythology,

He is known as Kubera. He is also said to be an emanation of Vaisravana, one of the “Four Great World-protecting Heavenly Kings.”

His main function is to confer wealth and abundance to sentient beings so that they can have the financial resources required to lead a happy life and practice Dharma.


He is usually depicted with a yellow-colored body, which represents His ability to grant wealth and prosperity.

He sits in the vajra position with his right foot above a lotus flower and snail, and His left leg is kinked.

Also, He has one face and two arms.dzambhala mantra

His right hand is holding gems-shaped fruit and a leaf of lotus, while his left hand is holding a mongoose named Nehulay, which spews forth precious jewels from its mouth.

“As I have healed you and I poured this holy nectar onto you, in the future, anyone of my students or student’s students who call upon your power and pours water onto your head – bestow on them wealth, give them the two types of wealth, spiritual wealth and material wealth, more importantly, spiritual wealth.” – Gautama Buddha

Mantra lyrics:

”Om Dzambhala Dzalentraye Svaha.”

Yellow Dzambhala mantra for wealth chanting benefits:

According to karma, wealth and resources are a consequence of the inner wealth of generosity.

If we face poverty in this life, it is because of our actions committed in previous lives.

It is also considered that chanting this mantra 108 times, daily, is one of the better ways of being able to become financially independent.

Furthermore, individuals who practice the mantra constantly with sincere intention shall be free from economic pressures, and their wisdom shall also increase.

However, practitioners must have a bodhi mind and practice Buddhism correctly to attain Yellow Dzambhala’s blessings. In addition to wealth, one can also gain good karma through the chanting of this mantra.


It’s considered beneficial to invite the image of the Yellow Dzambhala in your home or office.

Image credit – Shutterstock/Agateyay

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