Sleep Talking: Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of sleep talking? Also, what is the biblical meaning of sleep talking?

Short answer – talking in your sleep may be a sign of spiritual interaction. It is thought that when we sleep, our souls leave our bodies and roam, connected by a ray of light (the silver cord). This indicates that the realm of dreams has given us a direct line to communicate with our spirit guides or receive messages from the spiritual world.


Sleep is the thing we all have in common.

A way to regenerate and heal the strains of the day.

It promotes health and happiness, and the right amount is beneficial to your overall quality of life.

But has someone told you that you’re talking in your sleep?

What does this mean on a spiritual level?

During our sleeping hours, this is a time when the brain taps into different brain waves than when we are awake.

Our body goes into complete relaxation and even paralysis.

Dreaming is a place where our unconscious mind gets to run riot without the constraints of life in the conscious world.

Spiritually, it is believed that we access a different part of the universe when asleep.

There are many reports of astral travel, communicating with beings outside of our earthly plane, and dealing with spirit guides, to name but a few.

What happens to our souls when we sleep?Talking In Your Sleep and Its Spiritual Meaning

It is said that our souls are attached to our physical body by a cord of light.

This cord enables us to remain connected to our body when our soul is elsewhere.

Once asleep, our soul can travel and experience many things and is able to return to the body when we wake.

So, what if we are experiencing a whole different world whilst we are asleep, that we would be none the wiser of, had we not begun to talk in the middle of the night?

Reasons why you may be talking in your sleep

Are you communicating with your guides?

When we are asleep, we are not bogged down with thoughts and actions of the day.

We are much more open to things outside of our normal consciousness.

Spirit, including loved ones, guides, angels, and healers, take this time to reach out to you and communicate.

This is because we can receive their messages and guidance without the burden of our own thoughts to cloud our judgment of what is real and what isn’t.

The night is a great time to have this kind of interaction with your spirit team, also because your energetic body is more regulated and relaxed, enabling the exchange of energetic healing, messages, and guidance to take place under much less pressure.

If you are talking in the night, it could mean that you are having conversations with spirit.

Don’t worry that you might not remember.

Our physical body is switched off and sleeping, so don’t expect to always remember every detail. However, your energetic body has a memory of its own.

Receiving information and guidance from the spirit doesn’t always need to happen consciously.

In fact, our unconscious mind has the capacity to store much more information, as medical scientists will tell you.

So, conversations had at night, under the veil of sleep, can be very helpful for guidance in our waking hours.

The information you exchanged with spirit will come to you in inspirational moments or when you are doing something creative, whilst you let your consciousness wander elsewhere.

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Are you talking to souls that are stuck here?Talking In Your Sleep and Its Spiritual Meaning

I know this may sound unsettling, but there is nothing to worry about.

When you begin your spiritual journey in areas such as clairvoyance and healing, it is very common to unconsciously become a clearing medium.

There are many souls on the Earth plane that need a little help with passing over.

When someone dies, they don’t always immediately pass over to the next life.

They may have something to do or a final goodbye to say.

Once this is complete, they may not know where to go or who to contact to find their way to the spirit world.

This is where clearing mediums come in.

Clairvoyants and mediums are brilliant at connecting with the spirit and are able to help the spirit pass through to the next life.

Sometimes they do this without even realizing they are doing it.

This can happen when a medium is asleep, as their talents don’t stop because they’ve closed their eyes.

It can be a lot easier for the spirit to access their help during the night.

If a medium is open to spirits, then their energy helps create a window for spirits to pass through into the next life, without disturbing the medium themselves.

Many souls can do this in one night. It causes no harm to the medium and is a beautiful and spiritually giving practice to undertake.

Spirits do like to chat and tell their story or ask advice from the medium.

So, talking in your sleep could be a loving gift of conversation with various spirits about their life and experiences.

A word of caution, though, this can be quite tiring for a medium and can cause unrestful sleep.

If this is happening to you, then just communicate to your guides that you will only work at certain times and that you need to rest.

You are in control of any practice that you are involved in. It is up to you how and when you want to work.

But, what is the biblical meaning of sleep talking?

Some scholars believe that sleep talking can serve as a medium through which God communicates with people. According to this perspective, the words spoken during sleep could potentially carry divine messages.

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Bottom Line

Talking in your sleep can be an indication of spiritual interaction at night.

There are many apps out there nowadays for recording noises that you make whilst asleep.

Download a free app and see what you are chatting about.

You may receive some useful guidance or messages for you to action in your waking hours.

Whatever you are talking about and whoever you are talking to, this will provide a very interesting insight into your spiritual journey and the relationships you have beyond the earth plane.

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  1. I sleep talk often as well has yell out in my sleep often Im so loud I wake up. As long as I tell myself to remember I will. Often my body will jump or fall or abruptly land and my bed will bounce once I land. Last night my body jumped and was taken over by an evil entity which has I talked I had the speech sound of the Devil; I could hear his voice perfectly speaking through me. Can someone explain my experience and is there some significant meaning that the Devil spoke through me.

    • Hi Celine, I’ve had almost the exact same experience you’ve had before. Several times, not recently but in the past. I don’t know if it was the devil exactly but I do believe he is real. I believe a lot of things or whatever you want to call them are out there are real. How have you been since? Are you still experiencing this? Have you tried doing anything to help you?

  2. I sleep talk just about every night I hear my own self be talking , I have sing, be fussing , even heard myself screaming , it is an embarrassing feeling expectually when you spending the night at someone’s else house an they tell you want you did please do anyone have any suggestions for me Help in need


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