What do Stork Bite Birthmarks mean spiritually?

What is the spiritual meaning of Stork Bite Birthmarks?


Have your parents ever shared with you stories about how you were born, and did any of those stories talk about any particular birthmark that they found on your body?

Interestingly enough, over 80% of babies are born with a birthmark on their bodies.

What is even more interesting is that not all of these birthmarks stay with the baby as they grow and get older.

Some birthmarks can fade away and disappear by the time they are a toddler.

A nevus simplex birthmark, more commonly known as a stork bite birthmark, is one of those special types of birthmarks that will fade away and disappear after a few years.

Before we dive into the deeper stuff concerning these interesting stork bite birthmarks, let’s talk about birthmarks in general so that we can get a bit more of an appreciation for what these birthmarks are and what they mean spiritually for the babies that are born with them.

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What Are Birthmarks?

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Birthmarks are a bit of a scientific conundrum even though they are explained easily enough concerning dermatology, there is a larger part to them that science and dermatologists just cannot explain or figure out.

So, birthmarks are those strange blotchy marks that appear on a baby’s skin during and after birth.

They can be flat, matching the surface of the skin around it, or have a raised and bumpy feel to them.

Birthmarks can be perfectly symmetrical in appearance or completely blotchy and irregular like a paintball mark.

They can even have irregular shades of color ranging from browns and tans to shades of blues, pinks, or reds.

There are so many different ways for birthmarks to form on a baby’s body, like the stork bite birthmark that looks like a pink or red blotchy patch of skin on the back of the head or the back of the neck.

The really interesting thing about birthmarks is that doctors have no idea what actually causes birthmarks to appear.

Doctors know what they are, but they can’t figure out why they even happen or develop in the skin of newborn babies.

They are formed when either the blood vessels under the skin don’t quite come together like they are supposed to, or they are formed due to an overgrowth of pigment cells (the cells responsible for skin color) in the skin of the baby.

So, we understand what birthmarks are and how they are created, but we still don’t know why they are created and why they appear on a baby, whether they last forever or whether they disappear after a few years.

Because we have no scientific or physical explanation for why babies are born with birthmarks like the stork bite birthmark, it’s then best to turn to the spiritual side of things to get a better idea of what birthmarks can mean for those who have them.

In this article, we are looking specifically looking at the stork bite birthmark due to its disappearing nature, unlike the majority of other birthmarks that people can be born with.

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The Stork Bite Birthmark and Its Spiritual Meanings

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As we mentioned above, the stork bite is quite a special birthmark.

A stork bite is a red or pink blotchy and patchy area of skin that is found either on the back of the head or the back of the neck.

It gets its commonly known name from the old folktales and mythology that tell stories of storks delivering babies to their parents by carrying the swaddled baby by the back of their head or neck, which would leave these stork bite marks.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when are where the folktales and mythologies concerning these baby-carrying birds came from, but just about every generation knows it.

While it can be hard to say for certain what the deeper meanings of birthmarks are due to their mysterious nature, to begin with, there are at least a couple of possibilities of spiritual meanings that have been attributed to these marks.

First, let’s discuss the color of the stork bite birthmark.

  • If the stork bite is pink in color, that is a good thing for that child. A baby born with a pink stork bite is believed to be a sign that the baby will grow up to be highly intelligent with deep-rooted values for respect and success. They have a higher chance of being very loving and caring people that want nothing more than to have a quiet life with a loving family.

(There is nothing to be said of any difference in meaning for a stork bite that is of a different color other than pink.)

  • Many people have believed that the stork bite, like most other birthmarks, may have some connection to a previous life injury. A stork bite specifically has been believed to symbolize that the person lived a previous life that was silenced for standing up for what was right and good.
  • Others believe that a birthmark is a residual effect or imprint left on the baby from their mother’s pregnancy. Though this train of thought has been known to be as vague as the mother constantly craved strawberries while pregnant, so the child was born with a red birthmark, or the mother had wishes and dreams they wanted to come true or accomplish while they were pregnant but were never able to and so their child was born with a mark to remind the mother of the unfulfilled wishes during pregnancy.

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Final Words

Birthmarks truly are incredible things that appear in over 80% of newborn babies.

We know what makes them and how they are made due to strange developments within blood vessels just beneath the skin or an overgrowth of pigment cells.

But even though they’ve been studied for years, people have yet to explain why they happen in the first place.

It could be that they are just a random occurrence as the human body forms, or they could have deeper meanings that are meant to mark that person with either a blessing or a curse in life.

Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/baby-smile-portrait-newborn-2972221/

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